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Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall is coolddd( '~~~~ ' );; Concealer help? ; A;?

Haven't postie in awhile! I have finally come to a compromise!X3 I haven't been on the computer on the weekdays except for like 5 or 10 min to check on updates on MangaFox!XD I can't miss an update! ahah!
My grades are slowly going up ! ^^ I feel very happy and my Lazy-ness is sorta gone!X3
HAPPY HAPPY!I ate the chocolate Lorena gave to me for my birthday! I lufff it! @ 0 @!!! Swo yummy!!
I felt weird eating themo though ; 3 ; they swo cute/pretty to be eaten~XDD But i was hungry.....

I took the PSAT again last last week~XD To my surprise it got alot easier than Last year! * 0*!
I actually finish most of it!!!! I'm swo happy ; w ;!!! I think I did a lot better in math! Horay! ^0^!

Went to the mall on Sat. Oct.25 ( It's homecoming day tooie! I didn't go though!X3) ~ O 3 O I have to go shopping for prizes for my Anime Club!XD Cabinet Members only! XD We have 4 members..but only 2 went~XDDD Our budget for prizes were $70, but I only brought $60 ; 3 ;""We bought from 2 differento stores~XD I felt sad that I didn't have enough money for clothes I can buy..; A ;"" Why is it that when I don't have money, I find a lot of clothes to buy..; 3 ;"" But when I do have money, I don't find any clothes - A -;; My mommy was right, I'm starting to become a shopaholic or a clothes maniac~ @ A@;;;We bought various Anime items...but it was HARD to find what kind of Anime would the winner prefer.....But I think the winner would be a girl~ LOL not a lot of guys cosplay in our club - 3 -;;; they justo wear shirt that Have anime pictures on it~ AHAH~XDD guys.....
I'll take a pic of the prize after the party~ O 3 O!
(Oh yesho! Info about my Anime club: We will be having a cosplay party on Fri.30th of October and we are having cosplay contest~ ahah! and we will also do a lot of fun thing as well! ^^ Whoever is the best cosplayer will get a prize~ XD My job is to provide some food + decorate the room~ XP! I don't have any new cosplay my friendo suggest I just wear what I wore at AWA~ XP! I no have time to sew an outfit ahah! BOOO!! swo yup! I hope everyone have fun..\; A ; /i don't want people to thinkie it's lame...:cries: )

Hallo~XD The only makeup I use is Mascara, concealer and a little foundation~ ; 3 ;/!
I first tried Clinique Advanced Concealer at the beginning of 2009 and it really coverup well! ^^ but the only problem I have was that it comes in two color TT A TT/
And one is too light and another is too dark for my skin color Booo~ ; 3 ;/!
Unless I go to a very bright place with great lighting it won't show, but I go to school and the lights are somewhat dim, swo you can see where I apply the concealer ; A ;"" I have big dark eye circle!! * ^ *!! (it's genetic - 3 -;;)
I don't like having foundation on my skin O A O;;; it sorta irritate my skin - 3 -;;though I tried it over my concealer and it still show ; 3 ;''

Is it possible to have a concealer that blends well without foundation? ; A ;?
And is it okay for someone to wear concealer without foundation?

(XD! is that the same question!?!X3DD)

This is the sonia kashuk concealer palette ~ O 3 O! I heard many great thing about it from Swo I went to Target and bought it! I used it after I ran out of Clinique Concealer~XD I think it works okayish! For me I have to apply many layers to hide it a bit.. You can still see the line under my eye though~ ; A ;"" I think I still prefer the Clinique one best~ O x o! it's light, not as cakey and full coverage! * 0*! just wish It can match my skin tone~ ; A ;"" Actually~ I barely know how to use makeup!XDD!!! so that might be the problem O 3 O;;

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