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Monday, March 22, 2010

MomoCon ( ´艸`) !!

Hello Hello! ( ^ u ^)
( sorry, I finally got to finish my momocon post, it's been a couple weeks since I went swo it's Extremely late post!XD!)

I had a weally fun weekend! Even though Now I am taking GHSGT!(georgia high School graduation Test) XD!
on March 20 is Momo Con @ GA tech! I slept at 1am-2am ish just to finish my Flonne Cosplay! X__X;; my mom help with most ! (X.X;;) I feel swo bad! She scolded me for always going the last minute~ Swo I deserve it ' ^ ');;
here is the finished product!XD!
I have only 5 or 4hours of sleep~ Since I have to wake up at 6am and get out the door at 8am!
I feel bad because my friends have to wake up earlier at 5am to get ready and come to my house at 7am to wait for me to get finish ( ; ^ ;)...sorrry!!!

Hehe! Off to MomoCon we go! My friend Brian was Sasuke (Naruto) , Andi was Orihime (bleach) and Tifa was Zero ( Vampire Knights!)
heh! they look great! ; W ;)/!!I was in a rush out the door to the car, swo I didn't take a picture of myself~ But Andi took pic of me for me though! Thankie!!!

My Clospay of Flonne~ ( I couldn't do the bow, swo I made an alternative!XD!)

Taken by Khalil! XD
After I finish with my lunch hehe! He ask for a picture!X3 I felt bad for not hanging with him much during momocon! ; A ;)!
Picture with Daniel! His camera have a very bright flash!
Swo glad to meet up with him!!
GASP! I can't believe I met her!! She was the artist I have admired since I read her webcomic back in Middle School!!!!!
I ask her if she had a webcomic, and she was "...." and then she remember she had an old one in Smackjeeves! I was swo excited because I remember her style!!! She is such a great artist! And she is very pretty & cool!!! @ 0 @)!!! I weally wanted to buy the Kyo pic she drew! the one you see behind her! ugh! I dislike being swo cheap! - A -") I should have bought some of her original sketches she display! @ 0 @!!! My friend Andi, bought a Shou pic she drew of him!! ; W ;)!!

There was santa at MomoCon too!! He told everyone he see " NAUGHTY!" hehe (^/\^)!
AH! it's Orihime!! This is Andi! luv luv!!!
She looked great!!

Miku!! Two Mikus of Vocaloid!!

She is cool!!! too cooolll!!! And very cute!

He was waiting in line, I couldn't help but ran all the way to him from across the Dealers Room to ask for a pic! One of the very few Anime I actually finished!XD!
From Soul Calibur ! My friend likes the girl on the left!XD
I remember her from her Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay !! ( ^ 0 ^)/!
And that guy on the Left was her Syaoran! This time he is cosplaying from Ghost in the shell!
they were cool!!( @ 0 @!!) skanking~ XD just sitting around~~ Momocon was really hawt... ( X__X;;)
I'm glad the weather god granted us good weather!XD all the other year, it rained, heavy storm and even tornadoes!

the cool naruto and my friend as Sasuke! ^ v ^!
My Senpai, Lansing!! She is Taiwan from Hetalia!
We ate Pizza hut after that! ^^ for some reason the pizza tastes really really good then normal~!XD!
After eating~ We walked around again~XD It was hot, around like 80 degrees?
I invited the guy I like ( Let's call him Lee! XD) into coming to MomoCon with us before~
It took me awhile for us to find him!XD! well, he found us first hehe! (^ v ^)v! I felt swo rude and stupid for forgetting to introduce my friends to him! ; A ;) so sorry! it was pretty awkward at the beginning but Brian talked to Lee swo the mood was less weird! hehe!
Cool people!!!! ( @ 0 @ )!! i dunno which anime it is though ; 3 ; looks familiar!
DIGIMON! Wizardmon!!!
She is very nice! ^ v ^)/! pretty salior moon!
LADDY GAGA! we yelled that whenever we see her!XD
EEP! code geass! ( * w *)!! they look cute!!
Lavi! Surprisingly, he is my friend's friend! O A O!
Hehe! Khalil with pedo bear! - v -) I took a few pics with pedo bear too!!XDD they told me to
pretend to pose as if I am running from pedobear~ LOL! I couldn't pose it right ~ ahah!
Kaito & Miku~~~ ( = w = )!!
Cool guy - w -)b He is also one of the friend of the new people I've met!XD!

Brian! ( ^ v ^)!!
Tifa had a headache ; A ;)/ swo she rested while waiting for the cosplay competition!
Yay!! More digimon! (* v *)!! oh! and I just notice that cute vest guy behind them too!
Coraline! ( ^ v^)
After The Cosplay contest, We went to the School's Food Court and ate~ I ate chik-fil-A~
I found out that the girl that hugged Lee, gave a drawing she drew of him and her phone number in the back and ask for another hug after the contest... LOL! Ahah! Lee was very creep out
( o 3 o;;)... He didn't know what to do~ swo he came up with a plan, he said he's gonna give a hug to someone and give it to someone, since it wrote on the note " Thanks for the hugs"! XD! one of our new friend told him to hug the cool guy with the white hair and mask ( see picture 5 pic above this for the guy ^ v ^) he was sitting at a table diagonal from us! He didn't want to do it now, swo his cousin , Ri. decided to do it instead of him! ahah!xDDD he came up to that guy and it was swo funnnyy!!! I wished I recored it!XD in the end, it turns out that white hair guy was one of our friends' friend! XD ahah! swo many connection!! hehe!
it was weally a fun day!(●´∀`●)/!!!
We came home at 11pm~ hehe~
He called me right after I got home~ Yay! I was happyy~ I really hope he's not bored when he decided to called me ( ; A ;)''I finally get to ask him the question that have been bothering me for awhile~ XD! I'm swo happy he answer them! ( ^ V ^)/ I feel a bit braver now~ Yay!
I think he's very cute & cool~ Happy Happy Happy~ I'm glad there wasn't as much awkward silence when we talk on phone! ( ^ U ^)V! VICTORY FOR TODAY!
He asked me if I was jealous when that girl hugged him, I said " yes" it was because I couldn't just run up to him and hug him, like she can~ Or give my phone number out to cute guys ~XD!I was jealous of her~XD
He also told me If I wanted a kiss, I should just tell him or at least give a hint...LOL!XD! I think I hinted it a couple times~ Lol But it was not swo obvious..; 3 ;)/ I actually didn't even think about kissing or holding hands~ i just wanted a long hug~ hehe! (^/\^)!
it was really fun hanging with him! I'm glad my friend like him!!!

So sorry for being swo late on finishing it!!! ( ; ^ ;)"


~KawaiiParadise~ said...

Wow, you make the cosplay by yourself?Amazing. Did you have a pattern or anything to help you? My cousins and I planning to go next year. So jealous and you look kawaii ^^

pikaboo said...

ah! Yup with a lot of my mom's help~ ;A ;) hehe! Oh! We made our own pattern! ^^! eep! You are planning to go to momocon??!? Oh! That's swo cool! Are you gonna cosplay too?:3
ah thankie! \(; V ;)/

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

WOW~!!!! i love it!! youre so kawaii in your costume~!! and youre right about that great artist..awesome drawings she has!!and cute black cat and gorgeous sailor moon!!!! :D

Swordslayer622 said...

LOL i foudn this so late. Made my day seeing my Black Cat cosplay on a webpage XD!