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Friday, September 4, 2009

This week was purty bad!XD!

Today I am going to draw picture to expressie my thoughts!:D!
I took my free respone for APUSH & Ap PhY.... I failed both!XDD I KNOW FOR SURE I FAILIE Physics...but there was 3 questions and I only answer 1....the two were HARD!!@ A@!!
I'M SO ASIAN!!!!! if i get anything lower then an 90 or an 85% I completely think I am a failure
it's like when I get A's I am at the top level (
a.k.a THE QUEEN! X3) Once I've become a queen, why would I want to return being a peasant?XD I'm not sayie people who get B,C,D,F are peasants!! sorry if this offends you~ I'm talking about grades and how I view themo! Sorry!!!! That's how I thinkie of my self when it comes to grade, eheh ^^;; I don't view people who get those grades as peasants!! I view them as same level human people... @ A @;;; ahh! sorry!! i'm babbling again!! please don't be mad at me ; 3 ;/! sorry again~

Sorry ; ^ ; , I no longerie have PS (since I switch comp. w/ my bro) swo I drew these on facebook's Graffiti~XD it said " QUEEN TANIA"

In other news! Today I have Precal testo first period! XP! And guess who I saw In my class early in the morning for helpo!?! @ w @! The guy I admire! ^ 0^! ahah! I always feel happy when I see himi~ a big uncontrolable smile! I never talk to himie or know anything about himie except that we have the same Phy + Precal teacher~X3 and he is same grade as me! ^^ and his name!
hehe! Do i sound like stalker? ; A ;? i hope not!! LOLXDD

Something similar to dream guy!XD this is not all that required!XDD ahah! I have long listo! o w -/! I'm not thato shallow!XD
aww darnie XD The file I put pic on, make bad quality on picutre ' ~ ' but yeah~! ^^

Also today! I have my Anime club meeting for cabinet only~ O 3 O! We are planning to go on the announcemento say the Anime Club is now open! DX! I dun wanna gooie ; 3 ; "" i'm scared..XDD and i feel swo embarass ~ I am useless though~ They told me to just stand there~XD ahah! Somehow I took the role of the mascot and Semi Sec/Vp! * 0* i feel swo happy that i am able to help our club! thankie!! but I'm scared of goie on announcemento..... ;A ;""" hellppoo~XD

ah! byebye~~~~


Alice said...

I love your blog - so cute :)
And I know what you mean about grades (although I'm not asian), I usually get A*s and once I cried when I got an A, haha, I'm lame.

pikaboo said...

Ah! thankie swo muchie!!! ; W :!!
ah! me too!!!! ; A ;!!!
hehe! Don't worry it's goodie! ^ 0 ^ It shows that your hard work have been use well!!!X3!!