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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Bye spring break~

Good bye spring break of 2010...
it was a relaxing break! ( - w -) i did completely nothing for the past couple of days, but watch YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!
it was a 2009 drama, but I didn't get to watch it until now ; ~ ;)"" swo late.. eheh ^^;;
ugh...I completely love it! I'm swo obsess with it! all the guys are swo cuuttee!!!
if only they were real!! Well, Lee Hongki is just like Jeremy ~ X3! swo adorable!
I kinda wish Park Shin hye & Jang Geun Suk were a real couple.... swo cute together and they known each other before you're beautiful! ; V ;)/!
I got the guy I like to watch You're beautiful too ! hehe! His idol is Lee Hongki, which I didn't know! O 3 O! i know that he like F.T Island, but didn't know about that! heh! Yay!
He wants the same color hair as Jeremy/Hongki~ hehe!

The last Time I went out with my friends on Spring break, was on my friend's , brian, birthday~! we went to this place with Go -Karts, floaties, golf course and arcade! ^ v ^)/!
i seen alot of people from my school there!XD

( me & tifa~~)
Brian got caked~ hehe! (^/\^)!
Golfing!!! it was getting hawt, swo we went back inside to play more arcade games!
They have to closed early for a private party, swo for our last thing to do, is to ride the Go-Kart for the second time!XD! I'm really competitive, and Brian always end up being behind me when we go on Go Karts. He tries to go in front of me, swo I always block him! hehe! but I was getting too into is and we both crash into each other ! LOL! we cause traffic! ahah!

I had a really fun time! ^^!!
On Thursday, I went to study at Barnes & nobles~ I went by myself! hehe! I wish I have my Ipod back or my mp3... X___X;;;

Ah! I've just notice, i am doing the same pose in my other pic!XD!
oh! I didn't get to take my driver's test on Tues..; ~ ;") even though I am missing my attendance paper, I could still take the test but they can't issue the license to me. But I didn't have a legal guardian with me..eeheh^^;; my mommy wasn't able to make it..swo they schedule me to May...I gotta be ready by then! @ 0 @;;) though..people at the DDS aren't very nice..' ~ ';;; they have like attitudes!XD I know it's been a long day and they dealt with a lot of people, but at least pretend to be nice... - A -;;; it swuck that the nearest DDS is the most busiest.... ( X___X;;;)


Yun Yun said...

my spring break is going to be next week :] I'm thinking about taking my road test in June when it get's warmer outside and i've hear many stories that the people who grade you are very mean.

Purple-Munkey said...

ah you're beautiful is an awesome drama! i love hongki <3
actually i just watched the drama, because of him, but then i started to like the others too xD

cute blog btw ^^

daidai bel said...

ahah i have watch that too i really love hongki very cute in the drama =p

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

hey hey, thank you so much. I'm pretty happy myself from the clothes ^^. Aw who the guy you like?lolz and that such an awesome hairstyle XD