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Friday, September 18, 2009

This week is Cosplay week!

photoGear Studio again~XD it's weally fun program!XDD Today I am a dog!"woof!" X3 i look like a mouse though - A -;; my buck toothie shows out.. O X o it don't normally do though!
;A ;

That's righto! Cosplaying for two days for two differento event!
Firsto event tomorrow is AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta:D)
I finishie my bear costume...well my mommy did it all...(- A -;;) I feel so guilty, I didn't ask her to do it all for me~XD but she felt sorry for me swo she did it...( - 3 -;;)But I learn how to make shorts and a jacket and is looking forward to doing another one by myself! ^^ next time it will be black and a bunny? O 3 O?

Second evento! My friendo Nancy's Birthday!X3!!! I am thankieful she invited me!; W ;
thank you! it's a cosplay party! ^^ Most of my friendo are going there Horay! ^ 0 ^! I'll go as minnie mouse~X3 I'll take a pic of it hopefully on Sunday! ^^
Though this weekend I have hw as well... \( __ __)/! horay.... LA "The Crucible " project, Force worksheet ( AP PHY), Hat Cards ( APUSH /Due Thurs), Webassign ( Due Wed) and to read chapter 8 (APUSH) ugh..... Physic homework I can do during AWA! XD! when we sit to eat or feel tired, me and my friendo can do it together! ^ W ^!

I discover my Digivice from Season 2 of Digimon! It actually still works and I got it when I was like in Elementary school!! O A O!! wowie! LOOK! MY AGUMON! X3 maybe I should have cosplay as one of the digimon series character!XD hehe!
I once had a crush on the guy with the black digivice at my school...XDD that's why I bought a digivice! LOL! he was an upper classmen.....

short entry!X3 going to post about AWA tomorrow when i get home!X3


Tenshi said...

cute picture!!)
how did u do it??

pikaboo said...

:D! thankie! ^ 0^!
I use a program called PictureGear Studio! ^ u ^
I'm not sure how I got it on my computer though~; 3 ;/!

Tenshi said...