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Monday, August 17, 2009

aah~ treess... - A -""

aah...My first Sketchbookie assignmento is due on Wed..
We have to draw a tree with foreshortening technique... we have to make a drawing of how a tree would look like if your looking up to it ~ @ A @;;;
I'm never tried different angles except left & right~ XD!
swo it's difficult for me~ XD and i am unsure if she want it BIG or like how it would look like in a camera picture~ @ A @;;;

Today i finish all my homework @ 7pm!XD! my first time since school started!X3!LOL!
and when i was about to go out and draw ( the sky look gloomy brown but it was still bright)
a storm hit - A -""" the rain may look pretty.....but WHHY!?!?! ; A ;!?!? why couldn't it rain when the sky was dark?!? or next week!?!?
I have horrible luck! XD!
swigh~ ; A ; the news cast say it's gonna rain all week... - A -"" why is the weather like this!?!?
one week sunny, then the rains alll~~~ i just have horrible timing..i blame myself i guess~ ' ^ '/!

I'm glad i took pictures of the tree before it rain~ @ A @ ;;;

oh! here is a small doodle i made in my agenda! XD!
it's a angel? o .o? it's a SOMETHING! ^ 0^!
when i drew this, i was thinking of a scene~ and that guy just happen to see it ( that's why he look shock! O A O! )...
or just the shock of how the little notes on our agenda is not very funny?XD... it says :" ALL GENERALIZATIONS ARE FALSE. " but i like how my school try their best! XD it still made me smile weirdly.. O 3 O;; those little notes are on every page!XD!! AHAH!

*NOTE: his hair is being blown by the wind~ XD that's why his hair is like that! ^ 0^! sorry ; A ;!! i've been posting alot lately~XD *

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