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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello from California! ( ^ v ^) [long post]

Lol. That's a weird pic of me~ Kinda scary to look at now XD
Hehe! But hello ! I am in California! (^v ^)
Currently living at my step mom's ( which I didn't know exisited till June 2010!?!)
My dad doesn't tell me anything ( -__ - )

The flight to Cali was only 5hrs. but it felt very short hehe! I saw snowy mountains still!!
I felt very happy there was still sunlight because usually on these
flights its always dark ( ;__ ;) hehe! I saw a lot of beautiful sights on the airplane!
( ^ v ^) I drew mostly and sleep XD! I didn't wear any make up so I look very tired
(@. @)

I went out everyday since I came to Cali! ^^!

Sunday~ I went out to eat Bru nchwith my dad & step sis
She LOVES hello kitty, so we are good ( - v - )b!
She took me to Saniro to buy more HK stuff! hehe!
I bought two cellphone charms ( ^ v ^)/
Then I finally get to met my BFF at the mall ( ; v ;) it was like a dream!XD
We called each other every week when we are apart, and to finally see her
again it feels weird and unreal LOL! XD
Two years ago when I came back to visit Cali, the first thing she said to me was
" You look like a boy :DD "
Now the first thing she said to me was " You're hecka pale!"

I went to Daiso ( ^ v ^) I love that store! So cheap and good XD!
I bought a blank card, stickers,Cute girls notebook, letter set, bottom lashes, a 2 set of false lashes and lash glue O v O) I haven't tried them yet eheh ^^;;;

Later~~ my BFF took me out to eat pasta!
We felt like adults ( - v -)two teenages going out to eat at a beautiful restaurant
alone with out adults~ heheh! And we even pay for ourselves! XD though we
fought who will be paying hehe it was a tough battle but I convince her that we split the bill!
O v O)

(pic: at the restaurant - v -) a leaf landed in my drink later on ( - ___ -);;

Sunday was a fun day! hehe ( ^ v ^)/! Monday
I spent the day going back to my suppose to be High School in another city!
O 3 O) i came to visit all my friends from middle school that went there! ^^!
I receive a warm welcome hehe ^^ I got tackle with hugs hehe ^/\^ I miss my friends sooo much! it wasn't awkward at all hehe they still treated me the same always~ ah luv~!!
then my friend started showing me around the school to look for more of our middle school buddies ( ^ 0 ^)/ ahah it so funny to see their reaction! this is how it usually go
me : Hi! the person: * Looks*( '__')? ..hi...? * continue to stare* -after awhile - "OOOHH MY GOSH!!! TANIA!?!? "
Ahahahah XD Swo funny!!
though some don't even remember me at all! XD but i don't quite remember them much
anyways XD those are the people who i barely talk with hehe!
ahah and I also been getting comment about " Omg! you look like a korean/japanese model!!"

But it was so great seeing everyone again! Alot of people change hehe!!
and the students at the high school have nice hair! XD

The next day~ Tuesday June8th~ I met up with my BFF
after her early release due to Finals!^^ She doesn't want to stay
home so I came along with her ~~ heh more adventure!!!
We meet up at the local mall again X3 she wasn't wearing makeup because
she was too tired from staying up till 4am ( ' ^ ') I brought my gel liner just incase! ^^
and she used it XDD
She took me to this really cool Froyo place!! Sooo many flavor yogurt!!
Froyo place are getting really popular now!! ( O v O)
we took our bought Froyo and she drove me to this romantic hill that you can see the whole city!!
Guys, you should take girls here on a date! ( - __-;;)
it's free and it's it beautiful XDD
Well it is cheap if going on a date, but it's soo romantic taking somone to see the city!!

We walk around the place later ( - v -)

My BFF~ She's so tall XD

The next romantic place she took me was another lake!! * 0 *)!!
Really beautiful here too! ( ; V ;)//!! Kinda wish I had a boyfriend to enjoy this ahah!
My BFF's boyfriend will take her here when he comes back from college XD LLUCKKYY

California is my favorite placee!!!! Ahaha!
I didn't even started much of my AP Art assignments~ except for coming up with ideas
for a concentration! ugh sooo hard~ I onlygot 2 so far! @__@;;;
My summer reading assignments have been going slowly XD I am reading Catcher in the Rye and I have to annotate it hehe! But it's a really interesting book! I like it!! ^ v ^

I'm thankful to have such caring friends!! On Monday night I found out something shocking
about the guy I like eheh ^^;;; but being able to hang out with my friends really gave me a quick recovery from the Shock ahah!! I have to give up on him even though he said he wants to give me a chance??? Naw, sorry i don't want to be someone's #2 ( -__ - ) I don't care how much I like him, I ain't gonna accept ! I'm only 16, I have many years to find someone who will make me their #1 (O u O)!! ahaha! My friends really cheer me up! hehe!
They told me " if we have p--ises , you will be in big trouble " LMBO aahah!!
I LOVE THEM! hehe!


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about your dad..maybe he took so long to tell you about your step mom because he doesnt want to hurt your feelings or something..

love the cute notebook ^^

(p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

Shou-chan said...

those are cute photos :3
the littel stuff is so cute <3

QueenOctopus said...

Aw your blog is too cute *w*
I love your closet