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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ah! So sorry!! ( @ ^ @;;) Finally Back

Ah!! Hello! Sorry, I've been... well out...Alot ( -___-;;)
Well, right now I am back in Georgia... Since June 21st Wed.
Sigh, I wish I was more active in posting my adventures in California,
In total I have like 500+ Pictures.. LOL... it's gonna take a long time to recap.
And knowing myself, I am it will take a long long time!
I might even give up half way and start on my current adventure :O!!
non! I must continue with my Cali Adventure! Heheh!, sorry it might bore my
readers ;___;"" But please bare with the boring post (TT ^ TT);;
I use my Blogg as a public diary now because I got too lazy bringing my mini sketch bookto doodle/write in, dunno why though O.O;;;
I will also post my mini sketchbook sometime when I have time to scan! ( ^ 0 ^)/
it's all about I guy i "stalk" LOL kinda pathetic ahaha!!
Anyways~~ Coming back from Cali...I really miss it! I'm glad my two most favorite people
in California; My Daddy & My Bff Annie; was there to see me off... I cried when I was the at the security checking place. I could see them waving at me..( TT____ TT) I stop at Phoenix, Arizona~ I waited for an Hour because my flight got delayed O 3 O;;; but Glad there is Wifi at the airport! ( ^ w ^)/ I stayed there and loading parts from Hi,My SweetHeart, So that I can watch it during the flight :DDD!
During the flight, I end up sleeping...and sleeping..... I only watched one full episode... ;___;""
yeah, came to GA at 11pm~~ @__@;; carry two heavy luggage, with no help..I didn't have money on me to get a cart ; A ;"" and my mom got me going back infroth different number entrance (@__@;;) it was soo tiring...
Plus, whats worse, when I got was FREAKISHLY HUMID! OMG! it remind me of Asia sooo muucch!I was like " WHAT!??! AM I IN ASIA!?!?! O A O!?!?!?" goodness...Hate Georgia's weather...
I couldn't even breathe the air....;___;""
yup, back on the way home, My mom got a new car while I was gone! :OO!!
so now my older brother have my mom's old car, while i get my brother's car..LOL...
i'm gonna have alot to clean up with my "new " smells like coffee/soy sauce... ugh..
i'm gonna cute-tify it ! ;3

yupppperrss!! That's it! ( ^ w ^)/ oh! When i came home, my house got remodel-sorta-ish!
LOLXD I like it! >:3 But now I found out I only have 2 weeks left to finish
-3 art piece( I just got one done today:3D) [AP ART] Maybe for 4 days?
-6 sketches in Sketchbook [AP ART] must finish atleast in 2 days
-A HUGE AP Bio packet (@__@;;) [just found out this week...WTF?!!?]
must finish at least in 5 days
-Finish Catcher in the Rye w/ Annotation ( ^ w ^)/ must finish in 2 days
that's not enough ; A ;"" OMG.......

Yay! that was a a kind of Short post...ah..i'm not sure if that is short (; ^ ;)"" hehe!

OH! And my recommended Shoujo Manga of the week is!!!

By Takano Ichigo
the same mangaka of Bambi no Tegami :3
credit for for providing the summary [ since i can't explain well ; ^ ;]
"While loitering in the park, Shimana Kameko, who intended to run away from home and skipped school, meets a suspicious man in a kimono. This man, who had been locked out of his house, offers Shimana a place to stay. However, he requests she fulfill three conditions in exchange for her tenancy!?"
Like i alway say " It's better than I expect it to be!!" O w O)/! HEHE!
I love the art and also the storyline. The mangaka use a lot of current trendy clothes & style for her characters ^ w ^!
it is about romance and I can somehow relate to the main character! hehe! Plus it's funny!! I love panda guys! So cute! [ read to find out what me talking about XD]

bye bye for now! ^ v ^)//! school starts on Aug 9th~~ (:cries:)

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LiLY K. said...

you are so pretty *o* and i love your artworks. i'm really inspired to draw again! i love your art style too! its very real looking x)