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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Month of July of 2009 ( - A -"")

CONTINUATION:* NOTE: most pictures are Lisa's! ^ 0 ^ ! *July:
Work + reading a well-written educational horrid US HISROY book...
for summer reading in AP US HISTPRY (a.k.a APUSH X3!)hahaha!
spent entire month and one week to finish this's like have small font...- A -""
It's call Founding Brothers :The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph J Ellis
it's not a bad book it's acuatully very good...but for a 15/16 year old who have no interest in US's sucha boring book! You know how teenagers are! X3! well some!XD
If i was an adult, i wouldn't mind reading it!XD!
but for pete's sake!XDD it's summer, who would want to read it when there is something better to do! (*´д`*)eee~~

July 3 was also my big sis birthday! ^^ I spent the whole day with Lisa,An ,Tham, Mindy, & michelle ( / ´V`) /★~It was weally fun!XD we went to a lake and float on floaties on it!XD it was suppose to be about 2hr long at leasto...but it took more than we excepted! heheh ^ / \ ^!after that we were suppose to go rock climbing but we reach the shores too late swo we postpone it~ and instead we went to paint pottery! XD!I painted a cup! ( An & Tham no paint ; ^ ;)
Lisa did a bunny!X3
Michelle did a teddy bear!! :3!!and Mindy did a plate!! :DD!!
we didn't finishie at that momento~XD
But before painting ( sorry, going out of order~ ; A ;"") we have cake!XD!! BIG SIS CAKEO!!
at firsto i thought it said " yummy brithday!" but it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY!
it's strawberry shortcake!X3D!

after that we went out to eat! ^^ it's a weally cool restaurant somewhere in downtown Atlanta, they have live music and it's really urban like setting! X3!! swo coolie! it's all grown up there ~ we're the only group that is young!XDD ahah!! Michelle's Bf (joe) and her cousin ( Anna! ^ 0 ^) met us at the restaurant too!^^

Me, mindy, and Anna ordered chicken! we couldn't finish it all because they gave us the WHOLE Chicken ( not too big but not too small ^ 0^v minus the head + insides) and it was spicy~
@ A@;; the bathrooms are weird too!! XDD!! it look like one of the staff room swo it took time to figure it out!XDD I feel bado for not help paying~ ; A ; An + Lisa paid for it all~ ; ^ ;""

Driving backo home ( it was 10 ish or 11pm ^ 0 ^) Downtown atlanta at night is always beautiful! X3! i don't go often even though i live pretty close by!XD! An drove me an Tham backo home since he live close to us! ^^ While Lisa drove Mindy home! ^^ Michelle went home with Joe and Anna! ^ 0 ^ /! JULY 3 WAS WEALLY FUN! X3!!! I love hanging with them! !!

July 4th~ i spent anther day with lisa, michelle, and Mindy! ^^ we need to finish our paintings! ^^ me, mindy and michelle finishie! ^ 0 ^ but lisa justo need a bit more! ^^ it will be done the next week! ^^Currently righto now~ Lisa already pick em up! X3 I can't wait to meet my big sis again! ^^

After that ~ at night we lite those sparkler...but i was some how really irratated for some reason and also my older brother couldn't start the lighter!XDDD ahah!

here is my brother~ XD

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