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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last day of fun~~ ; ^ ;)/ long post~~

( made by my friendo Jiovanni! X3 ) I'm a bear!!! X3!!
from left to right: Jiovanni,Tifa, Me,and Brian!

I've seen to notice that I've wake up exactly 9:00am! xD
I can't go further than that~ (.___.)...I didn't get to post on X-mas either!! T A T;; swo I can't say Merry Christmas without the LATE in it~ ; ^ ;"" sorrrryyy!!! m(___ __;;)m!!
*EDIT: also! Happy Late New Year!!! :FAILED:

Ah Christmas for me was okay! ^^ My family and I open our gift on X-mas eve! ^^!hehe!
I got a Kirby slipper, a hair pin and a cute Drawing from Brian!
And I have more fuzzy slippers! * w *!! a cupcake kit, hello kitty notebook, a langu
age learner, drawing kit, travel journal, cute boots, purse, hello Kitty gift card, Hello kitty necklace, a watch and perfume! - w- )b! I am very happy just to have friends and family!

After opening present, we ate flan that I made again!XD it was too sweet~ ; X ;!
yup~ And then I stayed up webcaming my friend~XDD!
heheh! X-mas was alright too!X3D I practice driving with my step dad and I drove my mommy& step dad to Asian Market ^ u ^) to my surprise I parked perfectly OA O...and I swuck at parking the most!!!
@0 @!!!?!?
There was a cute guy at the Market.. - W - mmm!!! His hair was swo cool and his style was sort of punkish!! Eeepp @ w @!!! When he is close to where i am, I try not to look as much as possible, but from afar.. - w -;; AAHH! i'm a stalker~ ; 3 ;'"" too boy crazed! hehe (^/\^)
That's all what I did for x-mas day! X3!!

Monday.Dec.28.2009I was invited for my friend's annual Late X-mas/Early New Years Dinner Potluck!X3DD!
I didn't know what to bring, swo I made fried Rice! O 3 O! it was my first time also!! O AO!
I'm finally an asian now!X3D I mastered Fried Rice! >:3! Though I didn't know how many people were going to be there...I made a 10 people Portion X__X;;; oh noes!
It was swo much fun though! ^ u ^//!!! My friends' boyfriends made yummy steak!X3
Made in Street Style!X3DD with the gas thingy and a pan outside of the house~XD
it was weally good! O W O! I was the first to finish my steak!XD hehe!
they also made shrimp puffs, mash potatoes, corn & apple pie!
everything was sooo gooodd!! ; V ;! i got full very fast!XD I didn't get to eat my fried rice...

hehe! Our Group pic!X3!! aahh! My Big Sis Lisa isn't in it because she was taking the picture~
; 3 ;!
Before dessert, we open present!X3 That's wear I got my watch & HK gift card ! ; W;!
I gave Big sis Lisa a ChocoCat Slippers, An&Joe Hollister body spray? O 3 O? eep! I don't know what to get for guys~ TT A TT;; and Michllele a green HK coffee Mug! ( ^ U ^)!
it was so funny opening presents!X3!
hehe! My funny friends! ^ 0^

After that! Dessert! X3!! Yum yum!! We have Appple Pie & X-mas Cake O 3O;;!
They decided that I will cut the cake ; A ; i don't know why!! X ^ X;;! Swo I said, we should play Black& White to decide who cuts the cake! heheh ^/\^!
I end up going against Michelle in the end.. O A O! I won but I end up cutting the cake X__X!!
Big Sis Lisa bought this cake!X3 Yummy Mocha cake! *drools*

Not many ate the cake because they were eating the Apple Pie w/ ice cream! It was swo good!! it melted in my mouth - w - !! Big Sis Lisa gave me the whole entire cake to bring home to my family to eay! ; W ;! THANKIE YOU! but i barely get to eat some because my greedy older brother ate all of it when I brought it home.... = A =;;;

and towards the end we played BS & 21 the card games! I don't know how to play any X ^ X since my mom forbids me to play cards games because she don't want us to gamble ~ ahah!
I came home at 11pm! ^ u^! My mommy doesn't care what times as long as it's before 12am & that I tell her where I am & she knows the people I am hanging out with ! ^ 0 ^)v!

The day after Tues. Dec.29.2009
It was what my friend Andi calls it " Last Froggy Adventure of 2009!"
hehe! isn't it cute!?!? ( O v O)!!
We met up at my mom's shop at 12pm to tell our comic story!X3
*each on of my friends are making their own comic*
Everyone is all good! ; W ; i can't wait to see them finish! X3DD!
I found out... I am the only one in the group with a dark story~ ; A ;!!!
And it's strange coming from me!x3D!
when it was my turn to tell my story... I was swo nervous! I couldn't say all the things I wanted!! It's just like school when I am presenting!!! TT ATT// wwwhhyy!! And these were my very close friends I was talking too! \(T ^ T)/!!
then we went to the Ice Skating place which open at 3:30 - 5:30 pm! ^ U ^)
there was A LOT of people! O A O! but it was weally fun!X3 it's been swo long since i've went ice skating! For Andi,Tifa & Jiovanni it was their first time Ice Skating! heh!
Tifa fell once and it really hurted her! TT ATT/! she quit after that! ; ^ ;)''
Jiovanni fell swo many times!! X3DD hehehe! he's swo strong!! ; W ;!
I fell once!XD it was actually my first time falling ever in ice skating!X3 ahah! my buttie hurts! ; ^ ; And right after I fell, my friend Andi fell too!X3DD hehe! we both witness our first fall! ahah!X3DD
My friend Brian fell i thinkie 4 times? o.o? He goes really fast!! O A O!!! the first time he fell, he flipped over O A O! i was swo worried!! ; ^ ;!! the second time, he went really fast and he didn't know how to stop, swo he ram into the wall thingy around the ice rink and almost flip over to the other side!! O ^ o! there was a loud THUMP! :O!
The only one who didn't fall at all was Brian's Little Brother, Brandon! O A O!
hehe! Ice Skating was swo much fun!
AFter that we went to Cici's Pizza!
I've never been there before!! @ w @!!! it was swooo goood!! All the different type of pizza and it's a pizza buffet! YUMM! I think I gain more pounds~ ( I 3 |)''
the we went outside to film a comedy scary movie! ahah!X3D it was weally cold outside swo I was shivering! ( ; A ;)))) We couldn't finish filming because our ride came! X3
thankie everyone for such a fun day again!! LUFFFF~~~

My last fun day before Breaks end! - W -!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve! ( * w * )!! catch up day!

*Long Post*
Happy Christmas Eve!X3! Can't believe tomorrow is Christmas ! * 0 *!!For just feel like another day.. i dunno why i'm not excited~ T ^ T''Even putting up the X-mas tree or seeing santa doesn't help~ :cries:Christmas shopping is no help either.. it just make me mad that couldn't buy anything for myself! ahah! But I bought for myself a new pack of Sakura Micron pens!! ( @ w @) Fumfum! And a white beret! ^ u ^ it was cute! I always wanted one! I think I will customize mine a bit! O W O)!
I've been drawing & going out a lot lately!X3!
( my comp/drawing desk is very messy! I just cleaned it recently! (o w -)b)
maybe I should label the pic!X3 * above my comp. screen, you can sorta see my small tablet! and on the left is two vertical shelves~ my webcam on the left~X3 and some thingies on the far left shelf!X3)
you can see my TagkiE account! I've been practicing with my tablet!XD!
but still I prefer traditional style~ ( - w -) you see from my sketchbook on the table!
I'm doing an art trade with one of my friend from Cali! she's swo cool! * 0*! You can also find her on DA! ^ U ^ I'm drawing her British Boy ( * W *)!

(this was taken a couple of days ago, it's actually 80% done now! ^ 0 ^! All I need is to design a Background!)I dunno why I made his expression like that... TT A TT;;; I use mix media? o3 o?? Crayola color pencils!XD Micron pens, Copic markers ( for skin tones) and Pris
macolor markers! ^^!! I am happy my marker coloring is improving! ^ 0^/ I have 3 more drawing to go! (^ u ^)!one for my Wonderfully Awesomie friend Anna! Another for my Friend Tu, a drawing of him and his Gf! ^ u ^)b! and a drawing for the guy I kindie still have feeling for... ( -___-;;) because he ask me to!X3D! * i'm not sure if he is serious or not! O A O;;;!!* i also need to start designing/painting a bag for my friend! ^ 3 ^;;; I feel like there isn't enough time!XD! hehe!
I also have to start on my cosplay~~~ m( __ __ ;;)m!
I'm going to MomoCon again this year!XD It's in March! ^ w ^) I know I won't have time during Feb + Jan to work on it...swo Winter Break is all I have! XD!
Even though I didn't enjoy MomoCon as much, but my friends are going swo I want to go!X3 Maybe it will be better?:3?? and no raining?XD
I'm gonna cosplay as Flonne from Disgaea! >:3D! I need to get a blond wig! X__x;; I dunno where to get it cheap (/; A ;)/!! I can't order it online either~ *swigh* but the cosplay doesn't seem as hard as other! ^ u ^)! I know how to do ruffles now from himehood ! ^ 0^)! I even have enough fabric, thought I need red silk fabric
also... ! ^ u ^ I think the only hard part is the bloomers because i never made one before~
; A ;! I don't think I will put wings ~ hehe!
sadly though..I will be a lone disgaea cosplayer!XD my other friendo are going as Sasuke (Naruto) , Soi Fong ( Bleach) , Zero (Vamp.Knights), and some other!XD!! hehe! we will be a mix group! X3 At first my friend proposed an Idea that we should all cosplay as Vamp.Knights ( i never watch it before, but I heard about it! ^ u ^) they wanted me to be Rima, but vampirte knights costume is hard to make~ ;A ;"" swo i went with Disgaea~
I hope we have fun! ^ 0 ^) v!(credited to Andi for putting all the pic together!! * w * / ~luff~)
oH! on Dec.19th~ ( see post before) I went to the mall with my friends to watch Avatar!
I thought it was an okay film! (^ u ^)b! the special effect were amazing & beautiful and the action scenes are fun! ^^ but that's all I like about it! The storyline was unique but it kind of remind me of Disney's film called Atlantis ~ ; 3 ;"" i kind of went on and off to sleep during the beginning, it wasn't my cup of tea ~ TT A TT but towards the end with
all the action i was very happy! ^ u ^! Action makes it fun!XD Though all of my friends thought it was a great movie! ^^ It even inspired them on their comic! X3
the mall after movie was fun too!X3 I didn't buy anything for myself again..X__X''
Brian bought a Plushie, from Suzumiya Haruhi (Brian really like that anime xD, i have not watch much of it @ 3 @;;)
GROUP photo! ^ u ^!!! the other group left early ~
I weally luff my friends! Thankie you for an awesome day!!!

I didn't go out much for a couple of days! ^^ I got my H1N1 shot yesterday! Like always..I close my eyes when I get shots~~ @ 0 @;;; i'm still a big baby~ :cries:
I went out with my friend Tu ! It's like my first time I get to hang out with a guy who dresses really nice and it a cool person! x3 and have a gf! ^ 0 ^ v!! We've only talk often on Facebook even though we go to the same school! XD! but we finally get to hang! ^^! I was kind of scared that I was going to be alone with him because I'm really boring person~ ; A ;'' i'm too quiet ~
he picked me up at 1pm! ^ u ^ we went out to eat at Sunos first! ^ u ^! the Sunos Employees are very purty! * 0*! the guy is hawt and the girl is purty~~ @ 0 @;;;
then we went out to Mall #1 first, but we couldn't find any store we like~ ; A ;""
and then went to Mall #2! X3D! Tu went shopping for his Gf!XD! he's such a sweet boyfriend! I want a boyfriend just like him! ahah!
Then after we went to his Work place where we get to play games for free!XD I couldn't beat him at any games... m(___ ___"")m *failed* I'm like the loudest one there!XD! ahah! I hate losing! X___ X;;; I weally had a great time! I wish I was more talkative and not have much small talk~ ; A ;'' i can only make small talk :cries:
hehe but it was a fun day! I wish I could have remember to take pictures! XD I even have a camera in my purse!XD!

bye bye for now~ Merry X-mas eve!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter break~ boring post~~ X__ X;;

horay!! \(^ u ^)/ Winter Break is finally here!
Three days of finals over! I'm swo happy!!
I'm not happy about my grade though~ T A T;;I completely failed my Precal final...I got a 66%!! I always failed my
math finals.... and it was swo easy for me~ I actually knew the answers to most!! oA O!
I hate it when you think you did weally well on a test, but it turn out you failed..... ( - . -;;)
BOOOO!!! T A T!! I'm not sure about APUSH or AP Phy....because I guessed on most for APUSH! ahah! DX! I didn't study as much @___ @!! good bye 84%...... my GPA really drop every year...this is probably my worst year~~~ (- A -)!! I don't think I will get the HOPE scholarship now....only Art & La I know I pass! XDD!! ahah!! For the Art final~ We have a multiple choice test and after that we have a drawing final! LOL! we have 2hr per class~ swo each day we only have 2 period! (b^ u ^)! The art final~ we only have 45min to make a thumbnail of what was display on the table ( kitchen appliances~XD) and we have to draw it out on a big paper and color it any style! X3!! I did another monochromatic picture! XD it was blue!X3 me and my friends were freaking out because we have so little time to color ~ ahah!! it was suppose to be a loose drawing swo it turn out okay! XD We like scream when our teacher told us we have 10min left ~ ahaha!! but that was fun! ^ w ^!!I'm surprise mine looked finished~ hehe! After we were done, the teacher would call our name and we would have to show it! when I showed mine, my classmate& teacher were like!( O ___ O))))
LOL! ahah! it was funny~ i didn't keep mine though~ O 3 O my teacher ask if she could keep it and display it as an example to the other students~ O W O! ahh! i'm swo happpyy!!

On friday~ I hang with my friends at my mom's shop! We were suppose to draw together~ but we end up talking about things~ ahah!! XDD!! And I just found out that one of my friend copy my drawings!! TT A TT! I didn't even notice when he showed me it ( he didn't say anything about copying my clown) but my friend told me on friday that he copy it! O A O)!! I feel ashame that i didn't recognize it since I drew this a long time ago ~DX!
he made the clown into one of his character in his comic~~
I guessed it's my fault for posting my pic. up on the internet~
Anyone have the freedom to copy or draw whatever~ ; ^ ;) / i guess I can't complain~
I forgot how that saying goes but I remember it's like" mockery is another form of admiration"??
Even I copy sometime but I know to give credit, I don't often copy though because it won't give me a sense of being unique ~~ I already developed my own style swo I don't need to copy !X3!
i work with what i have ! o 3 o!
( sorry ~~ it sound like I'm arrogant ~ @ A @!! aaahh! I'm sorry~ Even I have a lot to work on my drawing! I am not weally that good ~ ; ^ ;) swo I guess I shouldn't be saying/typing all that~ just speaking my mind ~ o 3 o))

I will be going to the mall again today! to watch AVATAR! O 3 O! do you know it's in 3D?!!?xD that's swo cool!!!! it's gonna be a big group! ahah! I hope to go buy some last minute X-mas present tooie! ^ w ^!!! I wish I could buy things for meself!!! Whenever I can't go buy anything, there are always cute things!XD and when I have money to by for meself.. there is nothing i want! T ~~~ T;;

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm late~ cookie~~

Ah~ It's late~ @ A @;;; One more week till school is over
and finals... I'm gonna cry when It Will be Dec.18 ....AP PHY Finals...
I took all the Written Finals lasto week, I don't think I did well on any of themo~
This is a lazy year for me~ TT ~~~ TT;;I've been baking lately!X3 Since Thanks giving I decorate cookies...
I bought instant cookie dough instead of making them from scratch~ T A T;;
I was too lazy this year~XD but I decorated themo, that have to count! - w -
I try to make teddy bear shape because I love teddy bear A LOT !

I wanted to make a cute face...but I couldn't~XD they're all weird looking!XP!

I like the one on the bottom right!XD

I decorate the first batch of cookies, the second batch... got slightly burnt!XD
my brother keep eating the burnt one!! @ A @;;; He said the burnt one taste better ! ahah~
Flan I actually made!X3 it was very sweet, my mommy liked it alot!
Flan is cute - w -)/

Lately I've been obsess with the manga,
OMG! Miwa Shirow is such a great mangaka
! (T W T)!!!
his action scene and character design are AMMMAZZZINNG!
I really admire him.. - w -)/ even more when I watch him outlining
one of his picture at the Ultra jump Egg website~ @ A @!!after reading the latest chapter~ I felt swo inspired!! @ w @!
I finally drew a picture for me self!!X3!! it have somewhat of the same shadow feel
like DOGS~ and the hair is similar with Haine~ DX!

...actually, I was going to start drawing a fanart of Haine...but yet again~
No reference pic!! XDD I drew this after I finish a test at school~' ~ ';;
When i give up trying to remember what haine look like...I made up the rest!XD!
it's not finish ~XD I have to redo it with pen/marker because I hate how it smears with pencil~
the pic(below) is in pencil~ I haven't taken a pic of the new verison yeto! ^ 0 ^/
I am hoping I will draw the background too! I need to be detail in my work now~(' ^ ')!

*note: Fur & stripes are my fav~XD*

My thanksgiving break was okay~XD Black friday I woke up at 6am to go to Best Buy!
I bought a webcam for only 20!X3!! horay! I finally got one!!
welp~ that's all for now~ ' ~ ';;;
I hope I do well on my last Phy test before FINALS! * A *))) and i finally get to shopping this weekend with me friends! ^ 0 ^ v!
too bad I can't buy anything for myself~ :cries:

Friday, November 20, 2009

The beatles and onions~(=^ω^ =)v

I luff PhotoGear! ≧∀≦ )/! It's swo mucho fun to play!

Anywho ( ^ u ^)b! This week for me was very relaxing (sorta),~
Less homework!! * 0*)!!! YESH!!! :3!! But i still slept at 12am/1am~ LOL!
I got a 72% ( it's actually a 68, but 5 points were added because the some of the questions were unfair~ ; A ;! Also another one point was added because of me!XD I got all the APUSH period an extra 1 point! HORAY!) on my APUSH test from last week, even though it's still a C! DX! I am very happy that It's better than my other school~ I consider that a good score in APUSH!XD Plus I can get an extra 8 points if I do remediation!!! YAY!! swo a 80% perhaps??!
I gave my APUSH class an extra point~XD! Because I guess, I was the only one who pointed
out that on of the question " Who wrote Civil Disobeience that influences Gandhi & MLK" ( not exact phrasing of question!)
My teacher thought it was Ralph Waldo Emerson, and on my test I put Henry Thoreau, and i got it wrong~ ; A ;! When I went to my LA class, we read "Civil Disobedience" and it was written by Thoreau! I got alarm and the next day i came up to my teacher and ask if the test answer were wrong~ XD He was shocked that he made a mistake! O 3 O! Ahah! And when I came to APUSH class, he told the whole class ( actually all the periods he have!XD) that I pointed out the mistakes~ LOLXDD I like my APUSH Teacher! ( ^ u ^)/ He's swo funny and nice!
Even teachers could make mistakes!X3

One day this week, I came home from school and I went to my room...
I find this round shape thingy in a little plate, next to me bed! O 3 O!
I stared at it for awhile...and found out...
it was perfectly round which makes it swo cute!!XDD!
it's strange..... (O ^ O;;)
I dunno how it got there!XD! Swo I called my mom~
and she told me she left it there! Ahah! To eliminate like bacteria or like ward
off evil?xD She said she heard about this from friend! ahah! My mommy does
cute thingsie sometime! (#≧∨≦#)/ Luff!!!
it's still in my room~ I think i should name it~ X3

I receive a Late Bday presento still~XD ( Actually I got these
close to the end of Oct~X3) The Mangas+ HaiClips
were given to me by the Anime Club Cabinet! & The Hello
Kitty from my sweet friendo, Brian! ^ u^! More Hello Kitty for my small
collection!! >:3D! YEAH!! THANKIE SWO MUCHO!( ^ U ^)!!!
I like shoujo manga( /- w -)/

This week~ One of the reason I slept late..was to draw this!XD!
My friend ask me to draw him a Bday Card for his friend! ^ u^!
He told me She like the Beatles! * 0*!
Swo i try my attempt to draw themo in my version!
I have no clue about the beatles~ (GASP DX!)
I think I only know Paul~XD ( the one on the top Left)
I forgot how to color an apple~XD swo it look wonky~ XD

Close up!X3 I'm proud how it turn out!X3
I hope the birthday girl likes it!X3 This card matches what my friendo got her!XD!
Perfecto Combo!X3

Tomorrow is Driver's Ed Second to Last Day!X3 UGH~ 3 days of it is swoooo BOORRINNG!
I should have takie the online class ; ^ ;/! I literally fall asleep when I read the test book and we go WAAAYYYY To fast for me to grasp anything~ ' ~ ';;; And the last day is on Dec.5 and it's the big test......ugh...I really dislike drivers ed.... it should be 6hr of the whole bookie thingy, then 30hrs. of driving!!! = 3 =;; swigh~ i'm glad i will get the chance to go out to the movies with my friendo~XD though i don't want to watch New Moon ; ^ ; but I still want to hang with my friendo! bai bai~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Storm//! Messy Closet~~ ' ~ ';;

Writing in the Middle of the week?
Yesho! Today, I only have 2 hw today~
I'm weally stress out, swo Blogging helpo me~ swigh ( - w -)
I only got 3 Hours of sleep today~ XDD! I was cramming alll Night!
Doing HATS card took too long~ T ~ T;;; Why does it have to be
due on the same day as the APUSH test? ; 3 ;
I bombed the APUSH testo, Even though I stayed up till 3am...
I didn't study one bit, ; A ; all I remember were what I wrote for my HATS Card~
I'm surprisie that HATS card are helpful!XDD(me just figured it out!XP)
I'm shocked that I didn't nod off in class~XD I'm wide awake!X3
*Edit: the next day i got a MASSIVE headache & i was swo dizzy because of lack of sleep~XD
I couldn't even walk straight~

WAL-LA~ My messy closet~ I dunno why i am writing about it~
the whole thingy collaspe once, because my clothes were too heavy~ ;A;
I only hang up special clothes in the closet( ^ 0 ^)v Like my skinny jeans, and dresses!
and Fav.Shirts!
messy messy messy
the bags down below contains bag/purses, and LOTS AND LOTS OF MANGA!
I don't have a bookshelf~ ' ^ ';; I'm kind of hoping to sell or give away my unwanted
manga~ ; 3 ;""

Mono-color Sketch ~
The color pencil I have the most was GREEN!:D! swo I look around my
house for Green thingsie! ^ U ^
it was done a couple weeks ago! ^ u ^!But I somewhat Like it!
The sketch isn't slanted itself~XD I took a slanted picture~X3 hehe! ^/\^!
I didn't have a green scarf, swo I pretended it's green hehe ! I'm a cheater~XD ahah!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yay! November! = ^ w ^ =

New picture!X3 And art?XDD
Been weally busy @ A @;; School is still horrible XP!
This week I got a mobile project to finish and have a head start on my
HATS Card - W O)b!
My theme for my mobile is...ASIAN STEREOTYPES!
LOL! I hope it's appropriate for school~

Anime Halloween Party:It turn out okay! X3D Not what I expected though ;^;
there is more people than I thought!! * A *!!
We ran out of food quickly... actually...we didn't have much food! TT A TT
Not many people played the games with us...they talk among themselves~ Which is no problemo when it's in a party!XD
My good friendo/Sistah (XD!!) is now the VP! Horay!!!I ISH HAPPY!!!
And also ( the VP sister) is in the Cabinet!!! eep!!! I am really happy!

Art Trade! Gust & Benat Belongs to my good friendo, ANNA! *luff*!
We did and Art trade like during August? XD and it took me till Nov.1 to finish it!!!
Anna finish waaayy earlier than me!XD She's such a wonderful artist!
EVERYTHING SHE DRAWS IS CUTE !!!hehe! ^/\^! She's swo greato!!! It's my version of her OC, but it look nothing
like themo~ ; ~ ;"" I made themo into themes of music~ XDD VK/Punk and Oshare Kei/popish!
The music notes...are actually parts of Yiruma's River Flows in You!
LOL!!XDD So credit go to YIRUMA tooie!!! ^ u ^!!!
Taking a picture of it, looks better than scanning it~ ; A ;!!

Here's her Art trade for me!! She drew Aki! (My OC)
She only have one picture for reference for Aki~ ; A ;!
I'm sorry!!
B-BUT it is swo ccuuutee!!! I'm swooooooooo happy! LUFF HER!!
Even though we lived the differento ends of the US,
we still draw for each other! I misss yoouu!!!|
THANKIES!! When I saw it, i jumped up and down and squeeeel!! hehe! ^/\^!
ah! My late B-day Presento!!^ 0^!
It's from a former Anime Club memeber!
She is no longer in the Club because of some drama~ ; ~ ;
But I still see her at Lunch! And I sorta promise her that I will
paint her bag for her! ^ U ^ swo in return, She made me these CUUTTTEEE
Earrings for my b-day.. ; U ; I am swo grateful!! THANK YOU!!
I will only wear themo for special occasion! - w - Because it's special!!!

it was by Kouji Seto's Blog! He is wearing his costume for something I don't know in some of his pictures!! SWO CUTE!! I only vaguely memorizes what he wore while I was drawing ( I was drawing at my mom's shop) And I want make a series of Native + Cowboy style
with the Ram's Boy Cast!XD I will hopefully color the hair soon!XD It look swo unfinish! Ahaha!

Halloween comes and go~ o.o For Halloween, I drew Another version of my previous boy! he's a cat!XD I showed it to my friends..and At firsto they couldn't see the boy! LOL! The orange lolli shown out more, XD swo they only recognize it!
they thought is hair were like leaves of trees~ hehe!! And when they look farther,
They saw it! hehe! ^^ it was fun seeing themo figuring it out! hehe!
I am happy about this drawing * 0*!!! (one of the fews~XD)
I wish I have more markers to color it~ ' ~ ';;

here's a process?XD and Final! = ^ W ^ =

that's all for arto! ^^ I hope I can draw more and more!!
*NOTE * I just started getting into coloring my pictures~XD
Swo blending with markers is not my forte yeto~ ; ^ ;''
plus, i only have a limited amount of copics/prisma marker~ :cries:
and I'm a sloppy colorer~ XD

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall is coolddd( '~~~~ ' );; Concealer help? ; A;?

Haven't postie in awhile! I have finally come to a compromise!X3 I haven't been on the computer on the weekdays except for like 5 or 10 min to check on updates on MangaFox!XD I can't miss an update! ahah!
My grades are slowly going up ! ^^ I feel very happy and my Lazy-ness is sorta gone!X3
HAPPY HAPPY!I ate the chocolate Lorena gave to me for my birthday! I lufff it! @ 0 @!!! Swo yummy!!
I felt weird eating themo though ; 3 ; they swo cute/pretty to be eaten~XDD But i was hungry.....

I took the PSAT again last last week~XD To my surprise it got alot easier than Last year! * 0*!
I actually finish most of it!!!! I'm swo happy ; w ;!!! I think I did a lot better in math! Horay! ^0^!

Went to the mall on Sat. Oct.25 ( It's homecoming day tooie! I didn't go though!X3) ~ O 3 O I have to go shopping for prizes for my Anime Club!XD Cabinet Members only! XD We have 4 members..but only 2 went~XDDD Our budget for prizes were $70, but I only brought $60 ; 3 ;""We bought from 2 differento stores~XD I felt sad that I didn't have enough money for clothes I can buy..; A ;"" Why is it that when I don't have money, I find a lot of clothes to buy..; 3 ;"" But when I do have money, I don't find any clothes - A -;; My mommy was right, I'm starting to become a shopaholic or a clothes maniac~ @ A@;;;We bought various Anime items...but it was HARD to find what kind of Anime would the winner prefer.....But I think the winner would be a girl~ LOL not a lot of guys cosplay in our club - 3 -;;; they justo wear shirt that Have anime pictures on it~ AHAH~XDD guys.....
I'll take a pic of the prize after the party~ O 3 O!
(Oh yesho! Info about my Anime club: We will be having a cosplay party on Fri.30th of October and we are having cosplay contest~ ahah! and we will also do a lot of fun thing as well! ^^ Whoever is the best cosplayer will get a prize~ XD My job is to provide some food + decorate the room~ XP! I don't have any new cosplay my friendo suggest I just wear what I wore at AWA~ XP! I no have time to sew an outfit ahah! BOOO!! swo yup! I hope everyone have fun..\; A ; /i don't want people to thinkie it's lame...:cries: )

Hallo~XD The only makeup I use is Mascara, concealer and a little foundation~ ; 3 ;/!
I first tried Clinique Advanced Concealer at the beginning of 2009 and it really coverup well! ^^ but the only problem I have was that it comes in two color TT A TT/
And one is too light and another is too dark for my skin color Booo~ ; 3 ;/!
Unless I go to a very bright place with great lighting it won't show, but I go to school and the lights are somewhat dim, swo you can see where I apply the concealer ; A ;"" I have big dark eye circle!! * ^ *!! (it's genetic - 3 -;;)
I don't like having foundation on my skin O A O;;; it sorta irritate my skin - 3 -;;though I tried it over my concealer and it still show ; 3 ;''

Is it possible to have a concealer that blends well without foundation? ; A ;?
And is it okay for someone to wear concealer without foundation?

(XD! is that the same question!?!X3DD)

This is the sonia kashuk concealer palette ~ O 3 O! I heard many great thing about it from Swo I went to Target and bought it! I used it after I ran out of Clinique Concealer~XD I think it works okayish! For me I have to apply many layers to hide it a bit.. You can still see the line under my eye though~ ; A ;"" I think I still prefer the Clinique one best~ O x o! it's light, not as cakey and full coverage! * 0*! just wish It can match my skin tone~ ; A ;"" Actually~ I barely know how to use makeup!XDD!!! so that might be the problem O 3 O;;

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My 16th Birthday!! :D!

I am finally 16 years old!X3
To celebrate~ Me and My friends went out to Karaoke! X3
It was suppose to start at 6pm...but My mommy got stuck at work, swo I waited for my cousin to come and pick me & my friendo up
I feel swo bad~ ; A ; Swo probably at 7pm I arrived later than everyone O o!
Ah! ~~@ A @ !!!! I feel swo bad for my cousin who have to drive around the city X__X!
A pic with my big sis!X3
I really hate my bangs atm ; 3 ;"" it too thin and short...I told my mom
that I want it at my eyelids~XD but she said I look better with it thin and short
:cries: I guess Beggars can't be chooser ; A ;""
My bis sis took most of the pic!X3

Before Sat~ Thursday was the last day at school of the week, since Friday was a student holiday X3 My friendo Tife & Andy gave me these drawing! I luff it!!!!!!
They couldn't go Karaoke with us but it's okayie!X3 I'm so happy to have themo
as my friends!! X3!! And on Thursay A guest speaker from AI (Art Institute)
Came to my Language Art class and talk about the different classes in AI!
I'm in love! I want to go swo badly...but it's too expensive! XDD I think
it cost more than SCAD O A o!! Hopefully I can enter the Summer Program
this year before I go to California! X3
Swo cool! Tifa & Andy are great artist!!!! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href=""> That's me!X3!! Andy drew this one!! X3!!!
I am feature in her comic tooie! *dies*
They also gave me a cute Monkey balloon!XD While the
AI guest speaker was talking to us, they deliver the Ballon +drawing to me
during class! eeP!!x3 At that momento, no one knew about my birthday
ahah~ I didn't tell anyone~ LOL swo when it came, everyone in my class
sang happy birthday to me~ ahah! X3DD!
My Birthday Outfit! XD!I fold in my shirt, but during the party
I didn't care mucho anymore, and wore it as a dress! ^^
I bought that shirt like the day before my birthday~XD ahah!
I didn't have anything to wear ; 3 ;!
look at my messy room~X3
Ah yesho~ We wear Slippers in our house! ^^
I'm asian swo that's how we do it~XD ahah!!
Though some of my friends ( Some are asian) come to my house,
looking surprise when they see me where slippers in my house~ O3O!
Yay! Karaoke! Emily, Me, Julia,& Lorena
singing some song~X3
The Karaoke is great! X3 Big clean room and have tons of song!
Most are current day songs!X3
Langage ranges from English to Japanese!X3
The room have alot of cushion seats! * 0*! Also our microphone shriek
when we sing, swo we conclude that we should put our mic together because it create the sound?XD swo we have to stay separate ~ LOL
I moved to different places~XD And there are 3 big screen Tv in each corner~XD

I look like I'm on something~XD
sing sing~

My greato friendo singing!X3

Since Julia Have to leave early ; A ; ,We cut the cake!!
The karaoke party was suppose to be 6pm - 8pm but since I came
late I extend it to 10ish pm~ @ A @;; I'm sorry Julia!! ; 3 ;!!!

The cake is chocolate!!X3 It's weally good and moist! Before, When I bought a cake at Mozart
it was draw and tasteless ; A ; I'm happy everyone likie that cake! ^ 0^!

Ignore my face in the Background! Ahah!
I like how the cake look in the pic!X3

OOH! i'm so bad~ I'm smoking~XD
Clapping at the end of the B-day song!X3
Thankie everyone!!

After that i took Picture with every single person~XD

I look funny!XDD My buck teeth again - A -;;
This picture was when Me and my friendo were putting in the code for the song~XD
Me & Emily sang Japanese songs~XD But we couldn't read it very well ~DX swo it was much out of memory~ ahah!!
We sang Arashi,
L'Arc~en~Ciel , Mika Nakashima and some other song!X3
I was looking for M-flo songs but I couldn't find it~ I know it's in the book~ but maybe it's too big!XDD!

I look like a little kid~XD ahah!

Picture with everyone~

The guys!! * 0*!!

Heheh! Me& Lorena~ Peace YO! >:3!
Me and Emily singing Under the Sea~XD

Lorena singing!X3

About like 25 min before we go home~ My friendo Steven & His friendo, Kajima! ^ 0^!
I didn't know Kajima but he seem really nice and he got a great voice!
His hair is weally cool \- W -/
Steven was suppose to come earlier but i guess he was busy but I am happy to see him again!
I haven't see him since 9th grade year in Oct.!XD The story b/w him and me is for another day, but I consider him someone important~XD

He's weally nice! ^^ And before the Karaoke, he called me for the first time in awhile~ * w *!
We talked the same convo just like in 9th grade it brought sweet memories - w -
He told me he will just give me a kissu on the check and go home~ XD
But when he came, he look like he doesn't want to touch me ; A ; we barely talk in person when he came - 3 -;! It was all just talk i guess~X3D hehe! but i'm truly happy to see him again! X3

Joe & Michelle!X3 The cute couple!!!! Swo cute!!

Emily & Me! Presento!X3

a Shirt from Julia! it's cute!!X3
( I forgot to open present after cake swo I did it right before we went home!XD)

Michelle and Lorena gave me the two exact same card!XD
ahah!! i like shiny cards! * 0*/!

Reading Michelle&Joe's card out loud! they swo sweet ; W ;!

horay! i got a sketchbook! * 0* YESHO!

It also come with cool color pencils ( it have an eraser on it!! * 0*!!!)
and a new bag that I can design!!!! YAY!!

* 0*!! opening Lisa&Mindy&An's present!!

EEP!! Mindy gave me a cute Hello Kitty bag w/ cute stickers!! >:3!!
swooo cuuttee!!

The cute card, Mindy drew for me!X3!aww!
And the Hello Kitty blanket Lisa&An's gave me ; W :! I feel warm!!
I'm weally happy!! X3D
The balloon that An,Mindy&Lisa gave to me tooie!
The two cute couples!! X3!!
I feel like I want to be in a relationship, just like themo! X3!!!
The late comers singing! X3
The Kajima sings weally well!! * 0*!!
He's funny!!X3
:O! Steven won't let me take picture!XD
Man duet \(- w -)/!!!
Last Picture of the day! X3 It was around 10 ish pm when we got out!
....The karaoke place was EXPENSIVE!! It was $6per person/hr....and I calculated that it would cost around $110? Swo I brought turn out it cost $188!! O A O! i was like!
I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH!!!@ ロ @!! jOE AND LISA have to help pay for me :cries: I finally got a chance to pay for everyone...and I couldn't TT A TT!!!!! I felt swo bad......!!!!! Next time I shallo find a cheaper place to Karaoke then ; ~~ ; but I like this one too!! The room was huge and the service was great!!!
The service guy was cute tooie!! o w -! I wanted to ask for a picture with himie, but he was busy tending to the customers! O3 O

hehe! but that was end of our night! X3 I hugged everyone again before I left! ahah!! I hugged alot..... \( - ~~ - )/
Steven needs to smile in pictures sometime!!XDD Even Kajima smiled!!

One of the best Bday i had!!!