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Monday, September 7, 2009

This weekend is fun! ^ 0^b!

I think by far it's the besto weekend I have since school starto! ⊂(´∀`⊃ i feel swo relaxed and carefreee~~~ no homework is da besto!!!! Thankie teachers!!!I've been spending today + half of yesterday sewing this! A Hoodie with bear ears! O(≧∇≦)o YAY! soooo cuuuttee!!!!

Since I can't buy it online, I made one! I'm still working on it ~XD It's baby yellow and the fabric are differento but it's soft! ^ U ^! It's going to be a button up though~ @ A @;; Righto now....I only sewn the front and back...the sleeves and hoodie... i didn't attach yet~!XDD I think I measured the Sleeves incorrectly m( ___ ___"")m BOOOO~~ I'm no good at measuring!XD
I have to ask my mommy if my measurements are correct - 3 -""I have no experience with sewing except with bows! xD jajaj! Swo I am worried~ (´・ ^ ・`;;) but I don't know unless i try!XDD I decided that If i am able to make this sweater, than I can choose my career as a fashion designer! X3! I can't decide b/w graphic designer, art director, animator, or fashion designer~~ @ 3 @''
I hope it will turn out alright!XD I'm making it for AWA this week!! O A O;; I need to start on my shorts as well..............

(〃Δ〃) ON SAT.... I went to work!XD there wasn't alot of customer\( ; ^ ;")/ but I finally got my touchup for my blond/honey tail~XD Lately I've been getting asked by my classmate if my tail is an extension... O 3 O!!! and some I don't know, even tug on my tail to see if it's real while I walk!XDDD
O ∀ O!!!! But i can understand how they thought it was fake!X3!

After work~ I went to JO-ANN to buy my fabric! $12.99 for one yard.... - A -'' we estimated that I needed 3 yards~ XDD swo far! I've seem to have just the right amount!X3 Then we went to the Lunar Festival! O A O! Two things I did not expect.... 1) alot of people!XD 2) CUTE GUYS! ROFL!
I've never been to one before since I've move to GA for 2years!( O A O!) There was alot of cute/cook guys with AMMMAAZZZINNGGG HAIR! o(≧ω≦)b woot! I thought I was going to be alone~ but I saw some of my friends in school and I found Susan! :DD!! Yippee!! Most of the adults are outside and the younger people are in the game room or in ( i don't know the name!XD) a room with the stage + space!XD

Me and my friendo stayed in the room w/ a stage (i'll call it the hangout room!XD) omg! the guys were swo cute! Most were High Schoolers!X3 The viet gang in my school were all there as well!XD
We just mostly stand, talk and check out the guys!XDD swo girly!XDDDD!! Jajaja! Then most of the guys formed a circle and started b-boy'in? Break dancing?!!? Street danceing!??Dance off!?? yeah! Swo cool!!!

I weally wish i could have brought my camera..... ; ^ ; One of the cute guy look like Hiroto from Alice Nine! pon! (*≧∀≦*)!!! but his hair have no gel/wax ~X3 (flat? o 3 o) he's even energtic like Pon!XDthere was more cuties~ X3! I wish my eye can be a camerca and i can transfer the pictures by my finger touching the screen! AHAH!

that's all that happen! I wish i have acamera and the courage to askie themo for a pic! ROFL!❤▢❤/

All for now! i thinkie I lied when I posted that I will have shorter post.....(sorry ; A ;!)

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