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Sunday, November 2, 2008


AAHH!! I'M SWO MADO!!!! |:[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not the blog fault though, I must have put something in it that made it delete some of the stuff that i wrote.... -_____________-"""

I really hate the Html Code...... - ____-"" it really cuts most of the things i wrote!!!!
My blog are written from the joys i have and with happy memories that occur.... i'm kind of P.O that the blog would do thato!!XDD

But there is no crying over spill milk! O W - b!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy belated Hallow! Nov.1!!?!?


I was Mickey Mouse with Minnie's ears!XD I went Trick Or treating even though I am no longer a child! T 3 T
I went Tot-ting with my bro's and my friendo~ We went TOT-ing with them last year too. There house have a Halloween Party swo there friends would bring there kids along and go ToT.! O 3 O! Little kids are swo cute!!
It was! I think there were 10 of us there!XDD Little kids are swo cute!!!
We ran to every house! O 3 O... my calves and foot hurt!X3~~

We went to this big Neighbor hood.. and one thing I do not like about it was that almost all the house look alike!! We could barely tell which house we been to! There was this one lady that got mad at me,she said saying we don't deserve candy since we've been to her house again~ - ___-"" I was the last one to get candy and she all her words came to me alone... she gave all the others candy..except me.... I was P.O, but i didn't say anything but sorry and ask if the neighbor hood goes in a circle..... She nodded with an obvious expression.. - _____ - Well, I am SOOOO sorry Ma'am but I don't live here or every go here!!! This is my second time and I don't notice the house because almost all the house look alikie!! @ A@ Sorry, but I don'tie likie being confronted with a fault that we didn't intend commit.... She thinks that we PURPOSELY went to her house twice -____-

I can see why she would get mado, but she doesn't have to be mean ... I don't even need her candy - ^ - POOPIE!! Swigh~ But it's okayie! ^ w ^ I won't see her again ~ no needo to get mado again! ^ U ^ Our last neighbor hood and it was around 8 or 9ish and there were barely any candy lefto~ o3 o... swo that was the endo of Tot-ing! ^ W ^

Oh! My brother came with us too, He wasn't wearing any costume though~ o3 o ~ all he have was a box/sign that said " LOST JOB, WILL VOTE FOR MCCAIN FOR FOOD" and at the bottom of it was " Just Kidding!"most of the people who pass out candy laugh at it ! It gave hime extra candy!!XDD Lucky himie!!! There was this guy that we dress up as Mccain and he read the sign !XDD it was funny~ All he said was "cool!" o u o

I gave some of my candy to some of the little kids that didn't get the chance to To T! ; ^ ;...awww!!! They were swo cute!! O U O!!
I got home and and my legs were sore - ___- my mommy made it worse be asking me to do random chores - A -.. I'm glad in the i got to have a nice sleepo - U - That was my Halloween! ^w ^

Hopefully I could upload my costume soon! ^ W ^// Peace now!!

Edit 12/19: Here's the picture! ^ 0^

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Homecoming week!!! My ipod been stolen!o.o

HOWDY! Today is my schoolie HOMECOMING!
I didn't go!XD! I'm only a 10th grader~ why spoil the fun with 2 years lefto in HS! ^W ^
I wanna go Jr.Year or Senior year because it would be more fun experienceing it firsto timie!
My older brother is going! ^W ^ He's a JR~ o 3 o~ I dunno if he gotie a date or not! ^ w
But I hope he really have a fun time there!!! \o v o/

Last week ~ We have spirit week!
Tues: Movie Day [Where you dress as a movie character]
Wed: Wild West
Thur: Classic Hollywood
Fri: Blue Carpet [ where the student dress in the school color. BLUE]

Spirit week goes with the theme of HOMECOMING, whichie is Hollywood!!
I'm not very fondie of this week spirit week~ - ____-" not alotie of people dress for it~~ its kindie hard to!XDD
But I givie props for the peopleie who came upie with it! > w*!!! It's creative!! and its fun! * 0*//
Thankie for contributing!!! > W

oh...Yesterday[Friday] is the day I got my ipod stolen ; 3 ;~~
I put it in my pooh bear purse ~ I guess I drop it somewhere and someone found it and
gave it to the office. One of the office people came to my 5th period and told me a student found it and gave it to them. I looked in it and my ipod was gone! The student didn't take anything else!! All I have was my keys, one dollar, barnes&noble gift card , Old Navy card and my student ID.
I went to the office during lunch and ask the lady that gave me my purse if they know the student... she sais she should have askie for her name >____<>

If i found like a wallet full of money.. I would probably freak out and ask everyone if its theres...
then I would turn it into the office~ O____O I wouldn't steal >__<>
I have a heavy conscience -_____-:: it won't let me do anything!XDD I'm still kinda mad~ > A <>
I can't lie!X3DD~~ i can't lie wel!! ^ w ^

I hope the person who have my ipod now, would have bado lucko ! ^ u ^ V!! karma!!!>:3!!!!
And.. i told my mommy but she didn't look mad at all... she laughed because I told her our family have bad lucko with ipods!XDD

First one was my brothers and he got mugged by people in our schoolie >____<>_____________________<;;; but i feel bad...
Second one, I gave my brother my ipod after his been robbed~ Being a bigie dumbo he left his in his pocket and put his pants in the laundry died.....
Now our third one.....mines~ and it got stolen~ AHAH! ipod weren't meant for us then!!XDDD

Heheh!!swigh~ yup! oh i havie no homework this week swo I am free!! >w
Oh also lasto week on tuesday, I saw NAM JA again!XD~ and i get to be close to himie even though his back was turned o x o! He was walking out of his class and into a busy hallway~ He was saying bye bye to his friendo and then someone bumped his shoulder~ something fell and he picked it up~~~~ O 3 O~ then he stand up and he got bumped again!

At that point i wanted to yell"HEY!" But i only yell it in my head T 3 T///



Friday, October 3, 2008

Woah! Oct. 3! Firday!


Today was a good day but....when I got home from sorta flopped... O x O;;

In Schoolie today:
+We get to watch a movie for AVID! XD Not even educational! ^^
+I actually understand what we learn in Chemistry!X3~ Hihip horay!! > w
+I SAW NAM JA ( O U O)b!
+I saw group RMS ( o 3 0)
+ my friendo askie me to design her bag!!! * 0 * b!!

SEEING NAM JA: After schoolie, most of my HS studento goie on the bus, so usually when I go out the door, I some time see NAM JA! XD! This time I have to stop at my locker swo I thought my chance to see himie was slim...but when I went downstairs [I havie most of my class upstair o 3 o and the door to leave is downstair] I was hoping to maybe see JIRO [ Nam Ja's friendo! ^w ^ I called himie Jiro because his hair reminded me of Jiro's Wang hair! @ w @]
Swo My heado turn the opposite direction from the door justo to see if I could see JIRO!XD! my surprise... I didn't see JIRO... I SAW NAM JA! O A O!!! And he looked backo at me... In my head I was screaming!XDD!!! I thinkie I made a funny expression.. o 3 o...I made this inward lip smile o 3 o..... But OMG!!! I can't believe it! We actaully made eye contact for like 2seconds!!!! I felt like time stop at that momento though *-*;;

Right after I saw himie./.. I sort of speed walk out the door ^^;; this doesn't make any sense to me!XD I weally wantie to see himie today but when I saw himie I run away fromie him.....O__O;;......but good gosh!! HE SWO CUTE!! o 3 o/////!!! NAM JA was walking with a friendo tooie, I didn't get a goodie look at himi though ^ U ^;;; but from my boy -craze senses.. he mighto be cute tooie?XD?
I hopeie that one day I could be NAM JA friendo!!!!

oh! So righto after I speed walk away from NAM JA... I saw GROUP RMS....a Group of PB!XD! Cute guys~ - 3 -.... that's what PB means!XD I won't tell you what it stand for but you mighto knowie anyway!:D! yup... My friendo askie me to design her bag ! ^ u ^ I felt swo honored!!! O W O! But this is going to add alot of extra pressure on me..; 3 ; When I draw for people....I try to make it completely perfect..but perfect only makes it worse T ____T I thinkie I only have this weekend to finish it O____O;; it mighto take a whole day non-stop!XD

My step dad came home like on Weds. Oct. 1 since he work as a TRUCKER!XD!
yeah he's going back to work on Monday ~ o3 o swo Today My schoolie Have an eent where our city restuarant give same to our school to taste it~ I didn't buy a ticket but my brother went swo My step dad pick him up after~ Swo as he picked him up.... My brother called my mom and told her they've been in an car accident!!!!!!! O A O!!!!!!!

i hope everything is okay.. I hope its not something big T ^ T///!!! Hopefully my step dad is okay tooie~ i really hope he & my brother comes out with only small scratches and I hope the other car does tooie!!!>_______________<


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm sad ; ^ ;...

Oh me gosh!.>.<> X< Today we were practicing speech in my AVID class and I wrote about my BFF x3~

I am not the type of personie who is very public or enjoy talking as much...So this is like a very BIG thing for me ; ^ ; I was called next and before I got all my speech ready.. it seem swo easy peasy in my heado > u <>

Somehow I started crying and everyone in my AVID class saw >_______<;;;;;;!!! NOOOO! Gosh darn it.. I'm turning back to my old crybaby selfie !!!! GAAHHHH!!!! In the end...My Subitute teacher told everyone to turn around and for me to talk ; ^ ; i left out a whole bunch of details about my BFF!!!!! > A<> 3 < style="font-weight: bold;">SUCK!!!

oh! I got my wish come true today!!! * U * After AVID class was over I have WRLD HISTORY and I was still very sadm swo I wishie I could see NAM JA [ this really cute chinese guy in my school!XD] Whenever I see him I forget all my trouble and I felt so happy justo see himie!! But I don't likie likie himie yeto! I never ever talkie to him!!!XD how could I likie himie without knowing himie!?? O 3 O He seem likie a nice guy and I love his style/hair! *drool* O p O

I acutally saw himie when I came out of Lunch! OMG!!! he weally cute, i only saw the side of his head always.. but I am very happ y to see himie.. THANKIE NAM JA!!( > 3( o U o ) *kissu*

In other sad news.....THE TREES NEXT TO ME HOUSE ARE BEING CUT DOWN!! I cried for that tooie!! I felt swo bad for the trees ; ^ ; They done nothing but help us >___<> x < style="color: rgb(51, 204, 0);">ALLLIIIVVVEEEEE ... GOODY GUM DROP - 3 -.....
I feel like i contributed more on global warming now - ________- GOOD BYE TREE ; A ;... I wish you were ENTS and can walk away ...hopefully your peaceful!XD! STILL depressie over it ; ^ ; Our house will lookie even UGLIER now ......


Monday, September 29, 2008

Chickens are cute! :D

Ello! My computer is weird 0 3 o I thinkie it has a virus~ (___ ___")o I don't like my computer alot..; A ; it won't let me install a webcam >___<>
^ u ^b!! Yippee!!

I think chickens are cute! I'm finishing a poster project for my LA
class and I take the role as the person who draws!XD [I draw very badly, I don't know why I choose to be it > x<;;] I'm suppose to draw a chicken but I don't know how, swo I went on GOOGLE and search through image! > ^ <>
There it is!XD I found the little wings kind cute ; w ;/! And it have this long chicken legS!xDD i still feel sooo sorry for chicken... I don't want to eat chicken anymore...; ^ ; but i thinkie I will find myself still eating chicken later >______ <
I like chubby chicken with the feathers!XDD i just want to hug one ^ 0 ^b!! And the chickies are supa cute!!> W<>

I FOUND THIS FUNNY +CUTE!XD poor chickie ;^ ;

Bye bye for now! ^w ^/

Friday, September 26, 2008


Hello~ I don't know if anyone ish reading this but It's okayie! ^ W^ I am happy that I can vent out my thought and what happen!^^ I have have a couple of blog but I don't go often!XDD! oppsie!!
name: Tania


Birthday: Oct. 11 ( o 3 o)b!

High Schooler! ^ w ^v Sophomore currently~

Type of fashion style:
Anything I want!^ U^

Sports: Badminton! *0 *b!! a little tennis ;^ ;

Pet Peeves: The smell of ketchup and mustard @A @, smokers, rude/mean people,
homophobic peps ( - __-), people who talkie bado about other, Bowl cuts!!
Uh.. i can't remember the rest!XD

What are you?: Semi- Germaphobe, Youtuber [XD], Geek/Dork/Nerd, Jrock Luver!!, A -ZEE -EN, girly, Observer, imaginative, fruitloop, designer, music luver, dreamer, thinker, weirdo, artist, no touchy person!> ^ <;; Music: JROCK/JPOP/KHIP HOP/ CPOP/ ROCK/CLASSICAL

movies: Lords of the Rings [OMG! I HEART!], Pan's Labyrinth, Alice In wonderland,
Lovely complex, My Neighbor Totoro!

Books: Alice In wonderland, Rainbow Boys series, Secret Garden, The Hobbit,

Manga: High School Debut, Parfait Tic, Lovely Complex, Gakuen Alice, Naruto

I DON'T WATCH ANIME no moreie~~XD I'm not an Otaku anymore!:O But I enjoy reading manga~ o u