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Monday, February 8, 2010

the 2 weeks I missed!XD

(Dayum, that's manly!XD)

I haven't posted in 2 weeks already~~XD!!
School is still busy as ever~XD
now that I have signed up fro the SAT, I need to study that giant book...

Last week I went to my friend's Birthday party! He is now 17!X3 He's very sweet and nice!X3
He's my rocker buddy ~ but he like American rock, I like Japanese~XDD We usually compare which one we like when we talk in class!XD He's an awesome friend! Happy Birthday Daniel!

Oh during the party~ We were in the basement and we were dancing ( I didn't dance because I have no groove!DX) we used those lights like in the Clubs~~ and we decided we need Glow Sticks, we fitted like 8 or 9 people in a van!XD ahah! we drove to the dollar store but it was closed :[ we were 5 min late ahah, then we drove all the way to Walmart! LOL! We end up getting those glowsticks for camping purpose !X3 ahah! we came back to the party...and we found out that the glowsticks were too bright ! LOL! hehe!! it was fun though! ^^!

I bought him a chain and drew him a picture! X3

And also~~ I received another package!X3 LOL!
it came in a day late but I'm still happy that I didn't get scam!X3!
Inside the package is.....

...My Pale Blond Wig that I order from Ebay! the store is called COSPLAYWIG
It's one of the first item I ever bought on ebay! I usually don't trust ebay sites~ But from the reviews on the Cosplaywig site seem very good!! (^w ^)!! Also less expensive wigs and many many different style wigs!
Thank you very much, Cosplaywig!!!
it took 2 weeks and one day for my wig to arrive from Hong Kong to USA~
It look like a fish!X3! The wig feel swo real!!! (O A O)!! it felt weird touching it~ but after awhile i keep petting the wig like a pet~ LOL!! :Creeepppyy~~: X3! swo soft!! ; W ;)/!
It cost about $45 total including shipping! ^^
I look weird in it though~ XD! I need to do something with my thick brow -__-;;
Also I will be wearing more make up then usual when the Anime Con comes! ^^
Eyeliner & false eyelashes! ^ w ^! Also a bit of blush & foundation!
I was planning to buy blue circle lens from my friend ( ^ 0 ^ ) v! but I'm afraid my eye sight will go bad.... X___X;;

We had a Sketchbook Assignment last last weeK!X3 I'm very happy of how it turn out!
We were assign to draw our closet!XD
My messy closet!X3

Starting off~~X3
I didn't draw all my clothes because i was too lazy~~ (X___X);;;

Finish! ( except for that little corner - ___-")!
It took me 3 hour~ But since I stretch out my time too much~~ I started at 3pm and ended at 12am~ XDD but if you add up the minutes ~ it was like 3 hours total!XD!
This was painful to do though~~ X___X;;;; I'm happy that my teacher liked it! she liked it A LOT! O A O!! she showed it to the class like 3 times!XD! I felt (O
* NOTICE the BANAO LOL! I made up everything on the upper top shelf!XD! And I did the same for the bottom of the closet... XD! I made everything into boxes! heeh!

Remember my Onion post?x3
My Onion ( I never get to name it~ T ^ T) it grew!!!\( O W O )/!!! Omg!!
I was surprise!! X3!! it's swo cute!! The oddest thing mommy put onions in every room of the house....and mine is the only one that grew
; 3 ;)?
heheh!! it's swo cute!x3! I am sad that when I lift the onion up.... the other side of the onion was wet and squishy....X__X;;; it is rotting?? Swo I have to throw it away...and my mommy put a new one in! it look the same as the first one!XD
( we're wasting onions..I'm sorry!!)

There is a lot more to post!X3!! Like a special news that happen on Feb. 7.10!! Something that made me extremely happy~~ hehe!! Will post soon!! ^ v ^) o~~


♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

say belated happy birthday to your friend Daniel for me :3

and your sketches are really're getting better and classes are really something huh..?

i wish i have art classes to..coz i never has T__T

the cosplaywig is so nice i love it~! <3

(P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

DD-chan said...

Huuuwhaaaa~~~, ya're closet pic is SO nice!! GREAT!! <3 Your teach is not the only one who like it...^^

And nice wig! I have thought of buying cosplay things on internet but I always end up not doing it. Ya look good in yours anyway! xD

PecOsa said...

wow! did you draw that? it´s sooo good! i love drawing too ^^


Naka said...

omg ur great at drawing ^^ and i love ur wig ^^

Pearly_yuumi said...

I'm amazed by your sketches!!!!!!! u're so talented!!! n u look great in the cosplay wig!