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Friday, April 30, 2010

(≧∀≦) 17 more days left!!! Yesh!!!!

Yes!!!! ; W ;)!!! 17 more days till school is over! It goes by swo fast...and I'm lovin' it!
X3! I dislike school with a passion! - v - )b but I like learning, my teachers and friends!
Just dislike school! This year I there is a big chance I can go back to California to visit my dad & my friennds! Yay! Haven't seen them for 2 years?o.o? I weally miss them!
I'm gonna stay there for at least 3 weeks or 4? and come back in early July to start my college essay & cosplay making~ @___@;;;

I've been thinking of a new cosplay too!!
Toudou Heisuke v.1?XD!

I can't do him with short hair..(.___.) but i can do his long hair ! ^ v ^)/ lucky for me to dye my hair brown!XD His cosplay isn't too bad to make! ^ v ^)b and Make up is easy too~ just for my eyebrows though.....I will have to thin it and make it arch with a pencil~ @__@;;; never tried before~~~ But this will be my later cosplay!XD I'm gonna do this after I AWA i think! ^^|Maybe for next year AWA or momocon! ^^!!

Anywho~~ Isn't this cute!?!? hehe! I drew this for my friend, Tu, for his homework!
ahah! He told me to draw him in clothes for different season! ^^!
just incase:
left to right : Summer, fall, winter and Spring!
Tu is one of the few guy Friends I have that have cool hair and nice style!XD
the cool kid! o 3 o)/ I'm glad he like it! ( ; v ;)/ I done well for him! Horay!

XD! I drew this guy for my other friend's homework too!XD!
(pssh,, such a nerd... doing others hw...)
Actually, I drew it as an example for her! ^^ Since she is quite busy with other work,
she doesn't have time to sit and think of what to draw for her interpretation of a poem into a character for her class~
I did a really quick sketch!XD the full design of the armor I drew on another paper! ^^
swo this pic is unfinish!X3 She told me to draw a knight in futuristic armor...I kinda fail at that!XD
But I like the way he look! ^^ I hope this help her ; A ;")

oh oh oh! XD! Friday is my AP exams for AP US HISTORY and Monday is AP exam for AP Physic.... I gotta maadddd study~~ @__@;; I dislike how teacher cram all the work on the few last week of school.... i don't have enough time to study -___-;;;
ah...maybe because I am a procrastinator @____@;;;; shame on me!
and tomorrow is my drivers test! (^ v ^) v ! I feel neutral!
wish me luck! ahah!XDD!
\\(^ U ^)//

Monday, April 19, 2010

My hair?XD?

I don't like allergies~ ; A ;) I'm not a fan of spring~ swigh~
Week after break was just lazy! Ahah!XDD!
And now only 2 weeks left to study for AP Exams... ( ___ ___")
I really hope I will really focus and put all my energy to studying!

I found more 4 leaf clovers again!XD! but most were eaten ; A ;""

Went out to buy korean ice cream!XD!
it's been awhile since I ate square rectangular shape melon ice cream!
it really help with my allergies!! ( ; w ;) more reason to love ice cream!
I'v also made avocado smoothie!~ @ v @ it's my favorite type of smoothie! hehe!
i like it thick and sweet ( - v -)/ my brother only like my smoothie because he said it made him full ; A ;)/ that is good and bad?XD? he never said anything about the taste though...
(. ___ .).. kinda makes me wonder.....

Ah swoo~~~~ XD! I've been thinking of cutting my hair short into a bob! ^ v ^!
but my friends said they like me with long hair since this is the first year they see it this long!XD! in the past I have mine at an medium length? o 3 o??

my 10th grade hairstyle ! ^ v ^ I design it myself and my mom cut it!
It's not original though! XD But I was the only one in my school that has it! >:3!
the backs are in really short and high layers, and on the sides are like a guys~XD One of my side burns are longer than the other one because I want it that way! ^ 0 ^)/ then a blond tail in the back! ^ v ^) I weally like Jrock swo I wanted that haircut!

(This picture when it grew out)
(I took this pic right after my haircut! heh really short in the back! I was thinking of shaving the back once!XD)
I like the feel of having short layers in the back when the wind past through it~ ( - v - )
Plus I can spike my hair in the back! I miss that hairstyle~ ; A ;) thought it's kinda weird on me since it doesn't match with my personality XD! I'm like really girly and shy ( X 0 X );; but I would like to have this style again maybe after I try short hair first then back to this style!

For now i will just keep growing my hair ! ( - v o )b! I weally Like hair, xD I like people with cool hair ~ @ v @ it's the first thing I see in a guy! heheh!! I blame my mom, because She's a stylist X3 hehe!

current hair: Layered X3 ahah swo common!
Me without make up~ XD! Look at those under eye!XD
I think they are genetics~ ' ~ ';; I have them since I was born
Late night after shower picture ahah!

(OH! I just notice!XD my first 3 pics are all green! hehe!!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Bye spring break~

Good bye spring break of 2010...
it was a relaxing break! ( - w -) i did completely nothing for the past couple of days, but watch YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!
it was a 2009 drama, but I didn't get to watch it until now ; ~ ;)"" swo late.. eheh ^^;;
ugh...I completely love it! I'm swo obsess with it! all the guys are swo cuuttee!!!
if only they were real!! Well, Lee Hongki is just like Jeremy ~ X3! swo adorable!
I kinda wish Park Shin hye & Jang Geun Suk were a real couple.... swo cute together and they known each other before you're beautiful! ; V ;)/!
I got the guy I like to watch You're beautiful too ! hehe! His idol is Lee Hongki, which I didn't know! O 3 O! i know that he like F.T Island, but didn't know about that! heh! Yay!
He wants the same color hair as Jeremy/Hongki~ hehe!

The last Time I went out with my friends on Spring break, was on my friend's , brian, birthday~! we went to this place with Go -Karts, floaties, golf course and arcade! ^ v ^)/!
i seen alot of people from my school there!XD

( me & tifa~~)
Brian got caked~ hehe! (^/\^)!
Golfing!!! it was getting hawt, swo we went back inside to play more arcade games!
They have to closed early for a private party, swo for our last thing to do, is to ride the Go-Kart for the second time!XD! I'm really competitive, and Brian always end up being behind me when we go on Go Karts. He tries to go in front of me, swo I always block him! hehe! but I was getting too into is and we both crash into each other ! LOL! we cause traffic! ahah!

I had a really fun time! ^^!!
On Thursday, I went to study at Barnes & nobles~ I went by myself! hehe! I wish I have my Ipod back or my mp3... X___X;;;

Ah! I've just notice, i am doing the same pose in my other pic!XD!
oh! I didn't get to take my driver's test on Tues..; ~ ;") even though I am missing my attendance paper, I could still take the test but they can't issue the license to me. But I didn't have a legal guardian with me..eeheh^^;; my mommy wasn't able to make it..swo they schedule me to May...I gotta be ready by then! @ 0 @;;) though..people at the DDS aren't very nice..' ~ ';;; they have like attitudes!XD I know it's been a long day and they dealt with a lot of people, but at least pretend to be nice... - A -;;; it swuck that the nearest DDS is the most busiest.... ( X___X;;;)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!
Being buddhist I don't celebrate Easter~ eheh ^^;;;
Swo today I will stay at home, since most shops are closed!
I need to practice for my Road test on tues...And Haven't got Parallel Parking yet!! Ah!! My mom forgot how to....; A ;)"" my only choice is to learn from Youtube..ahaha!XD It have everything!

On Friday Morning~ I got my hair dyed! (≧∀≦)!!!
It was actually lighter than what I wanted eheh~ It turn copper gold, instead off mocha or dark brown~ ; ^ ;") but i love the color though! Swo i am still thankful that my mom did it for me ! ( ^ W ^)/ The picture above, was the outfit I wore to the mall with my friends on Sat ( Ap. 3)

On April 2nd, I found a Four leaf clover!! I wasn't even trying to look for one! I was just talking to my friend on the phone outside of the shop, and i was sitting next to a clover field. I just looked down and i saw the 4 leaf right there~ in the open.... ahah!!
I ran in the shop and shout to my mom I got a clover! but my mom didn't know what the importance of a 4 leaf clover was ~XDD! Plus she was helping a customer, swo she Hush me to be quiet...eheh ^^;; How rude of me eheh... I got too overexcited.. eheh...
I went home and press the clover swo I can laminate it to make a charm!

Also on Thursday~ The guy I like cam by to get his hair layered! @ 0 @)/!! He didn't wear eyeliner to the shop because he is meeting my mommy! ( ; W ;)//!! I didn't know who he was for a second~ ahah!XD I think he look cute with or without eye liner! ( ^ v ^)v! I am very okay with guys with make up! Sorry if this disturb some people eheh ^^;;;; My mommy didn't even recognize him !XD When she cut his hair, she told " Oh! You look so handsome now! Before you were so skinny, you got fatter now and you look handsome! "
(∋ε∈;;;).... it's a compliment...yet an insult? ahahah! Oh my gosh mommy!! ( - A -;)
but I'm glad my mommy like him! ^^ She said he is cool for being independent hehe and that he is nice! ; W ;)/! At the end of the day, I told her that he is the guy I like! There is no point in hiding it anyways! I trust my mommy and I am very close to her! ^ v^)v!
My friends and I ate with him & his cousin at the Chinese restaurant next to the shop! ^^!
whenever I look at him, he would look back at me but quickly turn away.. O AO;;;... I felt a bit ashame about my looks... maybe I was too funny looking that he couldn't bare to look at my face for long! ( X ^ X;;) but he called me and told me he was nervous...AWW!!! he's swo cute !I didn't expect him to be nervous though! ;W ;)! I never saw him nervous only with my mom though, but his personality is swo fun!XD i guess I saw a new side to him? ; W ;)

he told me that his bangs were short, I feel swo bad~ TT A TT);; my mom always cut short eheh ^^;;;; but I don't mind since it always grow nicely in the end!

Thursday is when my my friends came and got their hair cut done, and Brian dyed his hair too at the shop! ^^! Swo Friday when we hang at my mom's shop~ We got to go to outdoor mall near by! ^^! We took a lot of pictures! All credit goes to Andi! (≧▼≦)!!

Me & Brian! XD He is drinking hot and I am drinking cold ( Green tea Frap! ♥)
Hehe! This is a cute picture!XD
Jiovanni ( the guy in blue) came late
swo he was only able to hang for a couple minutes!; 3 ;)! I think none of us were ready
for the picture except for Brian but it look like we are ready in the picture huh?XD ahah!
Me and tifa were laughing, Jiovanni couldn't look at the camera because of sun, Brian..well yeah he got his model pose on!XD
Then we went to Old navy! Sunglasses poses pictures...~!!
(note: for that day, we thought about making a drama, swo my friend said she will be the guy so she came to the shop dressed up as a guy!X3! but we didn't do the drama swo yup! ; 3 ;)

Credits to Brian, for scanning it!
Taken at the mall we went on Sat!
The booth recoreded the whole trying to find a pose, it was swo funny!XD
I didn't want to take a pic in the last panel, but i got dragged in because Jiovannie wouldn't do it ( - A -;)! i look weird!

I couldn't resist putting this pic up! hehe!!
Brian & Jiovanni! ahah!!XDD!!!
It was a fun 3 days with my friends! The mall was fun! even though the guy I like couldn't make it ~ ( ; A ;)"" I bought two shirts! ^ v ^)//!!! I still need more shirts for summer~ ; A ;i have very few TT A TT)"" We watched CLASH OF THE TITANS, it is gooodd!!!We saw it in 3D, there isn't much 3D since my eyes got used to glasses thingie, but my friend told me if you take your glasses on and off you'll see the 3D ! O 3 O! I think it's better than Avatar!XD! I love Action with Fantasy~!!

wish me luck on Road Test!!! TT W TT!!! Doubt I will pass though, but I will stay positive!
( ; W ;)b!!
Monday is Brian's Bday, swo we are going to this golf,go cart, arcade place!XD
Happy Birthday!!!