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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ahh School started again@___@;;; & aRT

Hello!! School started for my on Monday Aug. 9 @__@;;
ugh!! it's only the first week, but I already hate school!
I would love school, if it wasn't soo early in the morning ( - A - )!
I love my new teachers! They are nice!
And I knew most people in my class so I was less shy, except for my Intro to Fashion marketing class, I know zero... X__X;; but the teacher is really nice :3

A couple weeks before school started, I went out with my "brother"'( Koki) and his friends!
We went to this huge game place with racing karts,arcade, a bar and rock climbing! It was fun! I never hung out with people like them before! They are alot of fun! I laugh alot. Mostly I hang out with girls so having alot of " asian gangsta-ish " guys around was really different. and most of my guy friends aren't like that XD Completely fun! I came home around 1am! I was like the only "korean girl" in the group LOL!!!

Here's a group picture. Me and my Asian Squat... LOL.... so unlady like DX!
I look left out in the group, because I am Ahahah! I'm very shy, compare to them ( ; A ;)""
the guy next to me is really cool!! X3!! He remind me of TaeYang ( well not in this pic, because he's wearing the helmet cloth thing, so you can't see his hair!) I think he's cute ahah!
sshhh, don't tell Koki this ahahXDD
I don't think Koki know about my blog hehe!, actually most of my friends don't know i have a blog XD

YUP! super fun night!
Before the week of school started, i work like forever on my 3 out of 5 pieces@__@;;;
the one i did was a self portrait i have to make that looks like a CD cover.
Another is a landscape ( ink or graphite or prisma for the medium, I choose ink!XD)
and make 4 postcard, anything you want :DDD

First the self portrait, it's my first using prisma in awhile O.O;;
in process!
50% done! ( I showed it to my Art teacher, she told me to put more flowers all over the page
Ov O)
it doesn't look like me thoughXDD!! I think the girl in the pic look prettier!ahah XDD
Next is the postcard!I don;e know why but all my 4 cards are music related XD!

Unfinished in here ( this is the old pic, I actually finish this already! hehe)
It doesn't look realistic as I hope for.... kind of disappointed in this one..I don't like it much.
but it's my first time watercoloring skin tone! I really enjoy watercoloring how heh!!
My ink landscape! XD Though I did it vertically @__@:;; I like it! But i need to make the foreground darker! So it's unfinish at the moment, and i left the side walk blank so i need to do that too!@___@;;; These all are just previews of my pieces XDD

On the first day of school, I only got 2 hours of sleep because i was trying to finish the inking piece! ( - A -)!!!!
Bye bye for now!!! There seem alot to do this year!
I hope my senior year would be fun!!!! hehe!

ah! I need to put this link on so i can access this during school! So please don't mind the link XDD
it's my horrible collage i need to print out at school @__@;;
apparently they can access Blogspot XD

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ah! So sorry!! ( @ ^ @;;) Finally Back

Ah!! Hello! Sorry, I've been... well out...Alot ( -___-;;)
Well, right now I am back in Georgia... Since June 21st Wed.
Sigh, I wish I was more active in posting my adventures in California,
In total I have like 500+ Pictures.. LOL... it's gonna take a long time to recap.
And knowing myself, I am it will take a long long time!
I might even give up half way and start on my current adventure :O!!
non! I must continue with my Cali Adventure! Heheh!, sorry it might bore my
readers ;___;"" But please bare with the boring post (TT ^ TT);;
I use my Blogg as a public diary now because I got too lazy bringing my mini sketch bookto doodle/write in, dunno why though O.O;;;
I will also post my mini sketchbook sometime when I have time to scan! ( ^ 0 ^)/
it's all about I guy i "stalk" LOL kinda pathetic ahaha!!
Anyways~~ Coming back from Cali...I really miss it! I'm glad my two most favorite people
in California; My Daddy & My Bff Annie; was there to see me off... I cried when I was the at the security checking place. I could see them waving at me..( TT____ TT) I stop at Phoenix, Arizona~ I waited for an Hour because my flight got delayed O 3 O;;; but Glad there is Wifi at the airport! ( ^ w ^)/ I stayed there and loading parts from Hi,My SweetHeart, So that I can watch it during the flight :DDD!
During the flight, I end up sleeping...and sleeping..... I only watched one full episode... ;___;""
yeah, came to GA at 11pm~~ @__@;; carry two heavy luggage, with no help..I didn't have money on me to get a cart ; A ;"" and my mom got me going back infroth different number entrance (@__@;;) it was soo tiring...
Plus, whats worse, when I got was FREAKISHLY HUMID! OMG! it remind me of Asia sooo muucch!I was like " WHAT!??! AM I IN ASIA!?!?! O A O!?!?!?" goodness...Hate Georgia's weather...
I couldn't even breathe the air....;___;""
yup, back on the way home, My mom got a new car while I was gone! :OO!!
so now my older brother have my mom's old car, while i get my brother's car..LOL...
i'm gonna have alot to clean up with my "new " smells like coffee/soy sauce... ugh..
i'm gonna cute-tify it ! ;3

yupppperrss!! That's it! ( ^ w ^)/ oh! When i came home, my house got remodel-sorta-ish!
LOLXD I like it! >:3 But now I found out I only have 2 weeks left to finish
-3 art piece( I just got one done today:3D) [AP ART] Maybe for 4 days?
-6 sketches in Sketchbook [AP ART] must finish atleast in 2 days
-A HUGE AP Bio packet (@__@;;) [just found out this week...WTF?!!?]
must finish at least in 5 days
-Finish Catcher in the Rye w/ Annotation ( ^ w ^)/ must finish in 2 days
that's not enough ; A ;"" OMG.......

Yay! that was a a kind of Short post...ah..i'm not sure if that is short (; ^ ;)"" hehe!

OH! And my recommended Shoujo Manga of the week is!!!

By Takano Ichigo
the same mangaka of Bambi no Tegami :3
credit for for providing the summary [ since i can't explain well ; ^ ;]
"While loitering in the park, Shimana Kameko, who intended to run away from home and skipped school, meets a suspicious man in a kimono. This man, who had been locked out of his house, offers Shimana a place to stay. However, he requests she fulfill three conditions in exchange for her tenancy!?"
Like i alway say " It's better than I expect it to be!!" O w O)/! HEHE!
I love the art and also the storyline. The mangaka use a lot of current trendy clothes & style for her characters ^ w ^!
it is about romance and I can somehow relate to the main character! hehe! Plus it's funny!! I love panda guys! So cute! [ read to find out what me talking about XD]

bye bye for now! ^ v ^)//! school starts on Aug 9th~~ (:cries:)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel ( o 3 o)/

Hello! ( ^ v ^)/!
Today I am posting about a Laneige product! ^^
My first product review! :3 ( i'm not sure if it's a good review , but it's worth a try !)
I don't do this usually, but I just love this product!! @ v @!
I bought it recently because my friend and I heard about it. (we're very naive LOL)
It is the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling gel ( like the title said XD)

Well, after founding out about it, the next day we rush to
THE AMORE. Where they they sell Korean cosmetic! ^^

It cost $20 for one 5.1 FL OZ
There was also other Langeige product there! ^^
They gave us free sample of their Laneige Water bank line!

Here is what the Peeling gel look like! :3
So the purpose of the gel is that it removes
dead skin cell from your face!
It leaves it smooth and clean after you wash it off!
on the box it said " Cellulose Peeling and Enzyme Peeling"
"Step 1: Cellulose peeling removes dead cell build- up through the specific
action of cellulose.

Step 2: Enzyme contained in the red capsule clears away dead cells buried
deeply in the skin."

How to use it, it's simple!
Squeeze it and get a nickel sized amount of the gel! O V O
It have a very wonderful smell! Literally, the smell of strawberry Yogurt! XD
You can see the little strawberry seed in it too! ( O A O)!
Oh! You apply this on to dry face! So No need to wet your face ^^

The spread it on your face & start massaging in into your face!
As you start massaging, you will see clump of dead skin cell forming on the surface! :O!!
(as you can somewhat see below at my unattractive picture ^/\^)

After 1 minute of massaging, wash it off! wee~~~ and done!
Oh! For me, after I wash it off, I would apply a toner! ( ^ v ^)
Your face will look cleaner & smooth, like it said on the box!

It's a great product, I really recommend this for everyone!
I think $20 is a good price for this product! Plus you use it once or twice a week! ;DD
It does give you the result you wanted! At first, I didn't really believe that the thing peeling was your skin cell O.o.. it sounded weird and fishy~ But whether or not it's the dead skin cell,
It really work wonders to my face ( ^ V ^)v Even my friend's parent tried it.
Her mom laugh at the idea that it peels dead skin cell away, she didn't believe it either.
But after she washed her face, she come running to us telling how her acne was less red and how her skin was much smoother & whiter :O!!!


Though the one thing bad is that it's messy XDD!
As you start massaging more and more,
the clumps start falling, so you should have a towel
underneath while doing it, just in case! ^^

( just a picture of me after I want to MAC, and their make up artist help me try out some products! ^ v ^)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Purikuras~~ O 3 O

I want that bear( - A -)// It's my Bff's bear :cries:
Her Boyfriend gave it to her because he is call TBear so yup~~
ugh!! i want it! it's so cute!! So soft...

Heheh~ So I am still in California! and still going out everyday...
I wasted all the money I got when I first came here...:cries:
ugh..i have no money left, and i don't still wanna ask my dad...(; ^ ;)
Can't wait to get a job when i come back to GA!

Recently, I bought a top from F21.
it was $17! ^^
I know there are people who don't like F21 because of their bad
quality, but for me i can cope with it sorta XD
I can't order clothes online, for F21 is one of the few stores that
have asian style clothing^^

The left side shoulder have a bow :3

heheh! On Thurs. June 17th
I want back to the purikura place with my friends! ^^

Credit goes to SOPHIA for scanning!

The guy that work there, I thought he was cute! XD
We asked him if he can help us cut our purikura picture~
So while we wait, she ask me if I wanted a picture with him ~
XDD i said " it's okay !@ A @;;;"
When he came over after cutting, all of a sudden my friend ask him if we can take a pic with him!!
Ah! Oh MY!! XDDD I was like " HUH!?!?" O.O;;
me & Sophia end up taking a pic with him..( ; ^ ;)/
we looked weird in the photo, so Sophia asked if I could cover face XD
At least i have picture! O3 O but that's really creepy XDDD

that's all for today~~ More post about adventure in cali X3

Monday, June 14, 2010

First week Ova + Purikuras! [ A lot of Pic ]

First week in California is over! ^^
Thursday ( June 3rd) was the last day of school for my friends!
I came to visit them again! We were waiting for my friend to finish her Precal exam so we can head to Q-CUP!!! ( @___@ )// I live in that city for 4 years and I never visited Q-CUP and it was just right outside me house ( kinda)

And yet again, people still didn't believe I was Tania ( O 3 O);;

Then off to Q-CUP we cut through neighborhoods ( - v - )

(My friends hehe ^/\^)

from left to right

Anna's drink : Taro milk Tear, Sophia's drink: Green Apple slush w/bobas, Mine :Kiwi& Strawberry Slush w/ boba ^ v ^)

My strawberry Crepes!! (XD I forgot to take picture when it was still fresh '; ^ ;)
But yearh, there was Nutella, ice cream and strawberry in it..mmmm... swo good!

In Q-Cup, we just sit around and play card XD but that failed,
then we tried playing truth or dare but that failed too LOL XD
We just sat around and eat ! X3

Here is the whole gang! X3

I had a great time with my friends!! ( ^ v ^)/ can't wait to hang out again!!

On Friday, June 4th, I went with my BFF to watch Karate Kid.
She have to go with her Uncle& hi kids, so she ask me if I could come with her.
On that day originally, We plan to take purikuras ( ;__ ;) But it's okay we postpone it.

I didn't really wanna watch the Karate kid, plus it was the first day it came out, so A LOT OF people, mostly Middle school kids. We waited in line for one hour with those middle school kids XD I don't think we acted like wannabes back in middle school, I think ( ' __ ') Sorry, I'm not saying all middle school students are like this! Sorry ( . __ .;;) I meant the one at the theater were...; __ ;)but yeah, the movie from what i seen on the trailer didn't pique my interest XD

But boy was I wrong! I thought it wouldn't be fun to watch but it's actually
funny and a great movie! There is talk about about the title of the movie, believing it should be
Kung-fu kid instead of Karate Kid, but i don't really care, the title isn't the movie, it's just a name. The movie itself shoud be the only concern ( - A -;) though I can see why people would get upset since it have the same name as the old verison of Karate Kid O 3 O!

Anywhoo!! During the movies, my bff was giving me signals that I completely misread, because right next to her, a little kid ( probably 10-12years old?) was hitting on her! LOL!!
i thought she gave me looks about the movie, because we usually give each others faces when there is a funny scene XD but actually she was trying to tell me about that Kid!! sorry ( ;____ ;"") i failed as a friend...... but atleast now we have a phrase that we use if someone is hitting one of us LOL ( i don't think it will happen againXD but just a precaution hehe^^)
LOL! she said we look like day & night! LOL!
oh! it's because of the flash that makes it seem like we have oily faces!XD
so it's the flash!! @ 0 @)!!

Heheh! ^^ We have matching wallpaper! :DDD the one on the
left is my BFF & the one on right is mine! ^^

Things I bought on Week 1!

I bought this in Georgia actually, to wear in Cali! ^^ I really like it!
it have wedge heels!:DD just the way i like it hehe!

Then a trip back to Daiso! hehe !

I bought a teddy bear towel! ( * w *)
orange scented eraser & a headband thingy for when i wash my face O vo! or when I bathe!

On Sunday June 13th! We went Ice Skating!! :DD we went with my Bff's friend & her little sister ! O 3 O

That's David XDD

It was weally fun! It's been since 9th grade since I last ice skated with my bff!
hehe! FUNN!! XDD but the ice skates.. i put on too tight that it gave me a bruise around my ankles ( ;___ ; ) but still fun! hehe!

LOL on our way back home ^^

We drop David off at his house afterwards~ Then we drove to the mall! ^^
We did purikurassss!!>:3
YESH! FINALLY! ugh, so addicted to purikuras... I waited for 2 years.... to come back and do it again... Sadly, Georgia doesn't have a purikura place that i know of...
( ;___ ; ) so yeah... I spent 24 dollars on it! LOL!! ahah

My Bff didn't look when I took pic XD, My hair look really dried in this pic O.O..
( lately, I've been a camera skank... -___-;;, sorry!)

One of the machines! ^^)!
It's been awhile since we're done it so, the first purikura machine we tried.. we failed XDD
we design all the pictures, but we ran out of time to look for the picture format..and
dumb ol' me press something and it became one huge picture and the rest of the picture we took as tiny tiny ( -____ -;;)

Working on purikuras :3

This one is mine! X3

(I couldn't read the Japanese text X___X ;; on the purikura picture)
The finish product! ( sorry, i don't have good scanner ;__ ; )
but this is the one where I messed up on.. that HUGE picture ( -__-)
all the decorating for nothing XDD

This one is my fav! XD sorry if it's hard to see~~

Hehe! At the cash register, they were selling cute picture holder as cell phone charms!!
(* v *)!! it was 2.99! ^^ so i bought the packet! it's cute hehe! but whoever design the charms isn't so bright...the string is too short that it can't even fit the picture holder through
- A -!

Somehow we manage to do something to make it work XD
luckily for me, my hello kitty charm have a hook so i just hook it on to mine ( - v -)!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello from California! ( ^ v ^) [long post]

Lol. That's a weird pic of me~ Kinda scary to look at now XD
Hehe! But hello ! I am in California! (^v ^)
Currently living at my step mom's ( which I didn't know exisited till June 2010!?!)
My dad doesn't tell me anything ( -__ - )

The flight to Cali was only 5hrs. but it felt very short hehe! I saw snowy mountains still!!
I felt very happy there was still sunlight because usually on these
flights its always dark ( ;__ ;) hehe! I saw a lot of beautiful sights on the airplane!
( ^ v ^) I drew mostly and sleep XD! I didn't wear any make up so I look very tired
(@. @)

I went out everyday since I came to Cali! ^^!

Sunday~ I went out to eat Bru nchwith my dad & step sis
She LOVES hello kitty, so we are good ( - v - )b!
She took me to Saniro to buy more HK stuff! hehe!
I bought two cellphone charms ( ^ v ^)/
Then I finally get to met my BFF at the mall ( ; v ;) it was like a dream!XD
We called each other every week when we are apart, and to finally see her
again it feels weird and unreal LOL! XD
Two years ago when I came back to visit Cali, the first thing she said to me was
" You look like a boy :DD "
Now the first thing she said to me was " You're hecka pale!"

I went to Daiso ( ^ v ^) I love that store! So cheap and good XD!
I bought a blank card, stickers,Cute girls notebook, letter set, bottom lashes, a 2 set of false lashes and lash glue O v O) I haven't tried them yet eheh ^^;;;

Later~~ my BFF took me out to eat pasta!
We felt like adults ( - v -)two teenages going out to eat at a beautiful restaurant
alone with out adults~ heheh! And we even pay for ourselves! XD though we
fought who will be paying hehe it was a tough battle but I convince her that we split the bill!
O v O)

(pic: at the restaurant - v -) a leaf landed in my drink later on ( - ___ -);;

Sunday was a fun day! hehe ( ^ v ^)/! Monday
I spent the day going back to my suppose to be High School in another city!
O 3 O) i came to visit all my friends from middle school that went there! ^^!
I receive a warm welcome hehe ^^ I got tackle with hugs hehe ^/\^ I miss my friends sooo much! it wasn't awkward at all hehe they still treated me the same always~ ah luv~!!
then my friend started showing me around the school to look for more of our middle school buddies ( ^ 0 ^)/ ahah it so funny to see their reaction! this is how it usually go
me : Hi! the person: * Looks*( '__')? ..hi...? * continue to stare* -after awhile - "OOOHH MY GOSH!!! TANIA!?!? "
Ahahahah XD Swo funny!!
though some don't even remember me at all! XD but i don't quite remember them much
anyways XD those are the people who i barely talk with hehe!
ahah and I also been getting comment about " Omg! you look like a korean/japanese model!!"

But it was so great seeing everyone again! Alot of people change hehe!!
and the students at the high school have nice hair! XD

The next day~ Tuesday June8th~ I met up with my BFF
after her early release due to Finals!^^ She doesn't want to stay
home so I came along with her ~~ heh more adventure!!!
We meet up at the local mall again X3 she wasn't wearing makeup because
she was too tired from staying up till 4am ( ' ^ ') I brought my gel liner just incase! ^^
and she used it XDD
She took me to this really cool Froyo place!! Sooo many flavor yogurt!!
Froyo place are getting really popular now!! ( O v O)
we took our bought Froyo and she drove me to this romantic hill that you can see the whole city!!
Guys, you should take girls here on a date! ( - __-;;)
it's free and it's it beautiful XDD
Well it is cheap if going on a date, but it's soo romantic taking somone to see the city!!

We walk around the place later ( - v -)

My BFF~ She's so tall XD

The next romantic place she took me was another lake!! * 0 *)!!
Really beautiful here too! ( ; V ;)//!! Kinda wish I had a boyfriend to enjoy this ahah!
My BFF's boyfriend will take her here when he comes back from college XD LLUCKKYY

California is my favorite placee!!!! Ahaha!
I didn't even started much of my AP Art assignments~ except for coming up with ideas
for a concentration! ugh sooo hard~ I onlygot 2 so far! @__@;;;
My summer reading assignments have been going slowly XD I am reading Catcher in the Rye and I have to annotate it hehe! But it's a really interesting book! I like it!! ^ v ^

I'm thankful to have such caring friends!! On Monday night I found out something shocking
about the guy I like eheh ^^;;; but being able to hang out with my friends really gave me a quick recovery from the Shock ahah!! I have to give up on him even though he said he wants to give me a chance??? Naw, sorry i don't want to be someone's #2 ( -__ - ) I don't care how much I like him, I ain't gonna accept ! I'm only 16, I have many years to find someone who will make me their #1 (O u O)!! ahaha! My friends really cheer me up! hehe!
They told me " if we have p--ises , you will be in big trouble " LMBO aahah!!
I LOVE THEM! hehe!