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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve! ( * w * )!! catch up day!

*Long Post*
Happy Christmas Eve!X3! Can't believe tomorrow is Christmas ! * 0 *!!For just feel like another day.. i dunno why i'm not excited~ T ^ T''Even putting up the X-mas tree or seeing santa doesn't help~ :cries:Christmas shopping is no help either.. it just make me mad that couldn't buy anything for myself! ahah! But I bought for myself a new pack of Sakura Micron pens!! ( @ w @) Fumfum! And a white beret! ^ u ^ it was cute! I always wanted one! I think I will customize mine a bit! O W O)!
I've been drawing & going out a lot lately!X3!
( my comp/drawing desk is very messy! I just cleaned it recently! (o w -)b)
maybe I should label the pic!X3 * above my comp. screen, you can sorta see my small tablet! and on the left is two vertical shelves~ my webcam on the left~X3 and some thingies on the far left shelf!X3)
you can see my TagkiE account! I've been practicing with my tablet!XD!
but still I prefer traditional style~ ( - w -) you see from my sketchbook on the table!
I'm doing an art trade with one of my friend from Cali! she's swo cool! * 0*! You can also find her on DA! ^ U ^ I'm drawing her British Boy ( * W *)!

(this was taken a couple of days ago, it's actually 80% done now! ^ 0 ^! All I need is to design a Background!)I dunno why I made his expression like that... TT A TT;;; I use mix media? o3 o?? Crayola color pencils!XD Micron pens, Copic markers ( for skin tones) and Pris
macolor markers! ^^!! I am happy my marker coloring is improving! ^ 0^/ I have 3 more drawing to go! (^ u ^)!one for my Wonderfully Awesomie friend Anna! Another for my Friend Tu, a drawing of him and his Gf! ^ u ^)b! and a drawing for the guy I kindie still have feeling for... ( -___-;;) because he ask me to!X3D! * i'm not sure if he is serious or not! O A O;;;!!* i also need to start designing/painting a bag for my friend! ^ 3 ^;;; I feel like there isn't enough time!XD! hehe!
I also have to start on my cosplay~~~ m( __ __ ;;)m!
I'm going to MomoCon again this year!XD It's in March! ^ w ^) I know I won't have time during Feb + Jan to work on it...swo Winter Break is all I have! XD!
Even though I didn't enjoy MomoCon as much, but my friends are going swo I want to go!X3 Maybe it will be better?:3?? and no raining?XD
I'm gonna cosplay as Flonne from Disgaea! >:3D! I need to get a blond wig! X__x;; I dunno where to get it cheap (/; A ;)/!! I can't order it online either~ *swigh* but the cosplay doesn't seem as hard as other! ^ u ^)! I know how to do ruffles now from himehood ! ^ 0^)! I even have enough fabric, thought I need red silk fabric
also... ! ^ u ^ I think the only hard part is the bloomers because i never made one before~
; A ;! I don't think I will put wings ~ hehe!
sadly though..I will be a lone disgaea cosplayer!XD my other friendo are going as Sasuke (Naruto) , Soi Fong ( Bleach) , Zero (Vamp.Knights), and some other!XD!! hehe! we will be a mix group! X3 At first my friend proposed an Idea that we should all cosplay as Vamp.Knights ( i never watch it before, but I heard about it! ^ u ^) they wanted me to be Rima, but vampirte knights costume is hard to make~ ;A ;"" swo i went with Disgaea~
I hope we have fun! ^ 0 ^) v!(credited to Andi for putting all the pic together!! * w * / ~luff~)
oH! on Dec.19th~ ( see post before) I went to the mall with my friends to watch Avatar!
I thought it was an okay film! (^ u ^)b! the special effect were amazing & beautiful and the action scenes are fun! ^^ but that's all I like about it! The storyline was unique but it kind of remind me of Disney's film called Atlantis ~ ; 3 ;"" i kind of went on and off to sleep during the beginning, it wasn't my cup of tea ~ TT A TT but towards the end with
all the action i was very happy! ^ u ^! Action makes it fun!XD Though all of my friends thought it was a great movie! ^^ It even inspired them on their comic! X3
the mall after movie was fun too!X3 I didn't buy anything for myself again..X__X''
Brian bought a Plushie, from Suzumiya Haruhi (Brian really like that anime xD, i have not watch much of it @ 3 @;;)
GROUP photo! ^ u ^!!! the other group left early ~
I weally luff my friends! Thankie you for an awesome day!!!

I didn't go out much for a couple of days! ^^ I got my H1N1 shot yesterday! Like always..I close my eyes when I get shots~~ @ 0 @;;; i'm still a big baby~ :cries:
I went out with my friend Tu ! It's like my first time I get to hang out with a guy who dresses really nice and it a cool person! x3 and have a gf! ^ 0 ^ v!! We've only talk often on Facebook even though we go to the same school! XD! but we finally get to hang! ^^! I was kind of scared that I was going to be alone with him because I'm really boring person~ ; A ;'' i'm too quiet ~
he picked me up at 1pm! ^ u ^ we went out to eat at Sunos first! ^ u ^! the Sunos Employees are very purty! * 0*! the guy is hawt and the girl is purty~~ @ 0 @;;;
then we went out to Mall #1 first, but we couldn't find any store we like~ ; A ;""
and then went to Mall #2! X3D! Tu went shopping for his Gf!XD! he's such a sweet boyfriend! I want a boyfriend just like him! ahah!
Then after we went to his Work place where we get to play games for free!XD I couldn't beat him at any games... m(___ ___"")m *failed* I'm like the loudest one there!XD! ahah! I hate losing! X___ X;;; I weally had a great time! I wish I was more talkative and not have much small talk~ ; A ;'' i can only make small talk :cries:
hehe but it was a fun day! I wish I could have remember to take pictures! XD I even have a camera in my purse!XD!

bye bye for now~ Merry X-mas eve!!


♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

hmm..the cosplay is interesting and your character is pretty unique among the rest..vampire not is good..i am currently watching watch it OL just visit have yourself a nice holiday season! nice drawing esp. the coloring part! :3

pikaboo said...

oh thankie very much! ^ 0^!! you havea great holiday too!!!! ^ u^!!!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

..i love honey and clover so much..especially ayumi XD

glad you also like it!! XD