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Friday, March 12, 2010

High School Art Exhibit!

Hello Again! ( ^ 0 ^)v!
I have SAT tomorrow..; A ;)! First time..I've took the PSAT 3 times and failed miserably...I think i only got under 40% !XDD ahaha! Omg.... I'm glad we have Friday off of school though! ^w ^! It's not much of a three day break for me..Since I have to study and do hw for these three days... I didn't study much for SAT..i think today is the first time I open that giant SAT study guide.... (- 0 -) swo far, I got a pretty good understanding of grammar and the essay! :D! Good Lucko to everyone who is taking it tomorrow!!! \( ^ V ^ )/!
busy busy busy...I hate studying swo much...but I do it everyday that it became a horrible habit.... next week I have to study for my graduation test, and in April I have to study for AP exams.... When will it end!?!? ( ; ~ ;)"

The Art Exhibit! ( ^ w ^)! - Art from my County's High school !!
I took a pictures of the one I like! ^ w ^)! But all the artworks in that exhibit are all goodd!!!
My High School have a lot of pieces up! I think ours was one of the best and biggest panels!XDD!

(from my school) This one is swo cool! It's done in American Comic style! If you look closely, you can see the individual dots!! ( @ w @ )!!

My greato friend drew this! Tifa!!!
(From my school)
Owah! Scratch board!! It's amazing!!
The pose and shading!! ( @ 0 @)!!!
- w -)/!! Swo cool!!!

These 4 pictures ( down below) is one of my fav! I weally luff it!!! The artist is weally amazing! I took pic of all the artwork she done there!

( Is that Ciel of Kuroshitsuji???!?!) cooooll!! ( X w X!)
ah! Lolitas!!
( O w O)////!! Wow.... all very creative!!!
Hehe!! My friend Steven drew this! X3DD!!
Ah! X3!!! I luff the splatter technique!
Ah! Even the paper is soft!! ( * 0 *!)
( - w -) I like colors!!!!! it's swo pretty!
Artist who done is did many wonder pieces! O W O) she goes to my school too!
ah! how cute! (from my school)
Ah! The artist is in my Drawing and Painting class! The emotion in this ; w ;)!
Hehe! I find this funny and cute!XD!
This is cute as well!!
O W O! magazines!!!

Compare to the others...Mine seem swo small....XDD!! it's not as Wowie! or great as theirs...
(o . o;;)

Here is my still Life of some culture items! ( ^ W ^)/! All done by one ink pen....
I like the horse the most!! my final for 2D design! We were giving I think 35 min or less to draw a still life of the kitchen appliances that the teacher display for us! Any style we want! ^^!!
I work best with Monochrome and in the pencil box.. there is mostly blues..swo I chose a monochrome of blue!XD
10 -15min of doing thumbnails and the rest to do the actual pic~ It was fun!XD
Everyone rushed through hehe! I scream " AHHH!" while coloring~ It relieved stress for me
( - w -)! in the looked okayish! XDD! But I am very very very happy that two of my works get to be in the exhibit!! ( ; W ;)!!! THANK YOU!

YAY!! ^ U ^! Thankie to all the teachers for making the exhibit!! Everyone worked very hard on their art work! ^ 0 ^)/ And I am very happy I get the chance to view them! My mom even close the shop and hour early just to come with me ( ; w ;) thankie !!♥♥♥


Joanna said...

The first picture of you is so cute! ^_____^

pikaboo said...

Ah thankie!!! ;W :!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

konnichiwa pikaboosan o(^-^)o

i love your blog super big \(*O*)/

mind to be my friend??


Jewelry Artisan: Harjot said...

ooooooooooooh cuteness!!

pikaboo said...

Rabbito: oh! I would love to be friends!( ^ v ^)b! Your blog is cute!! thankie you!

Jewelry: Ah! thank you! ^^!!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kikiki~~ thanks o(^-^)o

anyway i have followed you already o(^O^)o

mind to follow me back?? (^_-)-☆

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

Wow, I love these pictures. I saw your drawings and you're very talented as well. How do you make such cute snow bear XD.Please check out my blog if you have time ^^

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kikiki~~~ thanks for being my reader ne o(^O^)o

lets be friends from now on XDXD

anyway, are you korean?? (o.o;; )

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kikiki~~ yup yup o(^-^)o

my mummy made the crab fillet into that shape so i would eat it XDXD

i hate seafood you know (;_;)

Anonymous said...

Wow that's amazing, you have so many talented artists attending your high school. Do you know any of them personally?

priincess said...

great stuff! i'm also an artist myselff..i study art in university! : )

pikaboo said...

Princess: thankie you! ^^!!
oh!! How cool!!!It's nice to meet a fellow artist too, hehe!!

Daphne:heheh ^/\^! oh yup! I only know a few of the artist personally, some are just people I see in the hallway or in my class! ^^!!

Rabbito: aww!! Your mom made those?! soo cute!!! heheh! seafood~~~