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Sunday, August 30, 2009

i FAILED...and crêpe?!?

TA~DA~ XD I wishie i could put it in motion~@ A @;; it's the cup I painted on my previous Blog ( Big sis's birthday!X3) it turn out pretty cute!XD i justo wishie the pink didn't turn purple though~ ; ~ ;" oh well~X3!
I finally finish all but one on the webassign~ It's all thanks to my friendo Julia! ^ 0^!
she help me through most of it~ ; A ; and i couldn't help her ; ^ ; i feel swo dumbie!!!
I can't seem to do anything by myself :cries: i'm so dependent .... - 3 -"" I hope on the next web assign or another chapter/lesson i will understand and help my friends in AP PHY! ; A ;!!
LOL!!!XDD that's depressing....using my blog to write about my failure~ LOL X___ X ;;

the good news is that i am almost done with ch.5! ^ 0^! HORAY! now i need sketch book + HAT Cards~ yIPPEE~

OH! i have also tried
Suno's Strawberry crêpe!X3! it was huge! I can't believe i ate it all by myself~XD it's very yummy! But I wish the pancake thingy was soft~ ; A ; this one is like a crunchy~XD but i guess the reason for it to be hard is to hold up the ice cream and stuff~x3!

THE PICTURE DOESN'T MAKE IT LOOK GOOD~XDD this was taken when I came home with it ~XD i ate it during the way home @ 0 @;;!

Bye bye~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

it's 12AM!XD

XD! I found I have a program called" PhotoGear Studio" it's so cool~XD "purakurish~"
AND i mess up writing "A" & " I " because i couldn't control the mouse~XDD sorry!!!
it said " Amai!"
@ A@ ;; today I spent my day doing my Web Assignment for Ap Physics, it's hard... ; A ;"
I only DID 3 out of 10 questions~XD all three was from the help of my brother and my best guy friend's brother~ ; A ;"" i need to learn how to do it myself i guess....but i can't even find the average speed!!! @ A @;;;holy moly... i am really slow~~~~~~ m( __ __;;)m

I have like an AP Us. History unit test and an AP Phy test on the same day ( Thur & Fri)
Wed is my sketchbook about high contrast and keys drawing, Tues is Webassign due, HAT CARDS ( for ap us history) due on Thur. Chapter 5 due Tues. UUGGH~~~~~ HOMG.....even if these assignment give us time to do them.....we still get more workin between -A -:: i can't concentrate on doing daily work with due date work~XDD ahah~ that sound like an excuse~XP!

that's it for my boring post/blog~X3!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

complaing about school!

I am suppose to do homeworko righto now~
but i am fustrated because of Precal & Phy! XD! it's the only two subject i don't quite understand!
; ^ ;/! i took my firsto quiz in Precal on 1.1 -1.2...i thinkie i got the domain + range wrong...- A -""
ah!! X____ X!!! i always have trouble with D & R! @ ^ @;;; i also have trouble with graphs...
b-but i am happy that i am not the only one with the trouble!! ; W ;!!!
swigh....but during the quiz....- A -"" whenever i yawn...a small burp would come up!!!
OMG!! O A O!!! why am i the one who always do nasty things when it's completely quiet?!?!- 3 -""
*embarrass - /// - *

oh! today is also the due date for our firsto skecth book! ( see "ah...trees - A -"" blog) i finally finish my bones one~ but i sorta finish my tree on as well!XD! i just didn't draw all the the leaves..; A ; swo one side is like ful of leaves while the other side seem dead!XD ( a classmate of mine mention that to me!X3! heheh! ) but i am happy i got an 98 on it!! X3!!!!! YAY!!! my tree turn out fairly good i guess~ XD!! ( will post pic. late on)

And today in 2D Design~ Anna ( my friendo from last year in Chem) drew an ammmmaazzinng picture of the bone! it was shaded very well!! O 3 O!!!! everyone in class was talking about it!XD! it "pop - out" the most! X3!! she is weally good with shading!!!! * 0 *!!

Any who~ i am waiting for my brother to get home swo he could help me~ ; ^ ;"" I'm getting dependent on my brother again..but i really hate asking himie for help - A - I AM TOO SLOW TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HE IS TALKING! i bet a regular person could understand pretty well,but i am swo slow..... ; ~~~~~ ;"""

i hope i will finish my lab swo i won't let my team down!! DX! we do alot of labs and teamworking alot in Phys...maybe that's why it's AP - 3 -""

Monday, August 17, 2009

aah~ treess... - A -""

aah...My first Sketchbookie assignmento is due on Wed..
We have to draw a tree with foreshortening technique... we have to make a drawing of how a tree would look like if your looking up to it ~ @ A @;;;
I'm never tried different angles except left & right~ XD!
swo it's difficult for me~ XD and i am unsure if she want it BIG or like how it would look like in a camera picture~ @ A @;;;

Today i finish all my homework @ 7pm!XD! my first time since school started!X3!LOL!
and when i was about to go out and draw ( the sky look gloomy brown but it was still bright)
a storm hit - A -""" the rain may look pretty.....but WHHY!?!?! ; A ;!?!? why couldn't it rain when the sky was dark?!? or next week!?!?
I have horrible luck! XD!
swigh~ ; A ; the news cast say it's gonna rain all week... - A -"" why is the weather like this!?!?
one week sunny, then the rains alll~~~ i just have horrible timing..i blame myself i guess~ ' ^ '/!

I'm glad i took pictures of the tree before it rain~ @ A @ ;;;

oh! here is a small doodle i made in my agenda! XD!
it's a angel? o .o? it's a SOMETHING! ^ 0^!
when i drew this, i was thinking of a scene~ and that guy just happen to see it ( that's why he look shock! O A O! )...
or just the shock of how the little notes on our agenda is not very funny?XD... it says :" ALL GENERALIZATIONS ARE FALSE. " but i like how my school try their best! XD it still made me smile weirdly.. O 3 O;; those little notes are on every page!XD!! AHAH!

*NOTE: his hair is being blown by the wind~ XD that's why his hair is like that! ^ 0^! sorry ; A ;!! i've been posting alot lately~XD *

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ART! (`・ω・)ノ BY MOI!!!!

Hello! XD it's early in the morning at 11am~ i just woke up an hour ago!XDD hehe
^ /\^ it's feel good to sleep in~ but tomorrow is school again~ ; A ;""
( my school started on Aug 10. DX!)
My first week was pretty normal~ O 3 O;; most of my friends are in my classes except LA & Precal... - A -:: All my teachers are wonderful and nice!!! ^ U ^!!!
the only thing i hate is waking up at either 5am or 6am - A -;;;
i still don't sleep early~ XDD i sleep around 11:45 - 12am~ :cries: I'm bad... ; A;""
I get caught in chatting again! @ A @; bad me X___X

Anywho! today, after i woke up, i cleaned my bathroom!XDD ahaha!! it was very dirty!
\(≧д≦)/ ;;;;;; Now it's all clean! - w -! *shines* Now i am doing my homework and then wait for my brother to pick me and go buy art supplies for my 2D -Design class! ^ 0 ^ i don't want to use my money ; A ;
I have to earn it again m( ___ ___;;)m ( LOL)

THIS is drawn on cardboard ! LOLXD i like thickness - w -! this two are my OC from my comic: RAM'S BOY
they are demons! XD i don't know if i should explain the whole plot... O 3 O... too long!
( ;; ・ω・)...
the guy in black: WENTZ
the guy with red : uh...unknown!XDI haven't decide on the name yet!XD but he is a distant relative...VERY DISTANT!!!( 0 O )/!!
I use copic markers + prismacolor marker + white gel pen! XD


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Month of July of 2009 ( - A -"")

CONTINUATION:* NOTE: most pictures are Lisa's! ^ 0 ^ ! *July:
Work + reading a well-written educational horrid US HISROY book...
for summer reading in AP US HISTPRY (a.k.a APUSH X3!)hahaha!
spent entire month and one week to finish this's like have small font...- A -""
It's call Founding Brothers :The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph J Ellis
it's not a bad book it's acuatully very good...but for a 15/16 year old who have no interest in US's sucha boring book! You know how teenagers are! X3! well some!XD
If i was an adult, i wouldn't mind reading it!XD!
but for pete's sake!XDD it's summer, who would want to read it when there is something better to do! (*´д`*)eee~~

July 3 was also my big sis birthday! ^^ I spent the whole day with Lisa,An ,Tham, Mindy, & michelle ( / ´V`) /★~It was weally fun!XD we went to a lake and float on floaties on it!XD it was suppose to be about 2hr long at leasto...but it took more than we excepted! heheh ^ / \ ^!after that we were suppose to go rock climbing but we reach the shores too late swo we postpone it~ and instead we went to paint pottery! XD!I painted a cup! ( An & Tham no paint ; ^ ;)
Lisa did a bunny!X3
Michelle did a teddy bear!! :3!!and Mindy did a plate!! :DD!!
we didn't finishie at that momento~XD
But before painting ( sorry, going out of order~ ; A ;"") we have cake!XD!! BIG SIS CAKEO!!
at firsto i thought it said " yummy brithday!" but it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY!
it's strawberry shortcake!X3D!

after that we went out to eat! ^^ it's a weally cool restaurant somewhere in downtown Atlanta, they have live music and it's really urban like setting! X3!! swo coolie! it's all grown up there ~ we're the only group that is young!XDD ahah!! Michelle's Bf (joe) and her cousin ( Anna! ^ 0 ^) met us at the restaurant too!^^

Me, mindy, and Anna ordered chicken! we couldn't finish it all because they gave us the WHOLE Chicken ( not too big but not too small ^ 0^v minus the head + insides) and it was spicy~
@ A@;; the bathrooms are weird too!! XDD!! it look like one of the staff room swo it took time to figure it out!XDD I feel bado for not help paying~ ; A ; An + Lisa paid for it all~ ; ^ ;""

Driving backo home ( it was 10 ish or 11pm ^ 0 ^) Downtown atlanta at night is always beautiful! X3! i don't go often even though i live pretty close by!XD! An drove me an Tham backo home since he live close to us! ^^ While Lisa drove Mindy home! ^^ Michelle went home with Joe and Anna! ^ 0 ^ /! JULY 3 WAS WEALLY FUN! X3!!! I love hanging with them! !!

July 4th~ i spent anther day with lisa, michelle, and Mindy! ^^ we need to finish our paintings! ^^ me, mindy and michelle finishie! ^ 0 ^ but lisa justo need a bit more! ^^ it will be done the next week! ^^Currently righto now~ Lisa already pick em up! X3 I can't wait to meet my big sis again! ^^

After that ~ at night we lite those sparkler...but i was some how really irratated for some reason and also my older brother couldn't start the lighter!XDDD ahah!

here is my brother~ XD

Long tim no post!ヾ(o'―^o)/

Sorry for not posting~ @ A@;;
I am too lazy to post~ and i know i will make a looonnngg post!XD!
I will try to atleast make a small and simple post with pictures for now on ;A ;!
But this one doesn't count!XDD next time!! - w 0!
I don't know where i left off though! XD i have alot of unfinish post in my "List of post" XD
Heheh ^ / \ ^ I'll start with summer!
School ends for 08-09 was May 20! ^^
Recap of summer: I did nothing but work, draw, and read summer reading books ( -DIES-)
Worst summer i ever had!XD ahah

For the month of June :
Work+draw mostly! ^^! Read my first summer reading
( we are only require to read on but it's recommanded to read 2 for LA -.-")
I went to savannah for a couple of days for my cousin's graduation! ^^

Oh where i work, there is a Nail place two shops down~ XD the owner is my boss's brother- in -law and sister's shop! ^^ Sometime when I work there was this tall guy with neck length hair walking by~ i only saw the side of his face swo i told my mommy about him , she told me it's the boss nephew! * 0*! she said he is not handsome and skinny.. O 3 O"" even my boss told me that!XD and they say he is a bad boy/not very bright?O.o...
I like skinny guy!X3DD but not skinnier than me! and he isn't! ^ U ^! that's good!
but the smart issue......i don;t know, i don't really care as long he doesn't do drugs!XD
i never clearly saw his face....o 3 o...because stupid me always try to avoid it @ A @;;
but i don't thinkie he is my type of guy~ ; A ; i don't see him anymore since my mommy quit her job there! XD! don't worry! ^^ she got a new one now!

Because i don't like very very long blogs and if someone see the length of it....they might no want to read it!XD ( but even if it's super short, no on will read my blog still!XD it's kindie boring! LOL) I'm going to post what i did in July on the next post after this! ^^!!