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Monday, March 1, 2010

The little Birdy and the Clueless Cat ヾ(o'―^o)!

Hallo! ( ^ 0 ^)!
These couple of weeks was interesting! ^^ I got lazy again with my school work!
But I finally got that 80% in Phy!XD! but it will drop after that test Last friday...
(・__・).... swigh~ i was very happy while it lasted..I was finally able to catch up to everyone in the class ( ; ~~ ;)"" I need to stop chatting!!! >:O!

I don't think I will write the story about what happen last month with the guy I like yet~ i will find the time/space to do it!! Hopefully in the next next next post? Hehe! I'm not sure if it will work well or not with him...but I will still post, because it was really the happiest time I had ! ^ 0 ^)/! And i would like to look back and read what I wrote heheh ^/\^!

This week sketch book is to do a self portrait with animal feature!X3!
I thought I was screwed...because I never tried to draw a real person yet! ; A ;!
Ahah! I'm really surprise it actually look similar to my preference pic!XD

(Note: this isn't the end result of sketch! but just a preview!( =^ v ^=)
I like the eyes the most! ^ 0^/! I think the most hard part is the mouth X .X;;
At first, I wanted to be a rabbit (since my friend said I should be a rabbit!XD) but I end up making a mouse X__X;; I sorta look like a mouse anyways!XDD! Doing a cat will be too common also...swo I didn't do it T ^ T

My attempt to help a Bird story~(∋ε∈)/ (kindie long..)
On Feb 27. My mom was heading to work, but before that she pick up the mail. But the wind blew some of it away swo she have to pick it XD! While picking the mail up..she saw a dead bird, she wanted to give it a proper grave, but when she tried to pick it up ( using the advertisement from the mail, not her real hand!XD)
the bird moved! O 3 O!!! But it moved couldn't fly! ; A ;!
Swo she ran in and told me to help it! @ A @);;!! I freaked out and grab my Lacome box!XD
and grab some fabric and put the bird in there!

It was an American Robin!!! ( ^ 0 ^)!! You can tell by the color of it's belly! ^^!
it's swo cute!!! It slept most of the time and when it wakes up.. it try to run away...but it couldn't ; A ;! it fell backward.. it's like when you flip a bug on it's back and you see it struggling to get back up ; 3 ;"" I felt swo bad for it! TT ^ TT Later one I went to my brother's room and stole a shoe box!XP! Any who!! I wanted to walk to the Animal Hospital hoping they could help it ; 3 ;/! it's not far away though probably like 45min by walking? But I was worried the bird might try to escape and fall down ( i didn't have a cover for the Lacome box, and at that time I didn't know my bro have shoe box!DX) and it was cold... ; ~~ ;"" I end up calling my cousin if they can give me a ride or just drop me off half way, but they have work swo i decided to walk anyways.. but my cousin called back and told me their parents ( my Great uncle & Aunt ) can take me since they are going shopping~ they came to my house and drop me at the Animal Hospital.. it turn out they don't do birds... TT ~ TT I thought when they say " ANIMAL Hospital" they meant ANIMAL not only cats & dog & pets... I feel swo dumb and swo bad to waste my uncle's time X___X;;;
plus I was worried about the bird....; 3 ;//! I didn't know what to do...I didn't want it to die~~ I started to cry when i was waiting for someone to pick me up ; ^ ;) and when I turn around some asian guy was looking at me cry m(__ __::)m eep!!! How embarrassing!!!
I got home and began searching up Wildlife Rehabilitators numbers or places I could give the bird too~ ;A ;/! My mom suggest that since there isn't anyone who could take me places, I should just treat it my self~ but that's a big No No! ( @ 0 @!!) it's illegal and we have no knowledge of how to treat~~~!! I called several people and some are away, and some don't treat birds ( ; ^ ; ) But finally a nice man told me a person who will take it! ^ w ^!! But he lived like 30-40min away from where I live ( ;A ; )! I have no ride and plus I don't want to bother anyone...and most of my friends can't drive or they either have work!DX!
But with luck, my brother came home early today!! ( ;W ;!) he had an audition in Athens and drove for like 2hrs to get back home..He wa weally tired and was busy with scholarship stuff..but he said he didn't want the bird to die either swo he took the bird to the Wildlife Center!( ; W ;!!! ) He told me it's wing was broken, I thought it was it's leg since it walked funny too~ ; A ;! but Thankie Big Brother!!! ^ 0^ )/!! I hope the bird is okay now! ^ w^)/!

Here is the picture of the American Robin~ ( ; v ;) IT'S SWO CUTE!
It's sleeping~ heheh (^/\^)! cuuuttee~~

There is more that happen the past week! ^ w ^)! 2 of my artwork from 2D design got into my county's art exhibit!! ( O A O!!) I Felt swo happpyyy!!! o(≧▼≦)o!!!! It was my still life that did in ink and my final from my 2D Desgin class~XDD I went with my mom on the opening night!~ I was swo happy! I took many picture of the other art work! it's swo good! I will make a post of the exhibit with lots of picture ( - w -)! Next!

Oh! I forgot ! We did sketchbook collages at the end of the Semester of 2D design! ^ w^)!
It was really fun to do~ because we can do anything! But that is the hard part...since we can do anything it is hard to think of something... ( ; ~ ; ") I finished this like at 1-2am ish swo I didn't get to put alot TT A TT!

I couldn't think of what to do for the last page of collage..swo i did one about the splatter paint!X3! in the backgroud~ I pasted old receipts that for some odd reason, I kept!XD! I painted water color over it just to blend it in~XDD I dunno why i put receipts.. (・ ω ・)....

Rain Rain Rain~
the first page of the collage! (sorry it's out of order~ x3) this was very last minute~XD...
I quickly draw the girl~ I don't know why i design her like that~XD I think she is a model! ^^! this page is about my first few weeks moving to kept RAINING~~ ( X 0 X;;;) Rain rain rain rain~ Swo yup! ^^!! My mom came and help me paste and cut the rain droplets because it was really late around 1-2am ish~ ( ' ~ ';;) it's an okay page i guess~XDD!
xDD! I didn't know what to write in this page~ ' ~ ') since it is required to have a picture and some writing~ I wrote random things~XDD I mostly work on the picture on left! ( ^w ^!) it was fun!XD I couldn't think of a design for him to wear ( - A - ;) I didn't get to copy and print picture much~ TT A TT but i put one of the member of D'esparisRay ( from my Shoxx mag) XD!
SHOOUU!!! Shou's page! How I luff A9! I was trying to make his name a bit artsy..but I messed up! TT A TT!
I put Rainbows Lyrics in the background! ^ 0^/! And since the lyrics said
" The colors spread out like the feather of a peacock" I did peacock feather!! @ 0 @)/!
But everyone thought shou was a girl~ ' ~ ';; (LOL!)
I think Ruki's Page is my favorite! ( ^ 0 ^ )! we had the option of making stamps out of bad erasers! Hehe! I tried to make the stamps like Ruki's suit..but I made some of the cuts too thin~ ;~ ; and it broke! X__X But I am happy that it turn out okay! ^^ It look sloppy though XD it's not straight forgive me!!! ( TT A TT )/!! I wrote the lyrics of Chizuru ( I think O_O;;) in the background! ^^!! I didn't print much swo I end up leaving the page like this, but somehow it looked cool!XD

ah that's it for now! ^ w ^! Kind of boring post~ eheh ( ^ __^;;)


priincess said...

amazinggg scrape book! LOVEE THEM! <3

pikaboo said...

Ah thankie you!!! ; W ;!