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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long tim no post!ヾ(o'―^o)/

Sorry for not posting~ @ A@;;
I am too lazy to post~ and i know i will make a looonnngg post!XD!
I will try to atleast make a small and simple post with pictures for now on ;A ;!
But this one doesn't count!XDD next time!! - w 0!
I don't know where i left off though! XD i have alot of unfinish post in my "List of post" XD
Heheh ^ / \ ^ I'll start with summer!
School ends for 08-09 was May 20! ^^
Recap of summer: I did nothing but work, draw, and read summer reading books ( -DIES-)
Worst summer i ever had!XD ahah

For the month of June :
Work+draw mostly! ^^! Read my first summer reading
( we are only require to read on but it's recommanded to read 2 for LA -.-")
I went to savannah for a couple of days for my cousin's graduation! ^^

Oh where i work, there is a Nail place two shops down~ XD the owner is my boss's brother- in -law and sister's shop! ^^ Sometime when I work there was this tall guy with neck length hair walking by~ i only saw the side of his face swo i told my mommy about him , she told me it's the boss nephew! * 0*! she said he is not handsome and skinny.. O 3 O"" even my boss told me that!XD and they say he is a bad boy/not very bright?O.o...
I like skinny guy!X3DD but not skinnier than me! and he isn't! ^ U ^! that's good!
but the smart issue......i don;t know, i don't really care as long he doesn't do drugs!XD
i never clearly saw his face....o 3 o...because stupid me always try to avoid it @ A @;;
but i don't thinkie he is my type of guy~ ; A ; i don't see him anymore since my mommy quit her job there! XD! don't worry! ^^ she got a new one now!

Because i don't like very very long blogs and if someone see the length of it....they might no want to read it!XD ( but even if it's super short, no on will read my blog still!XD it's kindie boring! LOL) I'm going to post what i did in July on the next post after this! ^^!!

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