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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last day of fun~~ ; ^ ;)/ long post~~

( made by my friendo Jiovanni! X3 ) I'm a bear!!! X3!!
from left to right: Jiovanni,Tifa, Me,and Brian!

I've seen to notice that I've wake up exactly 9:00am! xD
I can't go further than that~ (.___.)...I didn't get to post on X-mas either!! T A T;; swo I can't say Merry Christmas without the LATE in it~ ; ^ ;"" sorrrryyy!!! m(___ __;;)m!!
*EDIT: also! Happy Late New Year!!! :FAILED:

Ah Christmas for me was okay! ^^ My family and I open our gift on X-mas eve! ^^!hehe!
I got a Kirby slipper, a hair pin and a cute Drawing from Brian!
And I have more fuzzy slippers! * w *!! a cupcake kit, hello kitty notebook, a langu
age learner, drawing kit, travel journal, cute boots, purse, hello Kitty gift card, Hello kitty necklace, a watch and perfume! - w- )b! I am very happy just to have friends and family!

After opening present, we ate flan that I made again!XD it was too sweet~ ; X ;!
yup~ And then I stayed up webcaming my friend~XDD!
heheh! X-mas was alright too!X3D I practice driving with my step dad and I drove my mommy& step dad to Asian Market ^ u ^) to my surprise I parked perfectly OA O...and I swuck at parking the most!!!
@0 @!!!?!?
There was a cute guy at the Market.. - W - mmm!!! His hair was swo cool and his style was sort of punkish!! Eeepp @ w @!!! When he is close to where i am, I try not to look as much as possible, but from afar.. - w -;; AAHH! i'm a stalker~ ; 3 ;'"" too boy crazed! hehe (^/\^)
That's all what I did for x-mas day! X3!!

Monday.Dec.28.2009I was invited for my friend's annual Late X-mas/Early New Years Dinner Potluck!X3DD!
I didn't know what to bring, swo I made fried Rice! O 3 O! it was my first time also!! O AO!
I'm finally an asian now!X3D I mastered Fried Rice! >:3! Though I didn't know how many people were going to be there...I made a 10 people Portion X__X;;; oh noes!
It was swo much fun though! ^ u ^//!!! My friends' boyfriends made yummy steak!X3
Made in Street Style!X3DD with the gas thingy and a pan outside of the house~XD
it was weally good! O W O! I was the first to finish my steak!XD hehe!
they also made shrimp puffs, mash potatoes, corn & apple pie!
everything was sooo gooodd!! ; V ;! i got full very fast!XD I didn't get to eat my fried rice...

hehe! Our Group pic!X3!! aahh! My Big Sis Lisa isn't in it because she was taking the picture~
; 3 ;!
Before dessert, we open present!X3 That's wear I got my watch & HK gift card ! ; W;!
I gave Big sis Lisa a ChocoCat Slippers, An&Joe Hollister body spray? O 3 O? eep! I don't know what to get for guys~ TT A TT;; and Michllele a green HK coffee Mug! ( ^ U ^)!
it was so funny opening presents!X3!
hehe! My funny friends! ^ 0^

After that! Dessert! X3!! Yum yum!! We have Appple Pie & X-mas Cake O 3O;;!
They decided that I will cut the cake ; A ; i don't know why!! X ^ X;;! Swo I said, we should play Black& White to decide who cuts the cake! heheh ^/\^!
I end up going against Michelle in the end.. O A O! I won but I end up cutting the cake X__X!!
Big Sis Lisa bought this cake!X3 Yummy Mocha cake! *drools*

Not many ate the cake because they were eating the Apple Pie w/ ice cream! It was swo good!! it melted in my mouth - w - !! Big Sis Lisa gave me the whole entire cake to bring home to my family to eay! ; W ;! THANKIE YOU! but i barely get to eat some because my greedy older brother ate all of it when I brought it home.... = A =;;;

and towards the end we played BS & 21 the card games! I don't know how to play any X ^ X since my mom forbids me to play cards games because she don't want us to gamble ~ ahah!
I came home at 11pm! ^ u^! My mommy doesn't care what times as long as it's before 12am & that I tell her where I am & she knows the people I am hanging out with ! ^ 0 ^)v!

The day after Tues. Dec.29.2009
It was what my friend Andi calls it " Last Froggy Adventure of 2009!"
hehe! isn't it cute!?!? ( O v O)!!
We met up at my mom's shop at 12pm to tell our comic story!X3
*each on of my friends are making their own comic*
Everyone is all good! ; W ; i can't wait to see them finish! X3DD!
I found out... I am the only one in the group with a dark story~ ; A ;!!!
And it's strange coming from me!x3D!
when it was my turn to tell my story... I was swo nervous! I couldn't say all the things I wanted!! It's just like school when I am presenting!!! TT ATT// wwwhhyy!! And these were my very close friends I was talking too! \(T ^ T)/!!
then we went to the Ice Skating place which open at 3:30 - 5:30 pm! ^ U ^)
there was A LOT of people! O A O! but it was weally fun!X3 it's been swo long since i've went ice skating! For Andi,Tifa & Jiovanni it was their first time Ice Skating! heh!
Tifa fell once and it really hurted her! TT ATT/! she quit after that! ; ^ ;)''
Jiovanni fell swo many times!! X3DD hehehe! he's swo strong!! ; W ;!
I fell once!XD it was actually my first time falling ever in ice skating!X3 ahah! my buttie hurts! ; ^ ; And right after I fell, my friend Andi fell too!X3DD hehe! we both witness our first fall! ahah!X3DD
My friend Brian fell i thinkie 4 times? o.o? He goes really fast!! O A O!!! the first time he fell, he flipped over O A O! i was swo worried!! ; ^ ;!! the second time, he went really fast and he didn't know how to stop, swo he ram into the wall thingy around the ice rink and almost flip over to the other side!! O ^ o! there was a loud THUMP! :O!
The only one who didn't fall at all was Brian's Little Brother, Brandon! O A O!
hehe! Ice Skating was swo much fun!
AFter that we went to Cici's Pizza!
I've never been there before!! @ w @!!! it was swooo goood!! All the different type of pizza and it's a pizza buffet! YUMM! I think I gain more pounds~ ( I 3 |)''
the we went outside to film a comedy scary movie! ahah!X3D it was weally cold outside swo I was shivering! ( ; A ;)))) We couldn't finish filming because our ride came! X3
thankie everyone for such a fun day again!! LUFFFF~~~

My last fun day before Breaks end! - W -!