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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello Summer! ( ' u ' )

Helloo! ( ^ v ^)/ No more school for me!! The last
day was on Wed. June 26th! So happy!!
I was suppose to spend the last day with my friends ( the froggies)
but Andi & Tifa fell ill and the issue with brian isn't good either...(-__-;;)
So I decided not to go, since it would be pretty awkward...
But I felt really bad, since Brian didn't know we cancel the meet up...
ah, it's my fault, but I thought he didn't want to know me anymore, - 3 -;; and
I thought someone already told him ( = A = );; Everything was a whole mix up! eheh!
soooorrryyy!!!! ( TT_____ TT)|||

But I'm such a bad friend, after canceling I decided to go with my other friends to
the Yogurt place again~ O 3 O;; ( but at that time i didn't know that Brian didn't know about it being cancelT ___ T sorry again!) Swigh~ - x -;;) Actually, the Froggies were okay with my canceling but since I can't contact Brian, he's the only one that I cause trouble for ;^ ;
i am so sorry!!!

But yeah...I got to hang out with Nimi, Susan, & Kira!
We went to the cute Yogurt place, then out to eat at a Chinese restaurant,
then to a park and finally to the outdoor mall! (^ v ^)/ all this place was pretty close to my school! On finals day, our school let out at 11:26 am LOL X3 swo we spent long fun hours together! SO much funn!!!

I finally got a good picture of the Yogurt there! ( ^ v ^)!
I always get the same fruits...eheh! Kiwi, Mangos & Strawberries!XD

We walked around after that! ^^
we picked out painted pottery XD
Dirty mirror, but it's what I wore! XD
I don't have another shoes ( ;___ ;) i want new ones!XD
Then we went out to eat at a Chinese Restaurant! ^^!! One of the workers is cute! @ v@)!
I ordered Orange Chicken, I didn't know that they made it with pepper, swo it's spicy
( ;___ ;) I no like spicy ~ but it was good! ^^! then to lose the weight we gained~
we went to the park! ^^ we played on playground!

( I look like I am pregnant in this pic~ XD )
Kira is a senior! ;__ ; She gonna graduate this week!! Even though
We just met this month! I am veryy thankful for Susan since she introduce me to you!
You are a really fun person! I hope to hang with you more in the summer before you go to college!!! ( ^ - ^)

Went to the outdoor mall later~ There were so many people
from my school there! ahah! XDD All in which I knew! X3!
we went to Barnes & Nobles~ ^ v ^ i ran out of money, swo I couldn't get
my beloved Frap~ ( ;____ ; )! Kira & Susan bought be this bear!! ( ; A ;)
OMG!! Thank you sooo much!!!! It was a total surprise!XD! I always come to Barnes& nobles
with them and I always play with this bear!XD they told me to look for more bears for them, I thought they wanted to play with bears with me! ^^ so i left to get more bears!
when I came back, i didn't see them at the table! o.o! I found them at the cashier with that bear!! ( * 0 * )!!! I thought it was for Susan's little sis, but it turns out... it was for me!
( O_____ O )!!!! aaahhh! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!
they used up most of their money to buy it, I felt sooo bad!! ;___ ;)
I will cherish this beanie babies bear ( it's name is WOODS)!
we came home after that though! I weally have a lot of fun! ^ v ^)/!

Saturday is my big Brother's High School Graduation!
And I finally got my plane ticket! ^ v ^!! I will be going to California
on June 5th instead of June 6th! XD! hehe! glad the flight is at night instead of the morning~
(@__@;;) SAT in morning! XD

Bye bye for now! ^ v ^)/ gonna post more now since no school!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wow! 4 more days!

Hello! ^^! I seem to notice I do weekly post now!XD!But that will change, once Summer break comes!X3
I find blogging a great stress reliever! Hehe!
Oh! I am loving my new clear sunglasses I bought after the AP Physic Exam!
I brought em' to school and I told people I have to wear glasses now!XD hehe!
( ^/\^) they were fooled by the TANIA! buwahah!
It's only 4 more days till school is over...Can't wait, but i rather not spend those days doing finals.... ( __ __;)

This is my brother. This is him sleeping. This is him sleeping in an funny position!
( ^/\^) hehe! I was playing with Honey ( my winnie the pooh bear) and i found my brother sleeping on our coach!XD My brother hates my teddy bears!XD He use to punch and abuse them when he sees them ( ;___ ;)
So I decided to place my bear to look at him while he sleep! Ahah!! it's looks kinda cute funny!XD! my brother.....

On Last sunday~ I went to work and then went grocery shopping afterward! ^^!
I wore shorts ( not too short and not too long shorts) and some what high scandals of some sort~ @___@ ;; We went to two different grocery ~ and when i went to another one after the first one, i felt awkward walking in shorts now~ one of the grocery guys whistle at me ( like the whistle in the those cartoons) and when I walk by another one, they said something in Spanish to me O___ O;;;) I wish I took spanish to understand what they said to me.... I weally hope they where doing those stuff for the person behind me or something! It was just shocking to me and awkward ! ahah! I felt swo self conscious afterward ahah!! XD!

Afterward, I went to White windmill! I love that bakery!
Not only for the pastry, or the how cute the shops look... but for the employees!
LOL!! for some reason, there is always a cute guy employee there ( - v -)/ make me
eager to go everyday to buy something there just to see them! ahah!
And whenever you walk in~ they would say " 안녕하세요 ! "!! hehe!! ( ^/\^)!!

Anyways~ the one I went to ~~ I just enter and grab this cookie/bread thingy ( I don't know what's it called ;__;)
I didn't try and look around for any of the employees!XD!
and when I turn around, there was this tall handsome guy asking me if I am ready!
He look like Eli from U-KISS but with glasses!!! O v O)/ very good looking! ahah!
heeh ( - v -)/ he gave a smile at me like three time! What a charming employee! !
hehe! Actually, everyone in the shop is very good looking!XD The girls & guys! ^^!
I wanna work in a bakery cafe now!! ( - v -)!!
( the bread/cookie thingie I bought! I adore it! My friend introduce it to me, now I am hooked! hehe )

I drew G-Dragon for my one of my best friend in Cali!!
We did an art trade like last winter? ( LOL) and i finally finish or started the drawing this week...
omg..I'm swo slow! But I am glad I am able to draw it for her now! ( b ; v ; )b
Sadly though... it doesn't look like G- Dragon... at first when I started drawing him, he look
like Yoseob from BEAST ( ahah!XD), then i changed it again and now it look like Light Yagami ( Death Note)

First Process! ^^! I starts with eyes first!
Finally, a finished Drawing!! X3!
Swigh... Raito...I mean G-Dragon.. ( ^ V ^;;)
It look okayish but I wish it would look like GD ahah! I use a reference picture for his face, but the rest I made up! X3 Oh but the hat was something GD wore! ^^!
I didn't shade his face because I know I will mess up! hehe!
Again, I did another fur jacket heheh ^ v ^!! i dunno why, but I find it attractive when guys wear fur jackets and stripes!

I hope to draw a better version!! ( - u - )! Also, I've been wanting to draw a Umi ( Vistlip)
hehe! He's one of my fav. member! I want to practice my realistic style!! @ v @!
But I still like my anime style! it's weally fun to do!X3

Next week - FINALS!
Monday ( Precal & French)
Tues ( APUSH & Art)
Wed ( LA & AP PHY) - Last Day!! - Hang out day with the froggies!
Sat - My brother's Graduation & Dinner!

Friday, May 14, 2010

8 more days! (@___@)

I cut my bangs recently to get ready for California!
hehe..though, my daddy haven't confirm it yet that he booked a flight though...
swigh~ He does thing at the last minute, like me...*disappointment*...

I've been really lazy after AP exams...
swigh~~ ( T____ T) school is taking too long .... but the good thing is that this whole 2 weeks we will be on block schedule~ Which mean, only 3 classes per day and each for 2 hours! ^^
2 hour class isn't bad! XD, usually the first hour we learn or review, then we do whatever we want!

Last firday was the last Anime Club Meeting! XD!

While preparing the party, my friend let me try on a traditional Indian garment!
it's so pretty! ( * w *) she just learn how to wear it and she did it for me!X3
Our club member bought us cake! it was swooo good, so soft ugh~~~ ( X v X )
Overall the party wasn't as fun as we had on New Years.... the club members were loud than before but I didn't mind it, I'm too use to it now! XD LOL! but my friend Brian was weally upset by the members ( -_____ - ")he should have known that
the members would act like that, he's been there since day one....I don't see why he needs to get mad/depress about it anymore...
Last picture! Cabinet Members only! XD!
We will miss our president, secretary, and Tech Manager!
( ;___ ; ) I hope next year we can improve the club with a new president!
Sadly, I don't think I will be joining the club...having 5 AP classes and probably a job in Senior year will be hard on me... ( ; ^ ;) i'm the type of person to slack off and be stressed easily ahah! but I will help out with the club if they need me ! ^^!

BTW...Isn't this cute!?!? LOL!, one of few picture I drew that I admit that is cute!
Ahah! I love drawing my littEl bears.. ( - v - )
Please ignore my horrible level 2 french ahahah! it a layout out of what I wanted to say for my speaking final! we have explain the steps of making food, I choose Waffles!X3
(I don't know why Blogger uploaded the picture sideways.. ; __ ;, on my computer, the image is horizontal...dun know what it's like this here..)

Ahah! if you notice, the bear gets fatter in each block ahah!XDD it's cute though?o v o)??

in other news....I Love U-KISS! I've listen to them when they first debut because Kevin & Kibum was in there!X3 but I haven't update with them in awhile but I always listen to their latest song! I feel slow for just noticing but I didn't know they had a new member! ahah!Kiseop!!He so cute and shy! ahah!X3 he's one of my fav member now! But Kevin is always Number 1!
I'm gladd U-KISS is getting more fans now! ^ v ^)/ they are a talented bunch of cute boys! hehe!
( V )// ♥

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm a shoujo girl! ( o w o)b! Ap Ap Ap Ap

DONE WITH AP EXAMS for me!! Yay!
I took my final AP Phy exams today!
only like 10 people from my school were there and a whole bunchies of other people were there! A LOT!
A lot of Koreans too! XD ( not trying to be racist, just pointing things out sorry ; 3 ;)
And surprisingly, there were cute guys! ahah!! XDD!
it was okay, I guessed and left few blanks for multiple choice
For the Free response, i completely left 2 question blank... ( ; A ;)"
swo i did 5/7 question! XD
then afterward I went to the mall ( which was close by the testing place)
I bought clear lens sunglasses, a long sleeve, and a skirt! XD!

the Day before, I went studying at Barnes & Nobles on Phy!XD
there were people studying for it too! (O__O!) I met my friend Cynthia there, just getting something to drink! X3! she took picture of us! :D!! swo glad to see her!!
my hair look soft in this pic ( - w - )

For AP US His exam~!! Ugh... I was swo bad, only did 30ish Question!!
our of 75!! (X___X) but the free response was easy! X3
I just hope I can still get a 3 ( T___T) highly doubt, but gotta keep hope, :cries:
The test ends at 11:45ish swo we have the option of going home or go back to class ( since the exam was taken at my schoolXD) I choose to go home and go eat some FROYO with my friend! >:3!
I should have took a pic of it earlier but I forgot too~ and halfway eating the yogurt, i remember to take a pic....( T___T) the Froyo place was weally cute! I wanna take Hiro to this place one day for a date! hehe! ( b o v - )b

I've read this quite some time ago, And I LOVE IT!
It's a shoujo Manga, but it doesn't follow the foot steps of the typical shoujo manga!
The art is great(extremely cute) and the storyline hooks you!
I am rooting for N & A! ( read to find out what me talking about! hehe!)
It's about a Girl name Ninako, who fell for a guy named Ren!
Same ol' beginning, but as you read along it gets interesting!
I can't clearly explain the story because I think I might spoil it! ah! oh no!
it's better to just read and find out?XD? sorry ( ;___;)
I showed this to my friend, and now she is hooked on it too!!!!


Good night! Have to go back to school again after 2 days of absence due to AP exams~
(swigh) ~ (TT______ TT).....

P.S: I GOT MY LICENSE! YAY!! I pass with a 95%! XD