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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello spring~~!

Bonjour! Ca va?

Sorry for not posting~ ( ; A ;)"" such a busy two weeks~~ @ 0 @)/!
I still Have to finish my MomoCon post that I went to two weeks ago!XD! But right now I don't want to finish the post right now~ TT A TT)""
Last week was Graduation Testing week~ Monday - LA, Tues- Math, Wed - Science, Thurs- Social studies~
LA & Math was surprisingly easy!! ( O A O)... Science....was...X___X);; i think i have to retake it again......Social Studies...unsure, but it was mainly about US History! O W O)b! they put like 4 govt. question in there, which I think is unfair since majority of Juniors did not get the chance to take Govt/Econ course yet!( - X -)"
Once that is over, this week we only have a 4 days of school! ( ^ W ^) Friday we have off, and it will be the starting of SPRING BREAK!! Yay!!!
(≧∀≦)//!! One more day!!!!! Yay!
Tomorrow afterschool~ I'm gonna walk with Andi& Tifa to get their haircut by my mommy~X3!
The guy I like is going to come too, he said he needed some new layer~! X3! I wonder how it will go though~ ( ; A ;)....I'm a bit worried~XD my mom and him......(
ノ .___ .;)

Oh Oh oh!! One night... very late~XD I have an urge to draw! it took me 14 minutes to do this drawing~ It's base off of a Men's Egg model~ I wonder who could that be? ヾ(o'―^o)??
It's Sawamoto Yukihide!!!~~

I was suppose to do a real life pic, but I end up wanting to do an anime-ish style to him!
He is my one of my Fav. Egg Model~~

( ♥ w ♥)///!! ♥
I Hope I drew him well enough~XDD
( he sorta look kinda evil in my picture with the smirk;A ;! just notice...)

Other news~~~~~
I accomplish my Flonne Cosplay~~!!Yay!
Now for AWA cosplay....I was think of Dynasty Warriors girl!
Da Qiao from Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce~!!
or Her older sister Xiao ! @ w @)//!
I'm still learning how to sew~ XD... I feel bad if my mommy keep helping me with most of my cosplay~ even though she said, once she gets sewing, she can't stop~ XD!!
Hehe~ Another picture I drew~
actually~~Me and my friends wanted to draw ourselves as the opposite gender~~
Swo I drew him! :D!
I always wanted super arch eyebrows or diagonal style~XDD and I have tons of piercing~
and a style hair~ but the picture doesn't show my exact dream hair if I were ever a guy~XD!
And if I was ever a guy, my personality was be the same ahah!(^ 0 ^)/But just a little bit cockier~ heheh! I would still luff teddy bear and alll those stuff~~ hehe!
Somhow he mind me...of those girly guys in Shounen- Ai/Yaoi manga??...LOL! or those girly shoujo boys~XDD

Sorry~~ I've been going from one subject to another~ ; A ;)""
Been feeling under the weather lately~XD At first I thought it was just allergies...but it turn out I have a cold ( T 3 T)"" I've been feeling much better though! ^ u ^)/ I hope i recovery as quickly as possible for spring Break!!
Oh! And i already layout my plans for Spring break! ( O W O)!!
Thurs - hair cut for friends at Mom's shop!
Friday - Dye my hair with my friend
Sat - Clash of the Titans (3D) at the mall w/ friends~
Sun - practice driving with my mom ( ' ~ ';;)
Mon - Friend's Bday ( ^ v ^)
Tues - Driving test ( ah! wish me luck! ; A ;)
Wed - study for phy & Apush?XD?
Thurs - Workout/play with friends at the Park~!
Friday - Sunday unknown~ (I think mostly study for those days ; A ;)
hehe! I get to go out a lot!! ( @ w @)!! go all out before massive studying and testing in April & May!
that's all for now~(/ ^ 3 ^)/\( ^ W^)/!! Momocon post will be finish soon! Stay tune!


Yun Yun said...

good luck on your tests :] I have to study for my pre calc :/

pikaboo said...

oh! thank you! ( ^ W ^)//!!
Good Luck on Pre Cal too!!!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kekeke~~ i love your costume & drawings o(^O^)o

it looks so nice ne!! XDXD

anyway, just want to wish you~~
happy good friday & advance easter day to you~~!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

awww..your drawings are really nice as always :P keep it up ^_^

if you're ain't busy, pls. check out my latest post :D

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

OMG dynasty warriors girl?lolz I love her little sister *she's my character when I play it*. Cute rabbit ears btw ^^

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

i am busy lately~~ so...
sorry for the late reply~!

thanks for the compliment~~