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Friday, September 11, 2009

Bababa Black sheep~~

Holo Holo! End of week 5! Next week is progress report... :cries: I know APUSH & AP Phy is going to be bad...... - A -:: I really hope that Precal isn't bad though..... (- __ -;)
This week we have picture day! :DD! I didn't wore anything new!X3! I was the last one to take my picture in my class swo everyone left before me!XD! Ah yeah! I got a funny photographer!:D This time we took two pictures! O3 O! he is nice! the first picture I think look funny because it felt so forced! XDDD The he said " let do another one" and I have to adjust myself~XD I was trying different smiles and then he said something about smiling with a cute boyfriend" that made me and laugh~X3 Then he suddenly took a picture of me laughing~X3DD I don't thinkie you can see my eyes in that picture!! it's like this -
∀ - ! LOL!! but my mouth might be open and my cheeks will be high!XD
Well at least that is my natural smile? ^ W ^;;;? i never look good in the yearbook anyways~X3

Aha! I found my picture card!XD When I was little I wasn't allowed to keep long hair~X3 so they are always ear or chin length~ - 3 -;; Around 5th grade I was old enough to have long hair!
Kinder - 1st grade....I don't thinkie I know how to smile infront of camera!XDD I always dress up for picture day!XDD I had Bangs till 4th~ And I decided that I want no bangs anymore because the new trend was no bangs! Ahaha! Now I have bangs again~ LOL I was not a cute child~DX

Tomorrow is another day spent with HW! HORAY! :D! And I also need to finish another drawing for one of my best friend in Mils!
A preview?XD it doesn't look good in pic, but this picture was before I change something to Benat
GUST & BENAT Belong to my friendo ANNA X3!

(-з-) ~ Did you read Naruto latest chapter?!?! O A O!!?!? Sasuke v.s Raikage!!! Darn! I hope Raikage live and not lose!! ;A ; He so cool!!! I don't want Sasuke to die though, since that will be the end of the story!XDD but make him lose but live or run away!XDDD GOOO RAIKAGE!!! >:3
I no longer really really deep into the Amime Culture~ But I enjoy going to Conventions + reading Manga! :D! Still I am part of the Anime Club!XDD)

bye bye~

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