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Saturday, October 3, 2009

catching up

! XD my animal wheel!X3

I finally posted my post of AWA :cries: couple of weeks been ugh~ Everyday is horrible in school! The reason is because my grades keep falling ; ^ ;!! This year is the most important....yet this year I feeel EXTREMELY LAZY!?! EEH??! LOL It's been 7-8weeks of school already...I've never been this terrible at school before!!DX! ahah! it's because I keep chatting and going on the computer WAAYY to mucho - A -;; darn me!! >:[!!!
So here is recap!:D!
My friend's Birthday party!X3 I went as minnie!XD It's not great ; ^ ;
but it was at the last minute since I finally decided to go! ^ u ^!
During the party, one of my friendo confess to me O A O! I didn't know he like me like thato!! * 0*!!!He confess to me in a cute way!XD He drew the Birthday girl ( Nancy!X3!!) a 'Happy
Birthday' of all her friends and her ( including me! ^ w ^) And next to my picture, is a picture of himself with an arrow and a heart towards me! (≧▼≦)
That was cute!X3D! Most guy would usually say it online to me( - A -;;)
Thankie so mucho for telling me ^ U ^! I am happy! ^^!!!!

A new picture! I was actually trying to draw some guy's hair O3 O, I end up
making a new character with his hair!XD It's been awhile since I
Draw :cries: I am happy how he turn out!
And look! In the background, it's my AP Physic text book! XD this is proof that get distracted
a lot.. I have no right to blame anything except myself ; ^ ;'

OCTOBER IS HERE! X3 October 11 is my birthday! :O! Sweet 16! LOLXD I'm planning to go karaoke O 3 O it's like $5 per person/hour~ @ A @;;; i'm not sure how many are going, I'm actually using my own money!xDD!! probably 11 (including myselfXD) so $55? and maybe two hour , total to.....65?!?XDDD then cake.... - A -.... I want to also eat outside with my friends before we go to Karaoke because the food their are expensive @ A @;;
AAH!! then i won't have enough for X-mas gift :cries:
For the past two days of my weekend~ i've volunteered ! ^^One at my local Art festival and another at a Highway, picking up trash~ ALLL related to trash~ LOLXDD

Here is one of the Sketch Book homework I did lasto week! ^ w ^! i weally like it! ^ 0 ^!
I wonder if anyone could guess which Jrocker's Album that inspired me! hehe ^/\^!
The theme of my assignmento is Henri Matisse !! * 0 *!!! We have to cut out pieces!X3
Most people thought that big black fish on the left was a whale~xD! the circle thingy on the righto on lillies pad!!X3

t'was all~ ^ U ^/! I like the colors -w -! I stayed up till 12ish am finishing it!XD this is my second try!XDD I didn't like my first one swo I trash it at the last minute - A -;;such a perfectionist...ew... - 3 -;;
that's all currently!X3 bye bye~~~


Yami-chan said...

Hey :--) really cute animal wheel and OMG u r good at drawing! ^^ I'm sorry for your grades, I hope they get better soon! Mine r always bad tho. :--D

XOXO - Glitter Jam

pikaboo said...

Ah! Thank you so mucho!X3!!
I will work hard! >:3!