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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring break!

the last spring break of my high school li
fe ( - w -)/
Gonna enjoy it with art :3!I have no plans what I am gonna do though D;
so far i spent my first day of break helping my mom
with her shop o 3 o;;; Still in need of a job before summer hit or else,
i will have nothing to do this summerrr D;!!!
Excuse this funky photo of me D;
But about a month ago, I receive a cute package from my Best Bud ( aka Wifey)
DAVID :3!!!MUCHO LOVE!!~~!!!
inside this packet, I got this cute couple shirt :DD David have the Jelly and I have the peanut butter hehe! We aren't a real couple but BEST BUDS!!, but in our own little imaginary world I am hubby and he is wife :D So that mean I am married to two people ;D and in all relationship, i am husband ( ' __ ' );;
If anyone would like to buy this "Where's my Jelly " Shirt or "Where's My Peanut Butter"
Here is the link ^ 0 ^)/
And Also the Main store

On March 26, was my school Prom XD!Our school had out in Atlanta, at the Turner field :3
I heard people said it was a good prom! Wish i gone!! D;!
but I can't afford it.... $100 for ticket, $100+ on dress, $$ on dinner..
$$ on shoes and other things @__@;;
And most of my friends aren't going so, I spent the night going out to dinner and karaoke :DD
Plus, i get to dress up ;D! And no long dress :3!! I don't like long dresses D; makes me look shorter :,<

Initially, we plan to eat at Olive garden LOL ( because we never ate there before!)
Like a noob, I call to reserve a spot D;!... They told me they don't do reservation!
:O I ask them, "So we just walk in?" they replied "Yup"
I was use to always going to places and reserving the spot, Even I reserve a room for karaoke.
When we came to Olive Garden...IT WAS SO CROWED, no table , no parking lot... people have to wait outside and there was a big thunderstorm.............
i was PISSED OFF O A O;) PLus we were on a schedule, 9pm was when i reserve the room for karaoke... (__ __) Plus we have other people going in separate cars and they don't know the place well, it cause more stress @__@;; It took us like 1 hour to decide and wait for the others to come, to go t another place. We decide to eat Japanese :3!
There was around 9 people :3!

My chicken teriyaki! :3!
And yes, i finish this all by myself :3
I may look skinny, but I eat like a Hippo!

The food was good :D And the service was good! ( ^ 0^)/
it was 9:30 when we arrive at Karaoke D;!
I had fun! The place cost 30 per hour :3 Not bad since other
places charger, person,room & hour X__X;;

me singing LOL

Lovely Tifa & I!
Wonderful Andi & Me :DD

I love my friends soo much!!!
Thank You Y'all for such a memorable night!!!
I got home at 2am because it took me 1 hour to drive my friends home LOL
They all live in different directions !! D;!!! Ahah but still
I don't mind giving people rides as longs as they are my friends ( ^ w^)//

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Alive!! :DDD!! Hello 2011!

HELLO! I am back after 6 months of not blogging D;!
Senior year been brutal D; but also very fun!
I've been neglecting my blogspot! ( ;__;) Sorry Blog!!

Many Many things happen since I last Blog ^ v ^!
Kinda lazy to do a big recap which I always promise and never do ; 3 ;)! Sorry again!
So Im gonna do a few recap pic ^^!
I met a lot of new people and Been to a lot of places :D
This year, I have been VERY SOCIABLE, more than my other years in total!
( * - *)!!
I learn how to breakdance ( Though not good thoughXD still learning!)
Play Pool, And I got a new "SISTER!" Hehe Yay! ( ^ v ^)/ I'm not lonely anymore!:D!
We aren't blood related but she is like family to me :3
She is my mom's Ex Bf 's sister :3! Currently living at my house! ^ 0^!
She's 21 years old but can't speak English as much, so communicating with her is very
hard for me @__@;;; Sorry SIS!!

Me & Sis During Dec. 2010 :D! @ MoG!

My cosplay at AWA 2010! :3!
Andi & Tifa & I were attempting Visual Kei XP
Andi & Tifa pulled it off hehe! But I end up looking like
a pirate Bunny D:
But I got many compliments on my bow ^ 0^)/ AWA rave was the highlight of my AWA adventure
SUPER FUN!! heheh! Meet alot of new people :D B-BOYS FTW! I couldn't show off my
Amateur "B-Girl" moves :P

I've been out Bowling alot :DD I'm getting better hehe!
I'm Chickenbutt XP Because my nickname is Chicken XD Not because Im cowardly D;!
hehe! because I'm year of chicken ^ 0 ^
It's been 1 month and a half since the big storm that hit the south and 49 other States XD
We miss a whole week of school, although the sound of 1 week off of school seem
enjoyable but it ain't D; I didn't get to enjoy much of it because the road
were too dangerous to go out ;___;" plus I didn't know when school will start, so I always do my hw each day, and then around the evening my county would tell us they would close D;!
So I stop doing my hw when I found out... LOL Putting off my hw is bad :<
So it was my fault my break sucked D;!
Although I did get the chance to play billards & snowball fight ^^
The snow was at least 6 or 7 inches! :DD
But the only swucky part is that we had to make up those days D;
so they took all our student holiday out and added three extra day to the end of school year
D;.... nuuhh~~

There's alot more ^ 0^)//This year is literally one of my fun-est year I had hehe!
Will continue to post more often ^ w ^)// sorry for the boring post D;!