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Friday, September 26, 2008


Hello~ I don't know if anyone ish reading this but It's okayie! ^ W^ I am happy that I can vent out my thought and what happen!^^ I have have a couple of blog but I don't go often!XDD! oppsie!!
name: Tania


Birthday: Oct. 11 ( o 3 o)b!

High Schooler! ^ w ^v Sophomore currently~

Type of fashion style:
Anything I want!^ U^

Sports: Badminton! *0 *b!! a little tennis ;^ ;

Pet Peeves: The smell of ketchup and mustard @A @, smokers, rude/mean people,
homophobic peps ( - __-), people who talkie bado about other, Bowl cuts!!
Uh.. i can't remember the rest!XD

What are you?: Semi- Germaphobe, Youtuber [XD], Geek/Dork/Nerd, Jrock Luver!!, A -ZEE -EN, girly, Observer, imaginative, fruitloop, designer, music luver, dreamer, thinker, weirdo, artist, no touchy person!> ^ <;; Music: JROCK/JPOP/KHIP HOP/ CPOP/ ROCK/CLASSICAL

movies: Lords of the Rings [OMG! I HEART!], Pan's Labyrinth, Alice In wonderland,
Lovely complex, My Neighbor Totoro!

Books: Alice In wonderland, Rainbow Boys series, Secret Garden, The Hobbit,

Manga: High School Debut, Parfait Tic, Lovely Complex, Gakuen Alice, Naruto

I DON'T WATCH ANIME no moreie~~XD I'm not an Otaku anymore!:O But I enjoy reading manga~ o u