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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Homecoming week!!! My ipod been stolen!o.o

HOWDY! Today is my schoolie HOMECOMING!
I didn't go!XD! I'm only a 10th grader~ why spoil the fun with 2 years lefto in HS! ^W ^
I wanna go Jr.Year or Senior year because it would be more fun experienceing it firsto timie!
My older brother is going! ^W ^ He's a JR~ o 3 o~ I dunno if he gotie a date or not! ^ w
But I hope he really have a fun time there!!! \o v o/

Last week ~ We have spirit week!
Tues: Movie Day [Where you dress as a movie character]
Wed: Wild West
Thur: Classic Hollywood
Fri: Blue Carpet [ where the student dress in the school color. BLUE]

Spirit week goes with the theme of HOMECOMING, whichie is Hollywood!!
I'm not very fondie of this week spirit week~ - ____-" not alotie of people dress for it~~ its kindie hard to!XDD
But I givie props for the peopleie who came upie with it! > w*!!! It's creative!! and its fun! * 0*//
Thankie for contributing!!! > W

oh...Yesterday[Friday] is the day I got my ipod stolen ; 3 ;~~
I put it in my pooh bear purse ~ I guess I drop it somewhere and someone found it and
gave it to the office. One of the office people came to my 5th period and told me a student found it and gave it to them. I looked in it and my ipod was gone! The student didn't take anything else!! All I have was my keys, one dollar, barnes&noble gift card , Old Navy card and my student ID.
I went to the office during lunch and ask the lady that gave me my purse if they know the student... she sais she should have askie for her name >____<>

If i found like a wallet full of money.. I would probably freak out and ask everyone if its theres...
then I would turn it into the office~ O____O I wouldn't steal >__<>
I have a heavy conscience -_____-:: it won't let me do anything!XDD I'm still kinda mad~ > A <>
I can't lie!X3DD~~ i can't lie wel!! ^ w ^

I hope the person who have my ipod now, would have bado lucko ! ^ u ^ V!! karma!!!>:3!!!!
And.. i told my mommy but she didn't look mad at all... she laughed because I told her our family have bad lucko with ipods!XDD

First one was my brothers and he got mugged by people in our schoolie >____<>_____________________<;;; but i feel bad...
Second one, I gave my brother my ipod after his been robbed~ Being a bigie dumbo he left his in his pocket and put his pants in the laundry died.....
Now our third one.....mines~ and it got stolen~ AHAH! ipod weren't meant for us then!!XDDD

Heheh!!swigh~ yup! oh i havie no homework this week swo I am free!! >w
Oh also lasto week on tuesday, I saw NAM JA again!XD~ and i get to be close to himie even though his back was turned o x o! He was walking out of his class and into a busy hallway~ He was saying bye bye to his friendo and then someone bumped his shoulder~ something fell and he picked it up~~~~ O 3 O~ then he stand up and he got bumped again!

At that point i wanted to yell"HEY!" But i only yell it in my head T 3 T///



Friday, October 3, 2008

Woah! Oct. 3! Firday!


Today was a good day but....when I got home from sorta flopped... O x O;;

In Schoolie today:
+We get to watch a movie for AVID! XD Not even educational! ^^
+I actually understand what we learn in Chemistry!X3~ Hihip horay!! > w
+I SAW NAM JA ( O U O)b!
+I saw group RMS ( o 3 0)
+ my friendo askie me to design her bag!!! * 0 * b!!

SEEING NAM JA: After schoolie, most of my HS studento goie on the bus, so usually when I go out the door, I some time see NAM JA! XD! This time I have to stop at my locker swo I thought my chance to see himie was slim...but when I went downstairs [I havie most of my class upstair o 3 o and the door to leave is downstair] I was hoping to maybe see JIRO [ Nam Ja's friendo! ^w ^ I called himie Jiro because his hair reminded me of Jiro's Wang hair! @ w @]
Swo My heado turn the opposite direction from the door justo to see if I could see JIRO!XD! my surprise... I didn't see JIRO... I SAW NAM JA! O A O!!! And he looked backo at me... In my head I was screaming!XDD!!! I thinkie I made a funny expression.. o 3 o...I made this inward lip smile o 3 o..... But OMG!!! I can't believe it! We actaully made eye contact for like 2seconds!!!! I felt like time stop at that momento though *-*;;

Right after I saw himie./.. I sort of speed walk out the door ^^;; this doesn't make any sense to me!XD I weally wantie to see himie today but when I saw himie I run away fromie him.....O__O;;......but good gosh!! HE SWO CUTE!! o 3 o/////!!! NAM JA was walking with a friendo tooie, I didn't get a goodie look at himi though ^ U ^;;; but from my boy -craze senses.. he mighto be cute tooie?XD?
I hopeie that one day I could be NAM JA friendo!!!!

oh! So righto after I speed walk away from NAM JA... I saw GROUP RMS....a Group of PB!XD! Cute guys~ - 3 -.... that's what PB means!XD I won't tell you what it stand for but you mighto knowie anyway!:D! yup... My friendo askie me to design her bag ! ^ u ^ I felt swo honored!!! O W O! But this is going to add alot of extra pressure on me..; 3 ; When I draw for people....I try to make it completely perfect..but perfect only makes it worse T ____T I thinkie I only have this weekend to finish it O____O;; it mighto take a whole day non-stop!XD

My step dad came home like on Weds. Oct. 1 since he work as a TRUCKER!XD!
yeah he's going back to work on Monday ~ o3 o swo Today My schoolie Have an eent where our city restuarant give same to our school to taste it~ I didn't buy a ticket but my brother went swo My step dad pick him up after~ Swo as he picked him up.... My brother called my mom and told her they've been in an car accident!!!!!!! O A O!!!!!!!

i hope everything is okay.. I hope its not something big T ^ T///!!! Hopefully my step dad is okay tooie~ i really hope he & my brother comes out with only small scratches and I hope the other car does tooie!!!>_______________<


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm sad ; ^ ;...

Oh me gosh!.>.<> X< Today we were practicing speech in my AVID class and I wrote about my BFF x3~

I am not the type of personie who is very public or enjoy talking as much...So this is like a very BIG thing for me ; ^ ; I was called next and before I got all my speech ready.. it seem swo easy peasy in my heado > u <>

Somehow I started crying and everyone in my AVID class saw >_______<;;;;;;!!! NOOOO! Gosh darn it.. I'm turning back to my old crybaby selfie !!!! GAAHHHH!!!! In the end...My Subitute teacher told everyone to turn around and for me to talk ; ^ ; i left out a whole bunch of details about my BFF!!!!! > A<> 3 < style="font-weight: bold;">SUCK!!!

oh! I got my wish come true today!!! * U * After AVID class was over I have WRLD HISTORY and I was still very sadm swo I wishie I could see NAM JA [ this really cute chinese guy in my school!XD] Whenever I see him I forget all my trouble and I felt so happy justo see himie!! But I don't likie likie himie yeto! I never ever talkie to him!!!XD how could I likie himie without knowing himie!?? O 3 O He seem likie a nice guy and I love his style/hair! *drool* O p O

I acutally saw himie when I came out of Lunch! OMG!!! he weally cute, i only saw the side of his head always.. but I am very happ y to see himie.. THANKIE NAM JA!!( > 3( o U o ) *kissu*

In other sad news.....THE TREES NEXT TO ME HOUSE ARE BEING CUT DOWN!! I cried for that tooie!! I felt swo bad for the trees ; ^ ; They done nothing but help us >___<> x < style="color: rgb(51, 204, 0);">ALLLIIIVVVEEEEE ... GOODY GUM DROP - 3 -.....
I feel like i contributed more on global warming now - ________- GOOD BYE TREE ; A ;... I wish you were ENTS and can walk away ...hopefully your peaceful!XD! STILL depressie over it ; ^ ; Our house will lookie even UGLIER now ......