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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(。・_・。)ノ... hello it's been awhile!

UWAH! * A *!!! Last year been the last time i've blogg and post it here! X3! I tried typing more but the HTML sorta um... ruin the post swo i couldn't post it! ; 3 ;!
I wishie this blog was a bit easier without the whole HTML code! T ~ T!!

but anywho! ^ 0 ^ It's Feb 24! ^ ^!! Today is my new friendo Birthday ! ^ 0 ^ I'M GLAD YOUR BORN STEVEN TRAN! ^ u ^ I'm very happy that I get to meet new friendo from my schoolie! ^^ He is now 15 year old! Horay! ^ w ^ v!!
I call himie my pretend BF because he askie me if we could be one on Val. Day! I'm swo happy!! ^^ I have now a wife, husband and a bf >:3! Lol, i feelie bad for cheating on my husband and wife with my pretend BF! XDD! tsk tsk tsk!

hehe! swo yup! Sorry for no bloggie that much~ ^^
Nothing much happen though~ XDD I have a very boring life but its okay!
i'm very content with it! ^^
oh! I started driving..but only in parking lots! XDD My step dad taught me! ^^
the only scary part is when other cars come in! hehe ^^ I keep saying "freak freak freak!" because i was swo scared! XDD turning is kindie hard also~ ; ~ ;//!
i hope i don't crash!! LOL!

tata for now!

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