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Monday, September 29, 2008

Chickens are cute! :D

Ello! My computer is weird 0 3 o I thinkie it has a virus~ (___ ___")o I don't like my computer alot..; A ; it won't let me install a webcam >___<>
^ u ^b!! Yippee!!

I think chickens are cute! I'm finishing a poster project for my LA
class and I take the role as the person who draws!XD [I draw very badly, I don't know why I choose to be it > x<;;] I'm suppose to draw a chicken but I don't know how, swo I went on GOOGLE and search through image! > ^ <>
There it is!XD I found the little wings kind cute ; w ;/! And it have this long chicken legS!xDD i still feel sooo sorry for chicken... I don't want to eat chicken anymore...; ^ ; but i thinkie I will find myself still eating chicken later >______ <
I like chubby chicken with the feathers!XDD i just want to hug one ^ 0 ^b!! And the chickies are supa cute!!> W<>

I FOUND THIS FUNNY +CUTE!XD poor chickie ;^ ;

Bye bye for now! ^w ^/

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