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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ahh School started again@___@;;; & aRT

Hello!! School started for my on Monday Aug. 9 @__@;;
ugh!! it's only the first week, but I already hate school!
I would love school, if it wasn't soo early in the morning ( - A - )!
I love my new teachers! They are nice!
And I knew most people in my class so I was less shy, except for my Intro to Fashion marketing class, I know zero... X__X;; but the teacher is really nice :3

A couple weeks before school started, I went out with my "brother"'( Koki) and his friends!
We went to this huge game place with racing karts,arcade, a bar and rock climbing! It was fun! I never hung out with people like them before! They are alot of fun! I laugh alot. Mostly I hang out with girls so having alot of " asian gangsta-ish " guys around was really different. and most of my guy friends aren't like that XD Completely fun! I came home around 1am! I was like the only "korean girl" in the group LOL!!!

Here's a group picture. Me and my Asian Squat... LOL.... so unlady like DX!
I look left out in the group, because I am Ahahah! I'm very shy, compare to them ( ; A ;)""
the guy next to me is really cool!! X3!! He remind me of TaeYang ( well not in this pic, because he's wearing the helmet cloth thing, so you can't see his hair!) I think he's cute ahah!
sshhh, don't tell Koki this ahahXDD
I don't think Koki know about my blog hehe!, actually most of my friends don't know i have a blog XD

YUP! super fun night!
Before the week of school started, i work like forever on my 3 out of 5 pieces@__@;;;
the one i did was a self portrait i have to make that looks like a CD cover.
Another is a landscape ( ink or graphite or prisma for the medium, I choose ink!XD)
and make 4 postcard, anything you want :DDD

First the self portrait, it's my first using prisma in awhile O.O;;
in process!
50% done! ( I showed it to my Art teacher, she told me to put more flowers all over the page
Ov O)
it doesn't look like me thoughXDD!! I think the girl in the pic look prettier!ahah XDD
Next is the postcard!I don;e know why but all my 4 cards are music related XD!

Unfinished in here ( this is the old pic, I actually finish this already! hehe)
It doesn't look realistic as I hope for.... kind of disappointed in this one..I don't like it much.
but it's my first time watercoloring skin tone! I really enjoy watercoloring how heh!!
My ink landscape! XD Though I did it vertically @__@:;; I like it! But i need to make the foreground darker! So it's unfinish at the moment, and i left the side walk blank so i need to do that too!@___@;;; These all are just previews of my pieces XDD

On the first day of school, I only got 2 hours of sleep because i was trying to finish the inking piece! ( - A -)!!!!
Bye bye for now!!! There seem alot to do this year!
I hope my senior year would be fun!!!! hehe!

ah! I need to put this link on so i can access this during school! So please don't mind the link XDD
it's my horrible collage i need to print out at school @__@;;
apparently they can access Blogspot XD


~KawaiiParadise~ said...

Senior year is always so fun lolz ^^. Cute outfits and drawings
~XOXO Charlotte

Mei said...

I super adore your art talent!
Nice watercolor ^___^

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

wow~ you are really improving with your art~! what did you used in coloring your portrait..? i wonder why i dont have art subjects :/

RinFeiFei said...

oh dear we both having a same interest! I'm really into art too =D check out my deviant account at
I'm watchin' youuu dear~

Rui said...

Dear follower,
we're closing Star Club - Gyaru-o Blog
( soon!

Please follow my new blog Ruichimarukyuu

Thank you!

Btw: your pic is so cute *O*