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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy belated Hallow! Nov.1!!?!?


I was Mickey Mouse with Minnie's ears!XD I went Trick Or treating even though I am no longer a child! T 3 T
I went Tot-ting with my bro's and my friendo~ We went TOT-ing with them last year too. There house have a Halloween Party swo there friends would bring there kids along and go ToT.! O 3 O! Little kids are swo cute!!
It was! I think there were 10 of us there!XDD Little kids are swo cute!!!
We ran to every house! O 3 O... my calves and foot hurt!X3~~

We went to this big Neighbor hood.. and one thing I do not like about it was that almost all the house look alike!! We could barely tell which house we been to! There was this one lady that got mad at me,she said saying we don't deserve candy since we've been to her house again~ - ___-"" I was the last one to get candy and she all her words came to me alone... she gave all the others candy..except me.... I was P.O, but i didn't say anything but sorry and ask if the neighbor hood goes in a circle..... She nodded with an obvious expression.. - _____ - Well, I am SOOOO sorry Ma'am but I don't live here or every go here!!! This is my second time and I don't notice the house because almost all the house look alikie!! @ A@ Sorry, but I don'tie likie being confronted with a fault that we didn't intend commit.... She thinks that we PURPOSELY went to her house twice -____-

I can see why she would get mado, but she doesn't have to be mean ... I don't even need her candy - ^ - POOPIE!! Swigh~ But it's okayie! ^ w ^ I won't see her again ~ no needo to get mado again! ^ U ^ Our last neighbor hood and it was around 8 or 9ish and there were barely any candy lefto~ o3 o... swo that was the endo of Tot-ing! ^ W ^

Oh! My brother came with us too, He wasn't wearing any costume though~ o3 o ~ all he have was a box/sign that said " LOST JOB, WILL VOTE FOR MCCAIN FOR FOOD" and at the bottom of it was " Just Kidding!"most of the people who pass out candy laugh at it ! It gave hime extra candy!!XDD Lucky himie!!! There was this guy that we dress up as Mccain and he read the sign !XDD it was funny~ All he said was "cool!" o u o

I gave some of my candy to some of the little kids that didn't get the chance to To T! ; ^ ;...awww!!! They were swo cute!! O U O!!
I got home and and my legs were sore - ___- my mommy made it worse be asking me to do random chores - A -.. I'm glad in the i got to have a nice sleepo - U - That was my Halloween! ^w ^

Hopefully I could upload my costume soon! ^ W ^// Peace now!!

Edit 12/19: Here's the picture! ^ 0^

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