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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010! School tomorrow!!AAHH!!

ahhh! School is starting tomorrow!!EEP! I am thankful we have today (Monday Jan.4) off!
^ U^!
My friends in California have school today! heheh! ^/\^!
I don't know what to do today~I was planning to go buy more fabric...but my BROTHER is still asleep even after he told me to walk him up at 11am...but right now it's 2pm... X__X i woke him up swooo many time!! He is always like this!! He would tell me to wake him up at a certain time, then when I wake him up at that certain time, he still sleeps! even after I hit him and kick him and shake him and threw various objects at him in different times!! UGH! then when he finally wakes up like maybe 3 hours after?- 3 -;; then he goes yelling at me that he is late for something and he blame me..
....( - A - )...
anywho! (^ 3 ^)!
I am weally behind on my drawings ~ ; A; i barely finish any of my drawings for my friends!

X ^ X!! i've worked on them but no finish~ :cries:
the newest one I am working on!X3D but I need to talk to the guy( who in the picture, the on the lefto ) what color his hair is !XD and his favorite color!! @ 0@;;
it doesn't look as good as I thought it is, now after I took a pic of it... ; ^ ;'''I still need to work on Tu's picture and Anna's G-Dragon picture! AAHH!! @ 0 @!!
oh! I forgot@ My friendo Andi&Tifa got me this! as an X-mas Presento!
this Kuroshitsuji poster!! AAHH! i luff that manga! ; W ;! the art is FANTASTIC!
I wish I could have lived in that Era in England~ ; W ;! swigh~~I want to cosplay as ciel! X3 but it's not original~ ; A ; ! Maybe I will design my own ciel outfits!X3! hehe! swo far for my Flonne cosplay..I only made the sleeves..X__X;; i need more supplies!!

The sky picture! @ w@ it was very very cold when i went out side with only my thin jammies to keep me warm ; A ;!! hehe! but it''s been awhile since i saw the sky like that and take a pic~
- W -! i hope one day i can paint the sky as beautiful as it is in real life!! * A *!

Oh! and recently I went to my favorite restaurant with my mommy! I always order the same thing!XD that place only have male waiters and there is like only one girl!XD but she is the cashier/greeter? O 3 O?? but she is very pretty!! @ 0 @!! Swo I guess it is a harem?XD! that lucky girl! it's main young asian guys~ appealing to all ages~ O3 O! and when I ate there... I saw this one waiter!! O A O! with light skin, and his hair all slick back with gel~ and he is tall O W O! and he have this one cute mole... eep! he is swo cute!! He remind me of a japanese's on the tip of my tongue~ O 3 O;; don't remember...
he was weally cute! * w *!! he was waitering at another table close to mine!! ; w ;!! I hope one day he could be my waiter~~ @ 0 @!!!! HEH! I'm glad i go to the restaurant alot hehe \(- w -/

Welp, that's all the things I could remember or think out of my head~ O 3 O!
school tomorrow....(T____T) this was one of the funnest winter break I had!!! thankie to everyone for making it swo mucho fun!!! ( ^ U ^)v!! Love&Kissu~

GOOD BYE WINTER BREAK OF 2009 & 7-8hrs of sleep!!


♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

i know what you feel -_- i dont wanna go to school yet as well but sadly i am now ..haha..youre brother likes to sleep a lot..? haha just leave him alone..hehe..maybe if you'll snob him and stop waking him up..he would wake up himself..XP

as to the drawing..i find it thinking if you can make a story behind it..they are really cute couples? :3

i prefer brown or black in the color of the guy's suggest masculinity and it appealing :P

the pic of the sky line is fantastic~!!! i wish i could see that in person!! nice shot!!

the poster of that anime is really awesome..i havent watch it tjough im familiar with it..i agree with you..the illustration on that name is really detailed like la corda and vampire knight :D

Shiri said...

Cuuute photos! Oh, and school's ok. Because, uhm, it makes everything ELSE so much fun! ;)

Ariella said...

Wow, did you draw those?

You are extremely talented!