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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ah! I gotta rant on!XD don't read! it's borie~ - 3 -;;

yeah! It is 11:42 pm! !
(It's a boring post about school again!X3D!)
I am suppose to study but..I can't because I am freako out! @ A @;; gotta rant to make me focus! (XD what kind of methodie is that!!?XD?)
School got cancel for TWO DAYS! TWO!! because of bad weather ( It rained ALOT on Monday ;A;) Today it no rain at all! * 3 *;; actually sunny!XD The rained stop around 7 ish - 8ish pm on monday! But the streets are still flooded! X___ X ;; not my streets though!DX So horay of 2 days no school! ^ u ^ b! thankie thankie!

But the only bad thing is~ I couldn't go in for help for APPhy! the only afterschool help day is Tues + Thurs :cries: I am happy my nice teacher moved the test on Thurs to Monday & the webassign due wed. till friday! :D Thankie swo mucho!!! The only problem is APUSH..i'm not sure if the test tomorrow or postpone...I really hope it is!!! ; A ;! I barely finish ch.8...or
study.....I don't know what I did with my day today!!?!? LOL! it's my fault anyways.... - 3-''
I'm also not sure what my sketchbook hw is about either..something about a shoe?? and i didn't do it!!! @ A @;;;!!! I can do it within 30min anyways~ XD but I have no clue what the specific instruction is - 3 -;;; she usually demonstrate to us what we need to do ~ O 3O;;
everything is all disorganize! I can't even plan my week... TT n TT
eeep~ :cries: I wanna just skip school tomorrow!( I won't though! hehe ^/\^) Why it no rain today or tonight?!? i no care if there is a leak in my room!XD let it rain! Big thunderstorm!! WOOOSHHH!! but don't make anyone die though!! X___X;; about 9 people have already ; A ;/!(i'm not sure about actually number o 3 o;;)

Things I need to do before I sleep:
study chapter 6-8
read ch.8 (XD)
Do sketchbook ( -___-;;)
Finish some few more problems for Phy...

I will post about AWA soon!X3 I won't forget! ^ 0^;; but maybe within friday or's a LATE LATE post since AWA ended on Sunday~X3 TONS OF PICTURE! ^^!!

Here is a picture I drew on FB Graffiti ! ^^ BANAO! It's Nao & Saga from Alice Nine!
Nao is a bear - w - and Saga is Banao! hehe! ^ 0 ^

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