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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

complaing about school!

I am suppose to do homeworko righto now~
but i am fustrated because of Precal & Phy! XD! it's the only two subject i don't quite understand!
; ^ ;/! i took my firsto quiz in Precal on 1.1 -1.2...i thinkie i got the domain + range wrong...- A -""
ah!! X____ X!!! i always have trouble with D & R! @ ^ @;;; i also have trouble with graphs...
b-but i am happy that i am not the only one with the trouble!! ; W ;!!!
swigh....but during the quiz....- A -"" whenever i yawn...a small burp would come up!!!
OMG!! O A O!!! why am i the one who always do nasty things when it's completely quiet?!?!- 3 -""
*embarrass - /// - *

oh! today is also the due date for our firsto skecth book! ( see "ah...trees - A -"" blog) i finally finish my bones one~ but i sorta finish my tree on as well!XD! i just didn't draw all the the leaves..; A ; swo one side is like ful of leaves while the other side seem dead!XD ( a classmate of mine mention that to me!X3! heheh! ) but i am happy i got an 98 on it!! X3!!!!! YAY!!! my tree turn out fairly good i guess~ XD!! ( will post pic. late on)

And today in 2D Design~ Anna ( my friendo from last year in Chem) drew an ammmmaazzinng picture of the bone! it was shaded very well!! O 3 O!!!! everyone in class was talking about it!XD! it "pop - out" the most! X3!! she is weally good with shading!!!! * 0 *!!

Any who~ i am waiting for my brother to get home swo he could help me~ ; ^ ;"" I'm getting dependent on my brother again..but i really hate asking himie for help - A - I AM TOO SLOW TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HE IS TALKING! i bet a regular person could understand pretty well,but i am swo slow..... ; ~~~~~ ;"""

i hope i will finish my lab swo i won't let my team down!! DX! we do alot of labs and teamworking alot in Phys...maybe that's why it's AP - 3 -""

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