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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today is the day... - A -;;

Aujourd'hui....I failed 2 AP Test! Ap Us History and AP Phy! :cries: \( ___ ___"")/
I want to fade just because I failed!! DX! swo dramatic I am!XD
Ap Us History...was my 4th period.. I spent all yesterday reviewing Ch 1- 5 study guide, but i didn't have time to review for Ch.4! DX! I was the last person to finish... - A -;; I'm swo happy I got 1st lunch, or else I would have been late for my 5th period! XD There are like 2 possible answers for one Question!xDD!! I wish I could get at least and 80-ish % ; ^ ; but i doubt it.... - A -::
80 question total O 3 O;;
For AP Phy there was like 27 Question....I have no clue if i did any right!XD it wasn't solving problem( only a few ) there were mostly question like " If Object A fall from rest from a cliff and Object B fall directly down, what would happen" or something likie that!XD @ A @;;; I couldn't even solve the solving question either..I mostly guessie... I could only remember few formula.. :cries: I weally wish these AP test would have different date! D:! I weally hope I can bring my grade up soon!!!!! TT A TT;; i can't live with a Low B's & C's :cries:
XD oh my my room.....ahah! I like having braided pig tails now! ^ U ^! Some of my friends said I look different in each picture... O . O;; weally?!? To by honestie... I have no clue what I weally actually look like!XD That's why I always look in the mirror because I always look really different in them..I want to see how people see me ...I can't tell what face I have!! XDD even in pictures... some are good some are bado...b-but I don't know what I look like!!!!! @ A @;;

Lol....when I read soundie dumbie~ XP! I wonder if someone can understand that O 3 O??

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