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Friday, January 22, 2010

3rd week and I'm still tired~X__X;;

(*XD! New Obsession!! CHEMISTRY! they are swo good!!! ; W ;!! though now when I listen to their song, I think of the 70's manga by Kazuo Umezu~...the Drifting Classroom~ A classic horror manga...O__O;;; it's swo disturbing but good!XDD!! I was listening to CHEMISTRY while reading it !XDD!!)

Elllo~~XD! I've been weally busy lately~~ X___X;; and still lazy....
This week was overall okayish! Except seeing my AP Phy quiz...i got a 20%...our of 100%.....
(-_____-")..... i was like one of 5th or 4th lowest...:cries: all my friends have like high scores, I feel weally dumb~~ (- 0 -)..
I feel very down because it, it brought my grade to a 70% which is a D!! *dies*
though including the quiz and the two labs we done, there are only 3 items on the grade swo that is why it is swo low.... Ah but this encourage me to work hard on the test next Tues!!!
I must work hard!!! @____@;;
I think I will take the SAT on March X__X;;; that means everyday at Barnes&Nobles!!!
BUSYBUSYBUSY...I feel like I won't have a chance to work on my cosplaymore....ugh..

Last week we another 3day weekend ( I luff it!XD) But all i did was do my HW..TONS OF HW!
(eeeeww!!) hehe!But for my Drawing & Painting class we have an art project to finish!X3!
To draw/shade a paper sculpture we made in class! X3!
Work in progress~ O 3 O/!Finished ~~ :D!
It looked smooth! ^ u ^! Though I wished I could have done darker shadows..X__X;; I always play it safe...- ~~-;;; I need to be consistent with the darker value~
I finished this at 12am!XD I was having trouble with shading one of them -~~-;;
this it the paper thingy we had to draw!XD

Yup -w - b! I weally like my drawing and painting class because most of my friends are in it!!
hehe ^/\^
oh! I got a package last week!! My brother threw it at me when he got it in the mailbox and told me it was bomb...I sorta believed it~!xDD! it was oddly shape O 3 O and I could see who sent it to me!XD
I was swo scared of opening it!XDD! Then I was a present from my Good friend Shelly!!! O A O!!! she moved back to Taiwan last year~ TT ^ TT;;; I miss her alot~ :cries:

it said "TOY" how cute!XDD aha!
I open it and.....

TA DA!!!
a cute bunny and a sweet card!!! ; W ;!!

- w - I'm swo happy!!! I weally luff it! It's swo cute!!xD
I'm gonna send Shelly something too! ^ 0 ^/! I don't know what to get her though!~ O ^ O;;
hm.....i wonder~ Hehe!

aH~Recently I got my heartbroken~XD
I didn't confess but I found out he have a gf~ LOL! ahah!
boooo - 3 -;;; We've talk a few time...he flirts a lot.... I thought he might have mutual feelings but blah!! DX! ahahaha~~ i've been fooled again..-~~-;;; this happen like 3 times again for like each yearXD ~~ I should have learned...but i can't help but like him!! X___X;;; dummy me~~
I want to find a new guy!!! @ 3 @!!! Some just like him but better?XD that's kind of hard! ahah! I guess for right now I can just admire him from afar! ^^ hehe! I barely see him swo it's okay~

yup yup~~ hehe! Oh~ I couldn't make my comic format blog~~ waaahh!! TT A TT!!
I couldn't draw anything for like 2 weeks now~ ; ~ ;'' i hate art is gonna be worse without practice!! :cries:
one day..... TT ~~ TT

Friday, January 8, 2010

snow day = 3 day weekend!

YAY!! Yesterday we had 1/2 inch of snow!XD but they made our school cancel!
Due to icy streets! * w *!
Hehe! Everyone prayed that we will have school off~~ XD! and we did! Thankie you very much!!!! \(- v -)
I didn't think that they will close the school down, since the size of the snow was like a size of a tiny dip & dot ice cream~XDD!! and it stop after 9pm?O.O?? Swo I woke up today thinking we still have school~ I got out of the house late because of my brother... - ~ -;;
I woke him up to get ready~ at 5:45am and he finally woke up at 6:30am....and we're suppose to leave atleast 6:45am... but he couldn't find his keys X__X;; then we found it and it was 7am!! eep!! when I unlock the car.... the door would not open!XDD the ice made it froze in place! O 3 O! SWO IT WAS STUCK!! AAHHH~~ X___X ;; pouring water didn't help either~ ; ^ ;)""
my mom woke up and told us we could stay home because she touched the street and it was frozen!!! * 0 *)!!! I went back in and check on the news..... it turns out my county is closed.. Ahah! Swo i wasted 2 hours of sleep(;; X__X) i went back to sleep and woke at 10am~XD!
most of the snow is gone~ ; 3 ;""

We only have three days of school this week! ^ u ^!! There is a cute guy in my Language arts class now!! @ w @!! He can draw tooo!XDD And I got transfer into Drawing & Painting instead of 3D art!X3D horay!! It's all thanks to my Art teacher!! ^ U ^!! thankie swo much!!!
Nam Ja is in my Drawing&Painting and swo is all my good friends! hehe !!
OH! On the first day back, coming into my LA class...Steven
( he's a sophmore!XD i think you have to see an old post to know who he is?XD i think O.O??) was in my class!!
my expression was
((((O Д O!!!! nuuuuuhh! ahah!XDD I was very surprise! He teases me~
When we see each other we always , we would give each other weird looks~ O.o..
ahah! I think he's cute!XDD!

The end of my week! \(^ U ^)/ I luff snow~~
( I want to make a post in a comic form!X3D maybe next time! I always wanted to do it! hehe (ノ∀≦。)ノ)!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010! School tomorrow!!AAHH!!

ahhh! School is starting tomorrow!!EEP! I am thankful we have today (Monday Jan.4) off!
^ U^!
My friends in California have school today! heheh! ^/\^!
I don't know what to do today~I was planning to go buy more fabric...but my BROTHER is still asleep even after he told me to walk him up at 11am...but right now it's 2pm... X__X i woke him up swooo many time!! He is always like this!! He would tell me to wake him up at a certain time, then when I wake him up at that certain time, he still sleeps! even after I hit him and kick him and shake him and threw various objects at him in different times!! UGH! then when he finally wakes up like maybe 3 hours after?- 3 -;; then he goes yelling at me that he is late for something and he blame me..
....( - A - )...
anywho! (^ 3 ^)!
I am weally behind on my drawings ~ ; A; i barely finish any of my drawings for my friends!

X ^ X!! i've worked on them but no finish~ :cries:
the newest one I am working on!X3D but I need to talk to the guy( who in the picture, the on the lefto ) what color his hair is !XD and his favorite color!! @ 0@;;
it doesn't look as good as I thought it is, now after I took a pic of it... ; ^ ;'''I still need to work on Tu's picture and Anna's G-Dragon picture! AAHH!! @ 0 @!!
oh! I forgot@ My friendo Andi&Tifa got me this! as an X-mas Presento!
this Kuroshitsuji poster!! AAHH! i luff that manga! ; W ;! the art is FANTASTIC!
I wish I could have lived in that Era in England~ ; W ;! swigh~~I want to cosplay as ciel! X3 but it's not original~ ; A ; ! Maybe I will design my own ciel outfits!X3! hehe! swo far for my Flonne cosplay..I only made the sleeves..X__X;; i need more supplies!!

The sky picture! @ w@ it was very very cold when i went out side with only my thin jammies to keep me warm ; A ;!! hehe! but it''s been awhile since i saw the sky like that and take a pic~
- W -! i hope one day i can paint the sky as beautiful as it is in real life!! * A *!

Oh! and recently I went to my favorite restaurant with my mommy! I always order the same thing!XD that place only have male waiters and there is like only one girl!XD but she is the cashier/greeter? O 3 O?? but she is very pretty!! @ 0 @!! Swo I guess it is a harem?XD! that lucky girl! it's main young asian guys~ appealing to all ages~ O3 O! and when I ate there... I saw this one waiter!! O A O! with light skin, and his hair all slick back with gel~ and he is tall O W O! and he have this one cute mole... eep! he is swo cute!! He remind me of a japanese's on the tip of my tongue~ O 3 O;; don't remember...
he was weally cute! * w *!! he was waitering at another table close to mine!! ; w ;!! I hope one day he could be my waiter~~ @ 0 @!!!! HEH! I'm glad i go to the restaurant alot hehe \(- w -/

Welp, that's all the things I could remember or think out of my head~ O 3 O!
school tomorrow....(T____T) this was one of the funnest winter break I had!!! thankie to everyone for making it swo mucho fun!!! ( ^ U ^)v!! Love&Kissu~

GOOD BYE WINTER BREAK OF 2009 & 7-8hrs of sleep!!