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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello spring~~!

Bonjour! Ca va?

Sorry for not posting~ ( ; A ;)"" such a busy two weeks~~ @ 0 @)/!
I still Have to finish my MomoCon post that I went to two weeks ago!XD! But right now I don't want to finish the post right now~ TT A TT)""
Last week was Graduation Testing week~ Monday - LA, Tues- Math, Wed - Science, Thurs- Social studies~
LA & Math was surprisingly easy!! ( O A O)... Science....was...X___X);; i think i have to retake it again......Social Studies...unsure, but it was mainly about US History! O W O)b! they put like 4 govt. question in there, which I think is unfair since majority of Juniors did not get the chance to take Govt/Econ course yet!( - X -)"
Once that is over, this week we only have a 4 days of school! ( ^ W ^) Friday we have off, and it will be the starting of SPRING BREAK!! Yay!!!
(≧∀≦)//!! One more day!!!!! Yay!
Tomorrow afterschool~ I'm gonna walk with Andi& Tifa to get their haircut by my mommy~X3!
The guy I like is going to come too, he said he needed some new layer~! X3! I wonder how it will go though~ ( ; A ;)....I'm a bit worried~XD my mom and him......(
ノ .___ .;)

Oh Oh oh!! One night... very late~XD I have an urge to draw! it took me 14 minutes to do this drawing~ It's base off of a Men's Egg model~ I wonder who could that be? ヾ(o'―^o)??
It's Sawamoto Yukihide!!!~~

I was suppose to do a real life pic, but I end up wanting to do an anime-ish style to him!
He is my one of my Fav. Egg Model~~

( ♥ w ♥)///!! ♥
I Hope I drew him well enough~XDD
( he sorta look kinda evil in my picture with the smirk;A ;! just notice...)

Other news~~~~~
I accomplish my Flonne Cosplay~~!!Yay!
Now for AWA cosplay....I was think of Dynasty Warriors girl!
Da Qiao from Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce~!!
or Her older sister Xiao ! @ w @)//!
I'm still learning how to sew~ XD... I feel bad if my mommy keep helping me with most of my cosplay~ even though she said, once she gets sewing, she can't stop~ XD!!
Hehe~ Another picture I drew~
actually~~Me and my friends wanted to draw ourselves as the opposite gender~~
Swo I drew him! :D!
I always wanted super arch eyebrows or diagonal style~XDD and I have tons of piercing~
and a style hair~ but the picture doesn't show my exact dream hair if I were ever a guy~XD!
And if I was ever a guy, my personality was be the same ahah!(^ 0 ^)/But just a little bit cockier~ heheh! I would still luff teddy bear and alll those stuff~~ hehe!
Somhow he mind me...of those girly guys in Shounen- Ai/Yaoi manga??...LOL! or those girly shoujo boys~XDD

Sorry~~ I've been going from one subject to another~ ; A ;)""
Been feeling under the weather lately~XD At first I thought it was just allergies...but it turn out I have a cold ( T 3 T)"" I've been feeling much better though! ^ u ^)/ I hope i recovery as quickly as possible for spring Break!!
Oh! And i already layout my plans for Spring break! ( O W O)!!
Thurs - hair cut for friends at Mom's shop!
Friday - Dye my hair with my friend
Sat - Clash of the Titans (3D) at the mall w/ friends~
Sun - practice driving with my mom ( ' ~ ';;)
Mon - Friend's Bday ( ^ v ^)
Tues - Driving test ( ah! wish me luck! ; A ;)
Wed - study for phy & Apush?XD?
Thurs - Workout/play with friends at the Park~!
Friday - Sunday unknown~ (I think mostly study for those days ; A ;)
hehe! I get to go out a lot!! ( @ w @)!! go all out before massive studying and testing in April & May!
that's all for now~(/ ^ 3 ^)/\( ^ W^)/!! Momocon post will be finish soon! Stay tune!

Monday, March 22, 2010

MomoCon ( ´艸`) !!

Hello Hello! ( ^ u ^)
( sorry, I finally got to finish my momocon post, it's been a couple weeks since I went swo it's Extremely late post!XD!)

I had a weally fun weekend! Even though Now I am taking GHSGT!(georgia high School graduation Test) XD!
on March 20 is Momo Con @ GA tech! I slept at 1am-2am ish just to finish my Flonne Cosplay! X__X;; my mom help with most ! (X.X;;) I feel swo bad! She scolded me for always going the last minute~ Swo I deserve it ' ^ ');;
here is the finished product!XD!
I have only 5 or 4hours of sleep~ Since I have to wake up at 6am and get out the door at 8am!
I feel bad because my friends have to wake up earlier at 5am to get ready and come to my house at 7am to wait for me to get finish ( ; ^ ;)...sorrry!!!

Hehe! Off to MomoCon we go! My friend Brian was Sasuke (Naruto) , Andi was Orihime (bleach) and Tifa was Zero ( Vampire Knights!)
heh! they look great! ; W ;)/!!I was in a rush out the door to the car, swo I didn't take a picture of myself~ But Andi took pic of me for me though! Thankie!!!

My Clospay of Flonne~ ( I couldn't do the bow, swo I made an alternative!XD!)

Taken by Khalil! XD
After I finish with my lunch hehe! He ask for a picture!X3 I felt bad for not hanging with him much during momocon! ; A ;)!
Picture with Daniel! His camera have a very bright flash!
Swo glad to meet up with him!!
GASP! I can't believe I met her!! She was the artist I have admired since I read her webcomic back in Middle School!!!!!
I ask her if she had a webcomic, and she was "...." and then she remember she had an old one in Smackjeeves! I was swo excited because I remember her style!!! She is such a great artist! And she is very pretty & cool!!! @ 0 @)!!! I weally wanted to buy the Kyo pic she drew! the one you see behind her! ugh! I dislike being swo cheap! - A -") I should have bought some of her original sketches she display! @ 0 @!!! My friend Andi, bought a Shou pic she drew of him!! ; W ;)!!

There was santa at MomoCon too!! He told everyone he see " NAUGHTY!" hehe (^/\^)!
AH! it's Orihime!! This is Andi! luv luv!!!
She looked great!!

Miku!! Two Mikus of Vocaloid!!

She is cool!!! too cooolll!!! And very cute!

He was waiting in line, I couldn't help but ran all the way to him from across the Dealers Room to ask for a pic! One of the very few Anime I actually finished!XD!
From Soul Calibur ! My friend likes the girl on the left!XD
I remember her from her Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay !! ( ^ 0 ^)/!
And that guy on the Left was her Syaoran! This time he is cosplaying from Ghost in the shell!
they were cool!!( @ 0 @!!) skanking~ XD just sitting around~~ Momocon was really hawt... ( X__X;;)
I'm glad the weather god granted us good weather!XD all the other year, it rained, heavy storm and even tornadoes!

the cool naruto and my friend as Sasuke! ^ v ^!
My Senpai, Lansing!! She is Taiwan from Hetalia!
We ate Pizza hut after that! ^^ for some reason the pizza tastes really really good then normal~!XD!
After eating~ We walked around again~XD It was hot, around like 80 degrees?
I invited the guy I like ( Let's call him Lee! XD) into coming to MomoCon with us before~
It took me awhile for us to find him!XD! well, he found us first hehe! (^ v ^)v! I felt swo rude and stupid for forgetting to introduce my friends to him! ; A ;) so sorry! it was pretty awkward at the beginning but Brian talked to Lee swo the mood was less weird! hehe!
Cool people!!!! ( @ 0 @ )!! i dunno which anime it is though ; 3 ; looks familiar!
DIGIMON! Wizardmon!!!
She is very nice! ^ v ^)/! pretty salior moon!
LADDY GAGA! we yelled that whenever we see her!XD
EEP! code geass! ( * w *)!! they look cute!!
Lavi! Surprisingly, he is my friend's friend! O A O!
Hehe! Khalil with pedo bear! - v -) I took a few pics with pedo bear too!!XDD they told me to
pretend to pose as if I am running from pedobear~ LOL! I couldn't pose it right ~ ahah!
Kaito & Miku~~~ ( = w = )!!
Cool guy - w -)b He is also one of the friend of the new people I've met!XD!

Brian! ( ^ v ^)!!
Tifa had a headache ; A ;)/ swo she rested while waiting for the cosplay competition!
Yay!! More digimon! (* v *)!! oh! and I just notice that cute vest guy behind them too!
Coraline! ( ^ v^)
After The Cosplay contest, We went to the School's Food Court and ate~ I ate chik-fil-A~
I found out that the girl that hugged Lee, gave a drawing she drew of him and her phone number in the back and ask for another hug after the contest... LOL! Ahah! Lee was very creep out
( o 3 o;;)... He didn't know what to do~ swo he came up with a plan, he said he's gonna give a hug to someone and give it to someone, since it wrote on the note " Thanks for the hugs"! XD! one of our new friend told him to hug the cool guy with the white hair and mask ( see picture 5 pic above this for the guy ^ v ^) he was sitting at a table diagonal from us! He didn't want to do it now, swo his cousin , Ri. decided to do it instead of him! ahah!xDDD he came up to that guy and it was swo funnnyy!!! I wished I recored it!XD in the end, it turns out that white hair guy was one of our friends' friend! XD ahah! swo many connection!! hehe!
it was weally a fun day!(●´∀`●)/!!!
We came home at 11pm~ hehe~
He called me right after I got home~ Yay! I was happyy~ I really hope he's not bored when he decided to called me ( ; A ;)''I finally get to ask him the question that have been bothering me for awhile~ XD! I'm swo happy he answer them! ( ^ V ^)/ I feel a bit braver now~ Yay!
I think he's very cute & cool~ Happy Happy Happy~ I'm glad there wasn't as much awkward silence when we talk on phone! ( ^ U ^)V! VICTORY FOR TODAY!
He asked me if I was jealous when that girl hugged him, I said " yes" it was because I couldn't just run up to him and hug him, like she can~ Or give my phone number out to cute guys ~XD!I was jealous of her~XD
He also told me If I wanted a kiss, I should just tell him or at least give a hint...LOL!XD! I think I hinted it a couple times~ Lol But it was not swo obvious..; 3 ;)/ I actually didn't even think about kissing or holding hands~ i just wanted a long hug~ hehe! (^/\^)!
it was really fun hanging with him! I'm glad my friend like him!!!

So sorry for being swo late on finishing it!!! ( ; ^ ;)"

Friday, March 12, 2010

High School Art Exhibit!

Hello Again! ( ^ 0 ^)v!
I have SAT tomorrow..; A ;)! First time..I've took the PSAT 3 times and failed miserably...I think i only got under 40% !XDD ahaha! Omg.... I'm glad we have Friday off of school though! ^w ^! It's not much of a three day break for me..Since I have to study and do hw for these three days... I didn't study much for SAT..i think today is the first time I open that giant SAT study guide.... (- 0 -) swo far, I got a pretty good understanding of grammar and the essay! :D! Good Lucko to everyone who is taking it tomorrow!!! \( ^ V ^ )/!
busy busy busy...I hate studying swo much...but I do it everyday that it became a horrible habit.... next week I have to study for my graduation test, and in April I have to study for AP exams.... When will it end!?!? ( ; ~ ;)"

The Art Exhibit! ( ^ w ^)! - Art from my County's High school !!
I took a pictures of the one I like! ^ w ^)! But all the artworks in that exhibit are all goodd!!!
My High School have a lot of pieces up! I think ours was one of the best and biggest panels!XDD!

(from my school) This one is swo cool! It's done in American Comic style! If you look closely, you can see the individual dots!! ( @ w @ )!!

My greato friend drew this! Tifa!!!
(From my school)
Owah! Scratch board!! It's amazing!!
The pose and shading!! ( @ 0 @)!!!
- w -)/!! Swo cool!!!

These 4 pictures ( down below) is one of my fav! I weally luff it!!! The artist is weally amazing! I took pic of all the artwork she done there!

( Is that Ciel of Kuroshitsuji???!?!) cooooll!! ( X w X!)
ah! Lolitas!!
( O w O)////!! Wow.... all very creative!!!
Hehe!! My friend Steven drew this! X3DD!!
Ah! X3!!! I luff the splatter technique!
Ah! Even the paper is soft!! ( * 0 *!)
( - w -) I like colors!!!!! it's swo pretty!
Artist who done is did many wonder pieces! O W O) she goes to my school too!
ah! how cute! (from my school)
Ah! The artist is in my Drawing and Painting class! The emotion in this ; w ;)!
Hehe! I find this funny and cute!XD!
This is cute as well!!
O W O! magazines!!!

Compare to the others...Mine seem swo small....XDD!! it's not as Wowie! or great as theirs...
(o . o;;)

Here is my still Life of some culture items! ( ^ W ^)/! All done by one ink pen....
I like the horse the most!! my final for 2D design! We were giving I think 35 min or less to draw a still life of the kitchen appliances that the teacher display for us! Any style we want! ^^!!
I work best with Monochrome and in the pencil box.. there is mostly blues..swo I chose a monochrome of blue!XD
10 -15min of doing thumbnails and the rest to do the actual pic~ It was fun!XD
Everyone rushed through hehe! I scream " AHHH!" while coloring~ It relieved stress for me
( - w -)! in the looked okayish! XDD! But I am very very very happy that two of my works get to be in the exhibit!! ( ; W ;)!!! THANK YOU!

YAY!! ^ U ^! Thankie to all the teachers for making the exhibit!! Everyone worked very hard on their art work! ^ 0 ^)/ And I am very happy I get the chance to view them! My mom even close the shop and hour early just to come with me ( ; w ;) thankie !!♥♥♥