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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yay! November! = ^ w ^ =

New picture!X3 And art?XDD
Been weally busy @ A @;; School is still horrible XP!
This week I got a mobile project to finish and have a head start on my
HATS Card - W O)b!
My theme for my mobile is...ASIAN STEREOTYPES!
LOL! I hope it's appropriate for school~

Anime Halloween Party:It turn out okay! X3D Not what I expected though ;^;
there is more people than I thought!! * A *!!
We ran out of food quickly... actually...we didn't have much food! TT A TT
Not many people played the games with us...they talk among themselves~ Which is no problemo when it's in a party!XD
My good friendo/Sistah (XD!!) is now the VP! Horay!!!I ISH HAPPY!!!
And also ( the VP sister) is in the Cabinet!!! eep!!! I am really happy!

Art Trade! Gust & Benat Belongs to my good friendo, ANNA! *luff*!
We did and Art trade like during August? XD and it took me till Nov.1 to finish it!!!
Anna finish waaayy earlier than me!XD She's such a wonderful artist!
EVERYTHING SHE DRAWS IS CUTE !!!hehe! ^/\^! She's swo greato!!! It's my version of her OC, but it look nothing
like themo~ ; ~ ;"" I made themo into themes of music~ XDD VK/Punk and Oshare Kei/popish!
The music notes...are actually parts of Yiruma's River Flows in You!
LOL!!XDD So credit go to YIRUMA tooie!!! ^ u ^!!!
Taking a picture of it, looks better than scanning it~ ; A ;!!

Here's her Art trade for me!! She drew Aki! (My OC)
She only have one picture for reference for Aki~ ; A ;!
I'm sorry!!
B-BUT it is swo ccuuutee!!! I'm swooooooooo happy! LUFF HER!!
Even though we lived the differento ends of the US,
we still draw for each other! I misss yoouu!!!|
THANKIES!! When I saw it, i jumped up and down and squeeeel!! hehe! ^/\^!
ah! My late B-day Presento!!^ 0^!
It's from a former Anime Club memeber!
She is no longer in the Club because of some drama~ ; ~ ;
But I still see her at Lunch! And I sorta promise her that I will
paint her bag for her! ^ U ^ swo in return, She made me these CUUTTTEEE
Earrings for my b-day.. ; U ; I am swo grateful!! THANK YOU!!
I will only wear themo for special occasion! - w - Because it's special!!!

it was by Kouji Seto's Blog! He is wearing his costume for something I don't know in some of his pictures!! SWO CUTE!! I only vaguely memorizes what he wore while I was drawing ( I was drawing at my mom's shop) And I want make a series of Native + Cowboy style
with the Ram's Boy Cast!XD I will hopefully color the hair soon!XD It look swo unfinish! Ahaha!

Halloween comes and go~ o.o For Halloween, I drew Another version of my previous boy! he's a cat!XD I showed it to my friends..and At firsto they couldn't see the boy! LOL! The orange lolli shown out more, XD swo they only recognize it!
they thought is hair were like leaves of trees~ hehe!! And when they look farther,
They saw it! hehe! ^^ it was fun seeing themo figuring it out! hehe!
I am happy about this drawing * 0*!!! (one of the fews~XD)
I wish I have more markers to color it~ ' ~ ';;

here's a process?XD and Final! = ^ W ^ =

that's all for arto! ^^ I hope I can draw more and more!!
*NOTE * I just started getting into coloring my pictures~XD
Swo blending with markers is not my forte yeto~ ; ^ ;''
plus, i only have a limited amount of copics/prisma marker~ :cries:
and I'm a sloppy colorer~ XD


zero. said...

great art!!!

許・美美 said...

This is really nicely done, good job!

pikaboo said...

THANKIE YOU!!!! ^ u ^ !!