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Saturday, August 29, 2009

it's 12AM!XD

XD! I found I have a program called" PhotoGear Studio" it's so cool~XD "purakurish~"
AND i mess up writing "A" & " I " because i couldn't control the mouse~XDD sorry!!!
it said " Amai!"
@ A@ ;; today I spent my day doing my Web Assignment for Ap Physics, it's hard... ; A ;"
I only DID 3 out of 10 questions~XD all three was from the help of my brother and my best guy friend's brother~ ; A ;"" i need to learn how to do it myself i guess....but i can't even find the average speed!!! @ A @;;;holy moly... i am really slow~~~~~~ m( __ __;;)m

I have like an AP Us. History unit test and an AP Phy test on the same day ( Thur & Fri)
Wed is my sketchbook about high contrast and keys drawing, Tues is Webassign due, HAT CARDS ( for ap us history) due on Thur. Chapter 5 due Tues. UUGGH~~~~~ HOMG.....even if these assignment give us time to do them.....we still get more workin between -A -:: i can't concentrate on doing daily work with due date work~XDD ahah~ that sound like an excuse~XP!

that's it for my boring post/blog~X3!

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makenzey said...

XD when you google hat cards this pops up