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Saturday, September 26, 2009

AWA on Sat. 9/19/09

[sorry! It's late !But here is my post about AWA on Sat 2009! ]
Oh me goodieness~ swo much fun at AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) on sat! that is the badge they gave us for walk -in reg.! (O 3 O) Gonna be a pretty long post!XDD!I wake up at 7:30 to get ready, hair, brush teeth, deciding which shirt to wear~ around 9:30am I left for Atlanta~ O 3 O i went alone this time~ (; A ; )/! My good friendo,Lorena, couldn't go because of her parents ; ^ ; but i met up with my other friend from another highschool Khalil! ^ u ^!I came earlier than most of my friendo swo I waited in line~ it wasn't that long! ^ 0^! I am happy I came early ! ^ u ^ there were still alot of people!~ O 3 o;; It was $25 for one day! ^^;; Khalil will come around 11ish -12ish~ swo I walked around by myself~ the hotel was HUGE!! swo many doors~

The lobby ( I thinkie o3 o;;)
(the shopping center! ^ w ^! inside the hotel!)

OДo; I went to the dealers room and bought Jrock Magazines, a tote bag for my friendo and a HAWT artwork from the artist alley! I don't usually by artwork alot whenever I go to a con~ but now i want to buy alot! ^ U ^! next time!! many good artist!!X3 suppooorrttt themmooo!!!!!(。・э・。)/
Here is pic!X3 I luff it!!! The artist ( i forgot to ask for her name! ; Д ;/!! i musto know her name!XD She Have a devianART though! O w O!) She signed the picture for me~X3!

Here is the magnifcant artist! :D!
:D! The magazines I bought + Tote~ Shoxx of Alice Nine (on right) was on sale for $7 and the other two magazine ( on left) were 10 each~ I bought themo at differento place! ^^ though the Shoxx Magazine ( on righto ) have a poster ; 3 ; the other two nope~ all 3 are 2008 issue though!X3 The tote is for my friend, Nancy!X3

My wall now have a new poster!X3 I want more - w -!

Around the dealer's room ~ I found someone I saw when I lived in california.... IT WAS DIR EN GREY'S US TOUR MANGER!!! O A O!!!! the hawt guy!!!! (*≧∀≦*)
This time he is working at an Anime booth instead of a Jrock booth! O 3 O! I saw him like ALOT! twice at the Dir en grey Concert ( each in LA and GA) and twice at Fanime ( 2007 & 2008) now again at AWA!! @ W @ he stilll look smashin' HAWT/COOL! If i ever get a boyfriend, I want my future boyfriendo to look like him! - W -! But there is always something wrong with me....whenever I asked for a picture of always end up blurry... - A -;; it could not capture his hawtness... :cries: here is my attempt picture of himie!XD

After thato, I told himie I saw himie at FanimeCon and he said "your from San jose? " I said "Yup! ^ 0^" he said that's a long way! And then I ask him " Are you still with Dir en grey?" He said yeah!, And then I ask himie are they going to do another tour in America this year?:3D? He said they are doing another tour in Europe!X3 hehe he is very nice!X3 I left after thato and said thankie you!X3 I keep looking at his lip ring - W - *drools*

Around 12am! Khalil arrive! - W - And then we accidently met Josh! O 3o Khalil's friendo! ^^ At fristo when I saw himie, I thought " He's cute! O W O!" and then Khalil said "hi" to himie and i thought" No way!! that's his friendo!?! O A O!" Hehe! He hung out with us for awhile and went with his other friendo! ^^ At firsto I though Josh was the quiet type~ XD because I no see hime talk mucho to us~XD Khalil met up with Rachel who no findie friend swo she Hung with us for awhile! ^ W ^!
Rachel + Me! ^^(i look weird)

This is my new friendo, JOSH! * W *! he is soooooo cuuuttteee~~
I'm glad I met him!!!! ahah~ In this picture~ He is wearing one of his friend's girl jacket!X3 he look good in it!X3 He's not an Otaku though! X3 horay! argh! He swo cute!X3
I'm surrounded by tall guys~ ;A ;/! he is like 6ft!XDD and Khalil is like 6' and ssome inches!! ;A;!

X3! sneak attack!X3

We went walking and we stayed mainly in the dealers room! ^ 0^! then we met up with Josh again and Rachel find her friendo! ^^ Swo now it was just Josh, Khalil and me! ^ 0^!

Coolie VK girl!! > w

Lolita Fashion show! ^ 0^ it was like only a couple minutes long though '~ ';
But all the design were amazing! I felt so inspired!X3 I was sitting like 3 rows behind, so I didn't get a good pic~ ; A ;



they are such nice guys!!X3 Great Band!X3
Their concert are swoo much fun!!
I love their performance and their song is swo catchy!!!X3!
Peelander - red & Peelander - Green! X3
I went by their booth like a couple time!XDD!
they must think I'm weird ; 3 ;/!

PeelanderZ with Yuka of 6% Doki Doki X3!!!
Peelander -Yellow is funny!!X3 I took a pic with him!:D!

Yuka! ^^ She's pretty!! @ 0 @!!
She was dancing in Omodaka Performances! ^^
but I couldn't see because everyone around me is too tall!XD!

oh boy!XDD this guy is weally pretty!! * 0 * HAWT! He's tall! * 0* I felt so bad for stopping him for a picture... ; 3 ; he was in a rush and was probably was looking for his friend~ ; 3 ;
Another good looking personiess~~~ X3!! Macross Frontier ?
I'm sorry!! ; A ;!! I am not very familiar with anime that mucho~ ; 3 ; I don't even know what kind of anime that is!XDD they are both handsome! @ u @!
I see the guy on the left at Momo con lasto year too! * A *! Manly!!! O 3 O! I've been looking at him and he look back because I keep staring! OMG... I'm so creepy~ after like looking at himie, i got the courage to poke the guy on the right and ask for a picture of both~ ; A ;/! I interrupted their convo though~ :cries: I felt swo nervous while taking a picture of themo~ @ A@ ;;; I'm happy that I got a pic of themo!!

DECORA!! * 0* v!
I'm not sure what anime, but she Look weally pretty!! *w*!
Pokemons around the Pikachu car! *w *!
Pikachu car!! When I was little, I wanted
this car ; A ;! *isH Pikachu fan! - w -*
Sailor moon!! PRETTYY!!!
A cool guy with cool hair - w -!
Yazoo & Kadaj?:3D!!!
The whole Code Geass crew~ O 3 O!
Pretty girls! * 3 *!!!
SSOOOOO CUTTEE! X3 Mario son & father?X3
Team Fortress!
Shadow link! :O!
My Sempai! I finally find her! ^ 0^/!!! Happy to see themo again!
Halo? O 3O?
X3!!!!! COOL COUPLE! * 0*!!
Hidan?XD This cosplayer stayed down for quite awhile!x3

Donald Duckie!!X3
pokemon~ aahh! I forgot it's name~ ; A ;!
I was weally scared~ ; A ;/! Jigsaw?!?! ; 3 ;!?!
LOL! X3 Mast Roshi! X3 bahaha!
hmm~ o 3 o i forgot the name~ ; A ;!
Bob the builder?!?X3!
aaahhh!!X3 Versailles!!X3
I had a weally great time at AWA!!! :3D I hope to go next year!!! ^ u ^ I will cosplay play as an actual character next time ( I hope!xD!) I got asked for pictures!?XD ahah! I was surprise!xD! I only wore my cosplay because I didn't want to be left out, not for pictures that mucho! ahah! ^^! Some guys as for a picture with his friendo~ and then we met again at the concert, while I was resting~ O3 O and they asked for my number O.O;; it was like two guys~ O A O;;; I was surprise, but I didn't give them my number, instead my email~XDD I didn't know why or even ask why, I just thought that they wanted to send me the picture they took together with me~ O 3O;; i'm so slow - A -;;

I think what make is more fun was the people I hang with! ^^ Thankie very mucho to my friends! :DD!!

oh! When I was on my way out, I got lost!XDD the Lobby is so huge and so many doors I got confuse! My mom was waiting outside already swo I ran to an area which I thought was the exit!XD
I accidentally ran right into the Yaoi film place! LOL!!! I heard girls screaming ( because what was on the screen) and the AWA staff grab me and told me Are you 18? I was swo confuse because I didn't know what was going on! Ahaha! Then i felt embarrass and I told her "Sorry ;A ;! I thought this was the exit * ^ *;;'" Since I ran fast i guess I didn't even see the sign that said Yaoi?XD
She gave me a look , a look like she doesn't believe I mistaken the Yaoi room for a exit! LOL! she told me the direction and I ran away.... :cries:

Ugh! I'm swo clueless!! @ A @!!!

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