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Sunday, August 30, 2009

i FAILED...and crêpe?!?

TA~DA~ XD I wishie i could put it in motion~@ A @;; it's the cup I painted on my previous Blog ( Big sis's birthday!X3) it turn out pretty cute!XD i justo wishie the pink didn't turn purple though~ ; ~ ;" oh well~X3!
I finally finish all but one on the webassign~ It's all thanks to my friendo Julia! ^ 0^!
she help me through most of it~ ; A ; and i couldn't help her ; ^ ; i feel swo dumbie!!!
I can't seem to do anything by myself :cries: i'm so dependent .... - 3 -"" I hope on the next web assign or another chapter/lesson i will understand and help my friends in AP PHY! ; A ;!!
LOL!!!XDD that's depressing....using my blog to write about my failure~ LOL X___ X ;;

the good news is that i am almost done with ch.5! ^ 0^! HORAY! now i need sketch book + HAT Cards~ yIPPEE~

OH! i have also tried
Suno's Strawberry crêpe!X3! it was huge! I can't believe i ate it all by myself~XD it's very yummy! But I wish the pancake thingy was soft~ ; A ; this one is like a crunchy~XD but i guess the reason for it to be hard is to hold up the ice cream and stuff~x3!

THE PICTURE DOESN'T MAKE IT LOOK GOOD~XDD this was taken when I came home with it ~XD i ate it during the way home @ 0 @;;!

Bye bye~

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