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Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm a shoujo girl! ( o w o)b! Ap Ap Ap Ap

DONE WITH AP EXAMS for me!! Yay!
I took my final AP Phy exams today!
only like 10 people from my school were there and a whole bunchies of other people were there! A LOT!
A lot of Koreans too! XD ( not trying to be racist, just pointing things out sorry ; 3 ;)
And surprisingly, there were cute guys! ahah!! XDD!
it was okay, I guessed and left few blanks for multiple choice
For the Free response, i completely left 2 question blank... ( ; A ;)"
swo i did 5/7 question! XD
then afterward I went to the mall ( which was close by the testing place)
I bought clear lens sunglasses, a long sleeve, and a skirt! XD!

the Day before, I went studying at Barnes & Nobles on Phy!XD
there were people studying for it too! (O__O!) I met my friend Cynthia there, just getting something to drink! X3! she took picture of us! :D!! swo glad to see her!!
my hair look soft in this pic ( - w - )

For AP US His exam~!! Ugh... I was swo bad, only did 30ish Question!!
our of 75!! (X___X) but the free response was easy! X3
I just hope I can still get a 3 ( T___T) highly doubt, but gotta keep hope, :cries:
The test ends at 11:45ish swo we have the option of going home or go back to class ( since the exam was taken at my schoolXD) I choose to go home and go eat some FROYO with my friend! >:3!
I should have took a pic of it earlier but I forgot too~ and halfway eating the yogurt, i remember to take a pic....( T___T) the Froyo place was weally cute! I wanna take Hiro to this place one day for a date! hehe! ( b o v - )b

I've read this quite some time ago, And I LOVE IT!
It's a shoujo Manga, but it doesn't follow the foot steps of the typical shoujo manga!
The art is great(extremely cute) and the storyline hooks you!
I am rooting for N & A! ( read to find out what me talking about! hehe!)
It's about a Girl name Ninako, who fell for a guy named Ren!
Same ol' beginning, but as you read along it gets interesting!
I can't clearly explain the story because I think I might spoil it! ah! oh no!
it's better to just read and find out?XD? sorry ( ;___;)
I showed this to my friend, and now she is hooked on it too!!!!


Good night! Have to go back to school again after 2 days of absence due to AP exams~
(swigh) ~ (TT______ TT).....

P.S: I GOT MY LICENSE! YAY!! I pass with a 95%! XD

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wow..!ill try reading that!! :D

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