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Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am getting use to wearing eye liner to get ready for the Con and also life~xDD!
I think I look the same with or w/out it~ LOLXD! My mom does not let me wear makeup~~
@0 @;; I still wear it though ( only concealer & a bit foundation) ~~~ X___X;; she said I am too young... even 13 year old girl wear it!XD!

On Feb.12 Friday~~ were were suppose to get a 4 day weekend..but since the flood & snow occurred last semester/ the beginning of this semester...they took our weekend away... swo just a normal 2 day weekend~ ;~~ ;"" but that is not normal is that it snowed!! @ w @!! it snowed around 12pm~ and the school cancel all After school activities~~ including our Anime Club 's New year/Val. Day party~

Any who~~ During lunch today~ My friend gave me Daisy! ; W ;/! Beautiful yellow daisy~ and a hello kitty with Nail Polish and a drawing and a poem!! I was weally surprise!! O A O!! No one ever gave me flowers yet~XD I am very happy~~ I felt a tear coming down when he gave me it! He is swo sweet!X3!
I think because I told my friend, Andi, that I like Sunflowers that he got me yellow Daisy~XD
He must have read what I wrote to Andi on Facebook~ LOLXD! Still, very sweet!X3!

Here is the snow I took picture of on Friday!X3 It was around 3-4inch! I was swo happy!!
I didn't get to go outside to play with the snow until the day after (Sat.) X3!

I made more snowbears/rabbits!! @ w @!!! In total I made 6 snow animals!XD!
I couldn't post all of the pic on here though~ ; 3 ;/! sorry!
This snowbear, I named it Cone!X3
Right to Left:
Uno, Buni, Poko!
Uno was my first snow bear of Saturday~ It looked lonely swo I made is more friends!X3
But Uno and Buni seem to be more than friends?XDD?? I see a heart between nudge~ hehe! ( ^/\^)!!
the early beginning of building Uno friends~XD
I think Uno & Poko are my favorite!:3!
there is icicles hanging on my roof!!! @ 0 @!!!! I never seen them before!! That made me happy!
^ U ^/! It remind me of the Christmas Story ~XDD ahah

It was lunar New Year on Sunday! ^ v ^)/! it kept me distracted from the fact that it was Also Valentine's Day and that I am singo~ LOLXD! I went to the temple in the morning! ^ v ^!
the monks left out red envelope for the visitor! ^^ Inside them are lotto ticket! XDD! ahah! and your fortune of the future!X3DD
After that I went to work~ X3! I did one Manicure... X___X;;; but i did a horrible job! I like to do guy's hands the most because it is most easiest when cutting cuticles! XD!! plus I don't have to Polish ! - w -/! Just buff his nails~ hehe! The guy's hand I did, he was handsome! XD!!
We closed the shop early and came home to start my mom's "party" ^ v ^)/!
I did not know there will be little kids at my house....X___X;; i couldn't study at all because they took a liking to me...and keep entering my room...I don't have a lock...swo it was possible for them to go it!! ( TT A TT!!)

One of the little kids keep saying to me " Big sis what's this?.... big sis what's this? Big sis! Big sis what does this do? what's this? what's that?" ( @ A @!!!) I am the youngest in the family swo I don't know how to deal with little kids~ X___X;; they were cute when I first met them...but then yeah.....
I had to stand against my door with my APUSH textbook holding back the little kids trying really hard to force their way in... TT A TT)"" then they started to throw things at my door..i was weally scared that they might dent my door XD!! They were weally hyper....O__O;;; after the party....the mess they made was horrible X___X;; i end up cleaning it all up...ugh!
they said there will be snow again at 1am~XD I was hoping we will have school cancel tomorrow...but nope! TT A TT I was swo sad to find out my county was the only one open~~
-___-"' at least we won't have to make it up in March! ^ w ^ 4 DAY WEEKEND! HORAY!

I've been tagged by ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ at "25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about ME.At the end, choose up to 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you". (>w<)//
1. When I was little I want to be a teacher! XD!
2. I am currently working on my up coming Webcomic , Ram's Boy, a violent, weird, long, confusing, dark comic~~~ O 3 o/ stay tune!X3
3.I'm extremely BOY CRAZED! XD!! Even at a Grocery store, I would look around for cute guys~XDD! THE #1 SUBJECT I like to talk about! hehe~~
4.I'm a very picky person~ hehe~ X___X;;;
5. I like to drink Water, Orange Juice, Apple Juice & Fruit Smoothies~ No Soda!XD!
6. My dream height is to be 5'5" !XD! Just 4 more inches!! ; A ;//!
7.I giggled when someone say " Potatoes" hehe~ It sound funny!!XDD!!
8.My fav. American Celeb is Amanda Bynes & Johnny Depp~X3
9.I've never been kissed or had a boyfriend before ( I think it's icky~ !XD)! [Maybe he might be the one to do that?]
10.I like to play Tekken & Dynasty Warriors with my brother~XD!
11. I was inspired to play the Guitar because of Die from Dir en grey [ I luff them!]
12.Many people mistaken me for being a 12 year old/Freshmen~ XD!
13. My favorite shop to shop at is Forever21 ~
14.I Luv STARBUCKS! @ 0 @!!
15. i know how to cook a few dishes~ but i only know how to make asian food~XD
16. I hang out with girls more than guys...I'm not used to guys yet~ But I am doing good progress( How old am i!?!? O A O??!?)
17. I was an Otaku when I was in 5th grade and it ended at the end of 7th~ XD!
18. My favorite Popteen model is Kumiko Funayama! ( O W O she's swo cute!)
19. I have an obsession with bears/teddy bears~~( ;; @ V @)
20. My favorite school subject is Art & History! ^ v ^!
21. I tend to say " I'M SORRY!" OR "IT'S OKAY!" too much~ ; A ;)/ SORRY!!
22. If I were a guy... I would be gay~XD Because I like guys waayyy too much! XDD!!
23.I am a very forgetful person~~ TT~ TT I am sorry!
24.I believe in vibes/Auras ~ (/ - W - )/
25. I dislike ketchup & mustard & cheese.. except in Pizza!XD ( see! Picky~ - 3 - "")

I don't know who to tag~ ; A ;)/ Sorry!!! But feel free to do 25 random Facts, Anyone! ^ V ^)/
I don't know why..but it was hard thinking up these facts about myself... @ A @;;; I'm not a very interesting person~ ahah!XDD!

Monday, February 8, 2010

the 2 weeks I missed!XD

(Dayum, that's manly!XD)

I haven't posted in 2 weeks already~~XD!!
School is still busy as ever~XD
now that I have signed up fro the SAT, I need to study that giant book...

Last week I went to my friend's Birthday party! He is now 17!X3 He's very sweet and nice!X3
He's my rocker buddy ~ but he like American rock, I like Japanese~XDD We usually compare which one we like when we talk in class!XD He's an awesome friend! Happy Birthday Daniel!

Oh during the party~ We were in the basement and we were dancing ( I didn't dance because I have no groove!DX) we used those lights like in the Clubs~~ and we decided we need Glow Sticks, we fitted like 8 or 9 people in a van!XD ahah! we drove to the dollar store but it was closed :[ we were 5 min late ahah, then we drove all the way to Walmart! LOL! We end up getting those glowsticks for camping purpose !X3 ahah! we came back to the party...and we found out that the glowsticks were too bright ! LOL! hehe!! it was fun though! ^^!

I bought him a chain and drew him a picture! X3

And also~~ I received another package!X3 LOL!
it came in a day late but I'm still happy that I didn't get scam!X3!
Inside the package is.....

...My Pale Blond Wig that I order from Ebay! the store is called COSPLAYWIG
It's one of the first item I ever bought on ebay! I usually don't trust ebay sites~ But from the reviews on the Cosplaywig site seem very good!! (^w ^)!! Also less expensive wigs and many many different style wigs!
Thank you very much, Cosplaywig!!!
it took 2 weeks and one day for my wig to arrive from Hong Kong to USA~
It look like a fish!X3! The wig feel swo real!!! (O A O)!! it felt weird touching it~ but after awhile i keep petting the wig like a pet~ LOL!! :Creeepppyy~~: X3! swo soft!! ; W ;)/!
It cost about $45 total including shipping! ^^
I look weird in it though~ XD! I need to do something with my thick brow -__-;;
Also I will be wearing more make up then usual when the Anime Con comes! ^^
Eyeliner & false eyelashes! ^ w ^! Also a bit of blush & foundation!
I was planning to buy blue circle lens from my friend ( ^ 0 ^ ) v! but I'm afraid my eye sight will go bad.... X___X;;

We had a Sketchbook Assignment last last weeK!X3 I'm very happy of how it turn out!
We were assign to draw our closet!XD
My messy closet!X3

Starting off~~X3
I didn't draw all my clothes because i was too lazy~~ (X___X);;;

Finish! ( except for that little corner - ___-")!
It took me 3 hour~ But since I stretch out my time too much~~ I started at 3pm and ended at 12am~ XDD but if you add up the minutes ~ it was like 3 hours total!XD!
This was painful to do though~~ X___X;;;; I'm happy that my teacher liked it! she liked it A LOT! O A O!! she showed it to the class like 3 times!XD! I felt (O
* NOTICE the BANAO LOL! I made up everything on the upper top shelf!XD! And I did the same for the bottom of the closet... XD! I made everything into boxes! heeh!

Remember my Onion post?x3
My Onion ( I never get to name it~ T ^ T) it grew!!!\( O W O )/!!! Omg!!
I was surprise!! X3!! it's swo cute!! The oddest thing mommy put onions in every room of the house....and mine is the only one that grew
; 3 ;)?
heheh!! it's swo cute!x3! I am sad that when I lift the onion up.... the other side of the onion was wet and squishy....X__X;;; it is rotting?? Swo I have to throw it away...and my mommy put a new one in! it look the same as the first one!XD
( we're wasting onions..I'm sorry!!)

There is a lot more to post!X3!! Like a special news that happen on Feb. 7.10!! Something that made me extremely happy~~ hehe!! Will post soon!! ^ v ^) o~~