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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wow! 4 more days!

Hello! ^^! I seem to notice I do weekly post now!XD!But that will change, once Summer break comes!X3
I find blogging a great stress reliever! Hehe!
Oh! I am loving my new clear sunglasses I bought after the AP Physic Exam!
I brought em' to school and I told people I have to wear glasses now!XD hehe!
( ^/\^) they were fooled by the TANIA! buwahah!
It's only 4 more days till school is over...Can't wait, but i rather not spend those days doing finals.... ( __ __;)

This is my brother. This is him sleeping. This is him sleeping in an funny position!
( ^/\^) hehe! I was playing with Honey ( my winnie the pooh bear) and i found my brother sleeping on our coach!XD My brother hates my teddy bears!XD He use to punch and abuse them when he sees them ( ;___ ;)
So I decided to place my bear to look at him while he sleep! Ahah!! it's looks kinda cute funny!XD! my brother.....

On Last sunday~ I went to work and then went grocery shopping afterward! ^^!
I wore shorts ( not too short and not too long shorts) and some what high scandals of some sort~ @___@ ;; We went to two different grocery ~ and when i went to another one after the first one, i felt awkward walking in shorts now~ one of the grocery guys whistle at me ( like the whistle in the those cartoons) and when I walk by another one, they said something in Spanish to me O___ O;;;) I wish I took spanish to understand what they said to me.... I weally hope they where doing those stuff for the person behind me or something! It was just shocking to me and awkward ! ahah! I felt swo self conscious afterward ahah!! XD!

Afterward, I went to White windmill! I love that bakery!
Not only for the pastry, or the how cute the shops look... but for the employees!
LOL!! for some reason, there is always a cute guy employee there ( - v -)/ make me
eager to go everyday to buy something there just to see them! ahah!
And whenever you walk in~ they would say " 안녕하세요 ! "!! hehe!! ( ^/\^)!!

Anyways~ the one I went to ~~ I just enter and grab this cookie/bread thingy ( I don't know what's it called ;__;)
I didn't try and look around for any of the employees!XD!
and when I turn around, there was this tall handsome guy asking me if I am ready!
He look like Eli from U-KISS but with glasses!!! O v O)/ very good looking! ahah!
heeh ( - v -)/ he gave a smile at me like three time! What a charming employee! !
hehe! Actually, everyone in the shop is very good looking!XD The girls & guys! ^^!
I wanna work in a bakery cafe now!! ( - v -)!!
( the bread/cookie thingie I bought! I adore it! My friend introduce it to me, now I am hooked! hehe )

I drew G-Dragon for my one of my best friend in Cali!!
We did an art trade like last winter? ( LOL) and i finally finish or started the drawing this week...
omg..I'm swo slow! But I am glad I am able to draw it for her now! ( b ; v ; )b
Sadly though... it doesn't look like G- Dragon... at first when I started drawing him, he look
like Yoseob from BEAST ( ahah!XD), then i changed it again and now it look like Light Yagami ( Death Note)

First Process! ^^! I starts with eyes first!
Finally, a finished Drawing!! X3!
Swigh... Raito...I mean G-Dragon.. ( ^ V ^;;)
It look okayish but I wish it would look like GD ahah! I use a reference picture for his face, but the rest I made up! X3 Oh but the hat was something GD wore! ^^!
I didn't shade his face because I know I will mess up! hehe!
Again, I did another fur jacket heheh ^ v ^!! i dunno why, but I find it attractive when guys wear fur jackets and stripes!

I hope to draw a better version!! ( - u - )! Also, I've been wanting to draw a Umi ( Vistlip)
hehe! He's one of my fav. member! I want to practice my realistic style!! @ v @!
But I still like my anime style! it's weally fun to do!X3

Next week - FINALS!
Monday ( Precal & French)
Tues ( APUSH & Art)
Wed ( LA & AP PHY) - Last Day!! - Hang out day with the froggies!
Sat - My brother's Graduation & Dinner!


Lyren said...

O: Love the drawing, looks awesome <3

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

you are getting better and better in your sketches ^_^ keep it up :D

(p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

Yun Yun said...

nice drawing!!

Fionaa ♥ said...

I love the drawing (:

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

i love your drawing and lolz at your brother ^^

Anonymous said...

Ahah your brother is so cute sleeping like that XDD

Omg a employee that looks like Eli?So luuuucky ~*-*

Love your drawing, it's so pretty O.O

Shou-chan said...

love the drawing!!!*0*
you look cute with those glasses x3

Elisa Lee said...

hahaha, omg!!! your blog is cutee, i like it and love the drawing ! keep up the good work

pikaboo said...

Thank you everyone!!! ( ; V ;)/!
I will try hard to improve my drawing!!! ( ; W ;)!!